Sole Divas Style Guide – 3 Ways To Wear Your Pastel!

Sole Divas Style Guide – 3 Ways To Wear Your Pastel!

Pastels have been around for as long as forever but became a high trend in fashion in the past 3 seasons. In the bid to experiment and be more flexible , I will be investing in a few pastel colored pieces.



For those that may be wondering, pastel colors are those soft, neutral, soothing, ‘de-saturated’ shades of all your favorite colors. Think Baby blue and pink, mauve, mint green, nude, lavender and so on. They’re usually pale but I find them a very unique way to stand out in style.










Some of my favorite pastel shades especially for dark skin are Mint green (I may be biased on this one seeing as green is my favorite color), Lavender, Pale yellow, Baby Blue and Nude.





Image result for irony of ashi pastel look

Style Blogger, Irony of Ashi looks amazing in this laser cut blue dress.




Image result for style pantry pastel looks

Folake Huntoon does pastel right by blending 2 shades together.



Whether you choose to go monotone ( Wearing one shade all through) or you mix different tones, pastels are a fun way to tune up your style as you’d find in my style boards below.





Image result for gabrielle union in pastel

Gabrielle Union






Add a bit of shimmer and shine to your pastel outfit for a night out. This style will work for a corporate dinner that will not make you too overbearing.

















You can pick two pastel colors that complement each other and brighten it up with a more saturated color in accessories as you’d find with this Light Pink Satin Shirt and Lilac Trousers paired with Metallic Orange accessories.














This can be achieved by matching one pastel shade in different hues all through as in this pale yellow outfit.








You can build up more ideas based on these principles. Let your creative juices flow, the idea is to complement the shades in a way that works with your skin tone, your style and the occasion.






How would you wear your pastel? Which of these three looks is your favorite? Let’s meet in the comment section.


Peace, Love and Pastels




  • Nchedo
    January 23, 2019

    Love love love Gabrielle Union’ red carpet look. So chic!
    And yes to more pastels.

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