Shoespiration With Instagram Fashion Sensation Tosin Adegbite

Shoespiration With Instagram Fashion Sensation Tosin Adegbite

70% of the people i follow on Instagram are friends, handles that spread positive vibes and inspire my life vision and then brands i like. You see the other 30%, i follow them for their shoes and sense of style. I honestly don’t care who you are, you wear fabulous shoes and have a great dress sense, have a little bit of extra in you, live and breath “unbasic” fashion, i hit the follow button IMMEDIATELY. 

I’d be sharing a few of my favorite of these people over the next few weeks in the SHOESPIRATION posts. Today, the spotlight is on Tosin Adegbite.

Tosin Adegbite


I spend quite some time on Net-A-Porter ogling their fashion retail, and mentally adding my favorite pieces to my wishlist.

I see some pieces and literally roll my eyes like how will they style this one again, then i go on Instagram and Tosin is showing us exactly how it is done.

It didn’t take a lot, I fell in love with her immediately.

Of course her taste in shoes just made it easier for me, she legit owns every pair on my wish list and styles them in the exact same way i would in my head or even better.

Who loves a design so much and buys it in every color she can get? Only a Shoe Lover.

Her colection of YSL Tribute Sandals

Her collection of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps

Her Love for Alaia Bom Stud Sandals

She’s a real fashion lover and is in almost every fashion show from New York to Paris and then London.

At the Ralph and Russo Fashion show, absolutely love this look!!!


Always fully donned in high end designers from head to toe, with Tosin it’s not the luxury items she has that fascinates me, it’s her fun way of putting them together.

Straight from the run way or a blast from the past, she knows how to match her pieces and make them look aesthetically appealing on her well chiseled, #fitfam physique.

No she doesn’t diet, but she lives a healthy lifestyle which includes rigorous gym sessions sometimes with her buddy, Kate Henshaw.

From her IG page….LOL!!!

A lot of people can afford the latest designer apparel and just slap it everywhere on their body, but it takes a true fashionista and style connoisseur to make a statement out of the simplest of pieces.

4o plus and fabulous, Tosin Adegbite is worth the data i spend stalking and refreshing her handle every time i get a minute.

Being a fashion enthusiast, i can say that i have learned a whole lot from her sense of style.

There’s certainly nothing basic about her. Shes fun, she’s refreshing and she’s my Shoespiration.

I won’t even ask you what you think, she’s all that and that’s FINAL.


Peace, Love and More Shoes,



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