Styling And Shoe Review

I'm on a roll this week, churning out one post everyday. This will be brief but very useful especially if you're just starting to build your footwear collection. I call them Shoe Closet essentials - the 6 pairs every woman should own. It's okay to see a pair of shoes you fancy and snatch them up. But how versatile are they?   So before you stack up on shoes you won't pick out ever so often, start with these essentials.  

It's Wednesday and i'm crushing on every woman who is embracing her voluptuous curves - flaws and all. I'm a big bodied girl, i always have been. I have been through many phases of trying to lose weight. Sometimes i have failed woefully at it, other times i have succeeded so fabulously, only to add it all up again. I have been frustrated, i have cried, i have given up, i have worked hard, i have been disappointed. With child bearing, it got even more difficult. After my 3rd baby, i started again, the race to keep the weight off. Especially because there were certain things i wanted wear that i didn't feel confident in. I was too focused on not being the biggest girl in the room.

One would think i have a very personal relationship with Aunt Rems, well i do, but it's virtual. It started out as a fascination for her love and taste in shoes being a shoe lover myself. Then came her blog which i got hooked on and the fortunate day i slid in her Instagram DM sharing a personal experience. The rest as they say is history.

I came across this title Creating A Champagne Wardrobe On A Beer Budget and it made me laugh. It sounded really funny, anyway, i'm here today and i'm using it as it's quite apt for this post.     As you all know, i spend all my spare time and sometimes sleep time ogling luxury shoes on Net A Porter. But a girl actually needs to wear shoes and not just ogle the ones she can't afford yet. It's Tuesday shoes day and i'd be hooking you up with my favorite, affordable and gorgeous high street finds.     They are not made from alligator skin or have diamond embellishments, but they are durable, pretty and most of all pocket friendly for the everyday mid income earner. I can swear by most of these brands because i wear a lot of them. For N25,000 NGN and less per pair, you can create a Champagne shoe closet on your beer budget with these shoes. 

It's hard already being a woman, so everyday for me is a day to celebrate women - to lift up, encourage, support, empathize and love another woman. But, i won't pass up on the special days designated to specially celebrate us. And so to every woman - young, old, black, white, married, single, mother - every female gender in the human race, Happy International Women's Day!!!

Shoes are my go to fashion piece to give an oomph to the most minimal outfits. A mix of colors here, a little bit more detailing there, a blend of fabrics here and there, they are my absolute favorite fashion accessories. Asides the genuine materials that are used by luxury designers, their attention to details, I bet is another factor that takes their price tags over the roof.

I don't know how it came about, but the color red is the default color associated with Valentines. It's Valentine's eve, it's a Tuesday and of course that makes it Shoes day. Today, i'd be sharing with you My Top 7 Love Inspired Shoes. This selection is however not restricted to red. I call them Love inspired because of the designs, the color, the style and mostly how sexy i believe they'd look on the feet. From Charlotte Olympia to Sophia Webster. They are fun and flirty and speak the language of love!

Hello lovers, am i the only one who felt like the month of January was going on forever? It feels good to be able to move on with the year and as always, in the spirit of love, i am super thankful for life. It's lovers' month and the shortest month of the year too, and i happen to fall into the category of people who believe that love shouldn't be celebrated on a particular day, so every time i get a chance, i do something nice for and with the significant other and basically everyone around me.