Three Generations Of Creative Genii – The Rene Caovilla Brand

Three Generations Of Creative Genii – The Rene Caovilla Brand

I remember so clearly the first pair of Rene Caovilla shoes i ever came across online. They were from Net-A-Porter, i was, as always, feeding my eyes on their new arrivals when these mules jumped at me. It screamed everything Jay’s style. They weren’t too loud and so in your face but you couldn’t help but notice them.

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It didn’t take more than a second to click on the brand name and i was let into the world of Rene Caovilla – Lots of Precious stones, Court style, Sling backs, Mules, Flats and the signature silver sparkly outsoles.


Of course i was sold in my heart and nothing could stop me from looking at shoe after shoe, with the next pair was something that made me want to see the next.

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I have not for one time been bored with any of their designs, because every pair comes with just another WOW element. Knowing the creative genius behind the brand became priority and i didn’t stop digging till i was satisfied with the all the information i got.

Three generations of the Caovilla family have run the brand from 1923 till date. It all started with the visionary fore father Edoardo Caovilla who opened a workshop to handcraft luxury shoes in Venice. 

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In the 50s, his son René established the brand and having being born and brought up in aristocratic Venice, in the 60s,  he started to conceive, and then designed and created the iconic pieces of the line: the “Snake” sandals, which is the trademark of the label,  and the thong sandals embellished with pearls.

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Rene’s Son, named after his grand father, the 3rd generation of the creative Caovilla men, Edoardo, is currently the Creative Director of the brand and is looking to contemporary times and the future without forgetting the pastkeeping faithful to three constant principles: Passion, Creativity and Excellence that have been the design ethics of his dad and grand dad.

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With Rene still in the background, they consider their shoesrefined objects of art“. That’s like an apt way to describe shoes for me. It truly is an art. With his experiences in international finance and private equity, Edoardo has helped the brand improve on their personal vision, poetic and creative way of doing business.

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I read this interview with Edoardo by Pearl Qatar , i’d share a few excerpts but you can read up on the full interview where he talks about his vision and the brand’s best clients.

Take us through a typical day in your life as Creative Director of Rene Caovilla.

I am very proud to have taken on the role of Creative Director. I’m the third generation and the youngest CEO in the industry, which has given the brand great success. A typical day as Creative Director involves me travelling – I travel a lot, because I need to understand how people wear and interpret my designs. It is also important to learn about and understand other cultures. When I fly back home I put everything together and I create a plan. I think about the design, the materials and the finishings. My most beautiful creations were envisioned when I was in a state between sleep and being awake in the morning. One of the targets of my company is to create the dreams of my customers.

What are some of the unique fabrics and finishings used on Rene Caovilla shoes?

We are recognized as being the best brand for working with Swarovski crystals. Our sparkly soles are our signature born by an idea that our customers can walk on the stars.

What should a woman bear in mind when shopping for a Caovilla shoe?

The idea they should bear in mind is that they want to be on the edge between being feminine and elegant, and aggressive. That is what I have in mind when I create our collections. It is not an easy concept.

They do cost more than just a pretty penny and i refer to them as jewelry for the feet. With a price range of about $500 up to $2,000, i think they are worth everything.

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On the OUTNET are discount sales where you can snatch up a pair for as low as 250 Pounds. Like these ones which are being sold for 333pounds at a 55% discount.

And these Crystal embellished satin and leather sandals going for 322 pounds at a 60% discount


They are currently the only 2 pairs sold at a discount. But on Net-A-Porter, Saks5thavenue and Neiman Marcus are many designs in stock retailing from about $350 to $2,000.

The spring/summer 2017 and fall/winter 2017 collections features a lot of casual styles but with the same exquisite embellished detailing that takes ordinary out of casual. Featuring Leather, silk, Karung skin, satin, suede, jute, in styles from mules to sneakers, pumps, sandals and then more, every pair is detailed to perfection.


















With A bridal collection that comes in Block heels, Open toe sandals, Pumps and Flat sandals… There’s a style for everyone.






Quite a lot of A List celebrities have found love with the brand and have been seen out and about in a pair. From Gigi Hadid to Rihanna, find more of them below…

Bella Hadid

Uma Thurman

Sarah Jessica Parker




Nicki Minaj

At The BET Awards is nicki Minaj in Rene

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez at a private party

I like Rene Caovilla, not only because i’m an embellishment girl but every pair of the brand’s creation gives that feeling of elegance,with vivid attention to detail. I picked out the Crystal Embellished Karung Pumps for styling and from a “Night Out” to the “Board Room” and some “Street Vibes”, this is how i’d style my Rene

rene 1 rene 2 rene 3

Which of these 3 looks is your favorite and how would you style yours?

Peace, Love and all Bling



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