Sole Divas Style Guide: The Power of Basic Pieces

Sole Divas Style Guide: The Power of Basic Pieces

I usually like to plan (in my head, at least) ahead what I’d wear for an event. It’s the safe thing to do especially when you don’t have many options. When I went through the invite for the End of Year Christmas Party at my sons’ school and saw the Color Code – Black and Gold, I immediately thought “very easy” and paid no further attention.




I went on to help other people plan what they’d wear and left mine till that morning. Lo and behold, EVERYTHING I thought I would show up in failed woefully. From being too snug to not fitting at all to me looking like a baby elephant, I gave up and decided I would go against the dress code and call it a day. While looking for an alternative outfit, I stumbled upon a few of my black pieces, mentally put them together and in no time, I was color code ready.











I was able to get this look with 5 basic pieces, pieces you’d most likely not pay attention to when shopping. Those ones you’d look at like “what will I do with this?”.



1. The Mesh Crop Top


I remember the day I bought this, it was one of my most random finds. I kept saying to myself “It’s crop, where’s the belly to wear it?”, “your breast is too big, you’d just look like a pom“, but I paid for it anyway.





Image result for black mesh top long sleeve





It has saved me so many times, I’d buy more and other neutral colors too. Red, Nude, White and Olive Green would be colors to invest in.



2. The Midi Lycra Skirt


I can’t remember when and how I got this skirt but I remember it was long, like ankle length long. The first thing I did at the time was to cut it to a midi length. It’s not something I’d pick up to wear, It is Lycra, shows all my cellulite, it has no definition and so does nothing to hide my mummy tummy. In one word, it is unflattering. Ordinarily this should be in the box of clothes I want to give to charity, but it came through for me with this look.





Image result for black midi lycra skirt





3. The Basic Black Singlet



Every woman’s closet should consist of this and then 5 more. You should also get them in other neutral colors – White, Nude and maybe brown? They’re life savers.



Image result for black  singlet





4. The Sleeveless Blazer



Who says you can’t wear undersized clothes? This was another random find. The sleeveless blazer I had on was one  size smaller than me, I couldn’t button it up, I bought it because it had this fancy fringe detail behind. I bought it with the intention that I’d lose enough weight to be able to button it up. Almost 7 months after, I had gained even more weight.





Image result for black sleeveless jacket





5. The Black Belt With The Gold Buckle



I would NEVER pass up on a detailed buckle belt, they are my No 2 go to accessory after shoes. I collect them in every color as long as they can go around my waist and I can afford them. I mostly buy the elasticated ones too. They literally take your look from 1 – 100 in a flash.



Image result for Big Black elastic belt with gold buckle




I didn’t have to do too much.

  • I wore my black singlet.
  • I wore the crop mesh top over it.
  • I Pulled my midi skirt up to the point where the crop mesh top stopped.
  • I wore the sleeveless Blazer over the 3 Piece.
  • I held the whole outfit together with the Gold Buckle belt since I couldn’t button the blazer up.

I was also mindful to place the belt at the point where the crop top and the band of the skirt met to cover up the point and VOILA, Christmas party ready. Of course, my Gold lurex pointed pumps and Gold bangle earrings to finish up the entire look.









Oh and for the first time in a long time, I wore a corset to hold me in properly. Yea some outfits call for Body Magic, this was one of them.





Of course, I had to get the boys ready too with their #Blackandwhite dress code. Safe to say, we were all happy with our looks and the holiday has officially begun.






Before you get pissed off with a particular piece that has been lying around for too long and you feel is of no use and want to give out, or condemn a piece that is no longer your size and you feel will never fit again, take a deep breath, find a bag to keep them and wait a few more months, trust me they’d come in handy.




We don’t necessarily have to buy something new ALL the time, we just need the know how on how to put random pieces together. Need help, add me on WHATSAPP   (+234 814 813 4408) and let’s have a style consultation.



Did you find this helpful?, drop a comment below or simply click on one of the smileys. Your feed back means a lot to me. What would you do differently to add some spice to this look? What do you think I should have done differently? All your comments are welcome. Merry Christmas in advance.







  • Onome Aluko
    December 17, 2018


  • Didi
    December 18, 2018

    Loveeet! But you forgot to credit your purse. 😁

  • Mz Kemz
    December 18, 2018

    U nailed this look mhen! Actually thought it was a dress and a sleeveless blazer. Totally love the idea of the mesh crop top. I want onneeee

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