Sole Divas DIY: How To Clean Your Velvet Shoes!!!

Sole Divas DIY: How To Clean Your Velvet Shoes!!!

We all know by now that velvet is very much in trend. I love the lushness and vintage feel to it. Whether they are Luxury or high street, it’d be a shame to have them looking worn out after just a few wears. Just like suede, they tend to attract dirt faster than other shoe fabrics. So there’s need to care for them from the first day.


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I’d share a few tips on how to care for and maintain your velvet shoes in the next few steps.

For a new pair of velvet shoes, the first thing to do is protect them by using a waterproof spray. I’d recommend the Kiwi Protect All Spray. If you’re a lover of satin, silk, velvet and suede shoes, a can of this spray is a must have.


Kiwi Protect All

Water proofing your shoes from the day you get them will help them last longer and makes maintenance a lot easier. Be sure to get a neutral colored spray.

You’d need a

– Soft toothbrush
– Mild liquid dish soap or handwash
– Water
– Small jar or glass
– Clean cloth

After every wear,

  1. First, clean the velvet shoe with a soft bristled toothbrush to get rid of any dirt or stains accumulated on them. Do this lightly to avoid getting the fabric damaged.toothbrushes-resized-600


  • 2. Prepare a mixture of water and mild liquid dish soap or hand wash in a small bowl, I’d prefer hand wash as it’s milder. Use just a small amount of water and mix till it’s foamy or has bubbles/suds.


bubbled water


Image result for carex handwash



  • 3. With the bristles of your toothbrush, scoop up a small quantity of the bubbles/suds and apply them on the shoe. Wipe off any excesses with the tip of your finger without pressing into the shoes.

    4. Brush lightly again after the bubbles have settled into the fabric and cover the entire shoe. Pat dry with a clean soft cloth and set aside for a while. If you notice any areas still stained, apply more of the bubbles and brush lightly again.

Extra soft cloth

Be sure not to wear your shoes in water or muddy areas and if they get wet, leave them to air dry before the process above.

When not in use, keep them in a cotton shoe bag to protect them from dust.

Image result for shoe bag

For any further damage, please take your shoe to a professional cleaner.

Caring for your shoes help them last longer

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