SoleDivas Exclusive: Chit Chat With Abulimen Omoye of DE CHAYIL SHOES.

SoleDivas Exclusive: Chit Chat With Abulimen Omoye of DE CHAYIL SHOES.

I am very much into shoe designs and the details and quality that go into their production. Since i found my way into the art of sketching, i have pages of different sketched designs and how i’d want them to come out. Apart from how kind they are on the eyes, the quality of any footwear is very important. This is why i was drawn to De Chayil Shoes when i first stumbled upon the brand on Instagram.


It wasn’t also difficult to find out the face behind the brand as her pretty smile was on every other post. It was only natural that i became curious about her and her passion for shoe making. From sourcing for materials, the craft and delivery, she has built a team and together through the challenges, she has built a brand that has a commendable client base. Enjoy our chit chat below.
JAY: Describe your personal style in one word.
De Chayil: My style is simple (with a bit of bling.)
JAY: When and how did you get into the business of shoe making?
De Chayil:  I started the Dé Chayil brand fully in 2016 December. I love shoes, why not start making them, lol.
JAY: In terms of finances, how capital intensive is it to start a shoe business?
De Chayil: It’s a little capital intensive starting a footwear business, with all the machines you have to get that would aid production.
JAY: What has been your greatest challenge with clients/customers?
De Chayil: My greatest challenge is when clients quote a smaller size for sandals and slippers which is not meant to be.
JAY: Share your proudest moment since you started your business?
De Chayil:  My proudest moment is every client being satisfied with their purchase & referring me to others.


JAY: Who forms the most of your client base – men or women?
De Chayil: My client base falls with Women! They are shoppers lol.
JAY: In the line of footwear design and production, who inspires you?
De Chayil: Shoes by prey inspires me a whole lot.
Brighton 0mm custom pointed flats designed with Light Pink Velvet.
Side profile
JAY: In your personal style, are you a Shoe Lover? Approximately how many shoes can we find in your closet.
De Chayil:  Hahaha, I’m too shy to state. I’m a shoe hoarder.
JAY: What advice will you give to anyone who wants to start their own shoe business?
 De Chayil: Make sure you have passion for the business, it gets tiring at a point.
There you have it from Miss Good shoes herself, you can find her on Instagram HERE.
Peace, love and more shoes

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