ShoesDay Tuesday – Shoe Thrift Shopping In The Heart Of Lagos.

ShoesDay Tuesday – Shoe Thrift Shopping In The Heart Of Lagos.

Addicted to my Instagram timeline as always, I came across some posts from my friend and ex school mate, Nimide. Remember when she was shoespiration?.


Nimide has an amazing taste for shoes, at least my kind of amazing. She could easily shop shoes for me and I’d have not a single complaint. We met up in Lagos during my last visit and talked about shoes (Of Course).


Then she told me about a place I had heard of in the past called VESPA. It’s a thrift market for shoes. And this right here is why I love Nimide. Not everyone earns in 7 figures and not everyone can afford to spend 70% of their pay on shoes just to keep up. Being the queen of “stay in your lane” and “face your reality”, I was more than curious to find out more from her about the market and how it works.

The plan was to go there together but distance would not let me be great. I thought it’d be really unfair to hoard this great find from you guys. With all these buys by Nimide, I don’t even need to go there to know it’s the place to be.


So if you are a shoe lover or have a shoe fetish but can’t afford all the luxury brands or deal with the exchange rate and don’t have the opportunity to go abroad to shop first hand, this post is for you.

You would rock your Vespa shoes and no one will ever be able to tell where and how you got them except you tell.


After stalking Nims profile, I messaged her and she was nice enough to share with me some info for the blog. Enjoy!!!


JAY: Tell me about your last shopping experience

NIMS: The last time I went shopping, I went to Vespa for the second time. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything because it seemed like I had copped all the designs previously or maybe I just didn’t go on a good market day.

JAY: How much on average do you buy per pair?

NIMS: If I’m thrifting, I spend between 1200 – 3000 on shoes, hardly more and hardly less. Fair prices right?


JAY: What are your top tips when shopping at Vespa?

NIMS: Because it’s a thrift market, you can’t expect every item to be in top shape, so you need to patiently check the shoes for balanced heels, weak leather and open joining. Fit them and walk in them till you’re satisfied so they don’t end up being a waste. Most importantly, make it an all day affair so you’re not in a hurry to leave.


Quite insightful, no? Definitely yes. From this chat, I can add a few tips of mine.

So that you don’t experience what she did the second visit and couldn’t find anything exciting, you can get the phone nos of the vendors so you can call to find out when they have new items.

Give yourself sometime between visits. I’m sure it’s not a market you wake up and just decide to go to, you should plan well ahead (except you live close by).

For every visit, hold enough money to buy at least 5pairs at a time. 5 pairs three times a year and you’re counting 15pairs in your closet, sounds exciting right? At least no one can come and pepper you.

I hear there are no ATM points, so you want to carry your own cash.

It is located in Ijanikin, Lagos along Lagos Badagry Expressway.

I will be visiting that market no doubt and I’d share my experience but for now, let’s enjoy Nimide’s gorgeous bargain buys.

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  • Nims
    July 4, 2017

    Thank you so much for the feature. I love itttttt

  • sola
    July 4, 2017

    Awesome article. Great tips. Cos I find out whenever I go Thrift buying I end up buying the bad ones

  • Toke
    July 4, 2017

    OMG the shoes are beautiful. To think my mum used to take us there as teens to shop there for shoes. I will definitely visit soon. Thanks for this

  • charles
    October 2, 2018

    Please when is the market day at vespa

    • Jay
      November 8, 2018

      Hi i’m sorry i’m just responding. I’m not sure if they have a specific market day.

  • Daniel
    November 13, 2018

    Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve been planning to go to this market for while now but I’m heard they have moved the market Or something like that. I don’t know if it’s true. Can you please help confirm this?? Thanks. 😘

    • Jay
      November 22, 2018

      Oh okay, i haven’t heard about that but i’d certainly find out and let you know. Thanks for reading.

  • Empress
    February 17, 2019

    What a good read but sadly the pictures are not showing, I would have loved to see how the shoes looked like …

    • Jay
      February 18, 2019

      Hi Empress, I will update this post just for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Bridget Mayaki
    May 5, 2019

    Please when is the right day to go shopping for shoe and nah there…???

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