This or That – Episode 2 – Schick Magazines Editor Simi Osomo Esiri

This or That – Episode 2 – Schick Magazines Editor Simi Osomo Esiri

I started this series last year just before the blog went under reconstruction. The first post featured award winning Life style blogger Sisi Yemmie and i knew it’d be a hit. I find it interesting because every question requires a one word answer and i have had a few people having a hard time with that.

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Today’s post features Shick Magazines Editor, Simi Esiri, a trained lawyer, and wife of Mavin Record artist, Dr Sid.

Her love for fashion is undeniable and she is seen in every high profile fashion event in Lagos.

It is this love for fashion that made her follow her passion which birthed the idea of Schick Magazine, which she runs alongside her sister, Titi, a practicing UK based pharmacist. Call them beauty, brains and sass.

Now to the interview.

This Or That Feature Interview With Simi
1. Shoes or Bags
Simi: Shoes
2. Luxury or High Street
Simi: Both
3. High Heels or Flats
Simi: Definitely High Heels
4. Leather or Suede
Simi: Possibly both – depends on mood. Leather comes to mind first
5. Pumps or Sandals
Simi: Sandals
6. Open Toe or Closed Toe
Simi: Open Toe
7. Statement or Simple
Simi: Simple
8. Sneakers or Flip flops
Simi: Flip Flops
9. Super comfortable and boring or Torture and Drop Dead Gorgeous
Simi: Comfortable, gorgeous, never boring. Torture is not an option!
10. DIY Cleaning or Paid Services.
Simi: DIY Cleaning

Her high taste in fashion cannot go unnoticed, simple and chic and always wearing a smile, i hope you enjoyed it.

Peace, Love and More Shoes



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