Sole Divas Style Ideas – What Color Of Shoes To Wear With Orange And Yellow.

Sole Divas Style Ideas – What Color Of Shoes To Wear With Orange And Yellow.

We tend to shy away from many color of clothes, or at the most, play it safe and I have found that with styling, there are no hard and fast rules and fashion is supposed to be fun.


Bright colors are in this season and the brighter, the better. I’d be focusing on Orange and Yellow in their many shades, and the color of shoes that best go with them. Whether you want a monochrome look, a mix of colors or just 2 colors that complement each other, here are a few style ideas for you.






Yellow/Orange Monochromatic Look

A head to toe match of hues is one way to go when it comes to fashion. As with the yellow/orange monochrome look below, you can’t go wrong.



Yellow/Orange And Black

As we all know that black goes with EVERYTHING, a bit of metallic hardware as in the embellished pumps or a touch of PVC as in the Tote Bag will add some oomph to your outfit.





Yellow/Orange And Nude/Neutral

Nudes and earth tones are one of my favorite colors for accessories. Just like black, you can’t go wrong with them. Think Nude, Grey and Olive green, if you feel like Orange and Yellow are too bright to tone them down.





Yellow/Orange And Metallics

Silver, Pewter, Gold, Bronze and Rose gold are all available options to wear with Yellow and Orange especially for an evening on the red carpet.





Yellow/Orange And Multi colors

A fun way to spice up your outfit is by adding multi color accessories as seen below.





Yellow/Orange And Bright Hues


If you’re feeling bold, match your outfit with another bright and bold color.





There are no hard or fast rules to fashion, the important thing is to own it. Which is/are your favorite combinations?

For me it’s the contrast of bright colors.

Use the comment section or click on a smiley. Your feedback means a lot to me.


Peace, Love and More Shoes



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