Room 88 – The Series Finale

Room 88 – The Series Finale

And now the final episode of Room 88. I have enjoyed writing every episode and I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much. I also trust that we have learned a thing or two about how to handle our relationships – friendships, marriage, employment/business e.t.c

If this is your first time here, you can catch up on the entire story by clicking the links to each episode below. You have all the time, so relax and enjoy!!! Otherwise, scroll down to today’s episode.

Episode 1 Welcome To Room 88

Episode 2 In The Beginning

Episode 3 Misan

Episode 4 Femi Akinrinmisi

Episode 5 Felix Perekeme

Episode 6 Helen Johnson

Episode 7 My Healing Journey

Episode 8 We Will Fix This

Episode 9 Confront Your Fears

Episode 10 Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Episode 11 Let Love Lead The Way


Episode 12 – Happily Ever After


I fell in love with Femi almost as soon as we met. We didn’t meet under the best circumstances, it was at a time when we had both lost people dear to our hearts. The grief we both felt made us very close. We’d talk for hours on end and I was amazed at how he was always able to make me laugh through his own pain which seemed worse compared to mine.

Femi was smart, very intelligent (almost nerdy) but also very sensual. He wasn’t the ‘in your face romantic’ kind of guy but I knew there was that part of him in there somewhere. Having heard his story, I empathized with him and more than ever, I was determined to be with him to bring back sunshine into his life.

I always thought he was too serious and uptight, but I’d tell myself he’d ease up a bit when we got married and started having kids. Indeed he did, with the kids, he was so playful and emotional and did nothing to hide his love for them. With me, it was a different story altogether.

Don’t get me wrong, he was kind to me, we were friends, we had good sex and would do things together but It still felt like there was a distance between us. After about 3 years of marriage, I started to suspect he was cheating. I searched and investigated, but there was nothing anywhere. It was a task getting him to go on a romantic get away or even dinner. It was almost as if he was avoiding any form of emotional bonding.

I tried different things to get him to connect with me but the more I tried, the farther apart we drifted, so I let him be and focused on carrying out my duties as a wife and mother. I felt emotionally lonely and frustrated a lot of times, but I was able to distract myself with the kids and my work.

The real trouble started after our last child was born. The first time he hit me, the only thing I felt was confusion. He had just come in from the office and said he was hungry. So I told him to have some cereal while I finished up with getting dinner ready. We talked about how his day went, and while he scooped milk into his cereal, I said “Don’t finish our milk o”. It was meant to be a joke, I mean I was laughing when I said it but the impact of his hand on my face wiped off all traces of laughter.

That was the beginning of the battery, Femi would lash out at everything I did and said and then beat me up with his belt, it was his favorite weapon. All of this I bore in confusion, I would cry and plead with him to stop. Like a robot that was being controlled, when he was done, he would come and apologize.

I hoped and prayed it would stop but it became a norm and I started to walk on eggshells around him, avoiding him completely. He’d complain about my absence and the moment I tried to bridge the gap, the beating would start again. It was like that for about 8 years until I made the decision to leave our home.

After the meeting with my parents and his uncle, I wasn’t sure I was ready to go back home with him, but on our trip to Seychelles, I knew I was with a man that was on a healing journey and I was willing to be right by his side through it all. It’s been 2 years since then and our relationship is so much better. Therapy worked for him and of course the grace of God. We were at the reception party and I smiled with joy in my heart for my transformed husband, confident that this is the beginning of our happily ever after.



The sudden change in my marriage threw me off balance. Felix had been my friend as far back as my first year in Uni. I knew he liked me a lot back then but we couldn’t be in a relationship because I was seeing someone else.

Seeing him again on my vacation to Trinidad and Tobago brought pure joy to my life. I had always wished to marry my friend and following my history of bad relationships, he came along as an answer to my prayers. I loved how Felix loved me, it was fierce, it was pure, it was genuine. So when the cheating started, I was not expecting it at all.

At first, I would cry and ask him why. I was so scared to lose him, I was afraid I had done something wrong to push him away. I searched myself, I asked so many questions, but there was nothing. Sometimes, he’d seem remorseful when I confronted him and other times, he couldn’t be bothered about how I felt.

I was determined to make my marriage work, I couldn’t imagine life without FX, so I stayed, hoping and praying that it was just a phase. But, I could only take it for so long. My self esteem was dipping, I became insecure, angry and could not focus on my business. My kids were no longer getting the best of me. When I found out about his last affair, I moved out of our home.

Leaving was painful for me, but I needed a breath of fresh air and a new environment to focus. I also hoped that our absence would bring him back to his senses because I knew how much he loved his family.

I didn’t know he had been in therapy, but when he called for us to meet, I was eager to hear him out. I was shocked when he mentioned the text message he saw on my phone with Mr Robinson, my client. I couldn’t understand why Felix would think I’d cheat on him and more so because of money, believe it and conclude by treating me so badly. That was worse than him cheating on me, how would I live the rest of my life with someone who thought so little of me?

He tried several times to reach me but I had no interest in the marriage anymore, until I received a message from him that tore my heart. I didn’t sleep for the rest of that night and drove to our home very early in the morning. After we talked and he told me everything he feared, I was thankful to God for bringing us back together again.

Therapy with Yemi did a lot to restore our marriage and develop our bond. As I stood beside my husband at the reception party, my heart leaped with joy knowing all that yummy goodness was all mine and this was the beginning of our happily ever after.




It was love at first sight, that night in Paris about 20 years ago. I have always had a thing for fashion and it was a time when the industry was booming. I was looking to invest in it.

Of all the pieces that were on display, Helen’s Spring/Summer Collection caught my eyes instantly. What got me hooked was when she walked down the runway and was introduced as the creative director and head designer of the brand. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I wasted no time approaching her backstage.

Fortunately for me, she was wasn’t stuck up like I had feared she would be. We got talking, exchanged contact details and we soon became friends. As our friendship grew, she told me every thing about her past, from her strained relationship with her parents to her late husband and the pregnancy she lost. Listening to her brought me so much pain, I knew more than ever I wanted to protect her and love her till death do us part.

I proposed to her after 2 years of being friends. There was some opposition from my family but I stood my ground, it was either Helen Johnson or no one else. They had no choice but to accept her and eventually start to love her. I knew her past haunted her and I did everything within my power to make her think less of it.

We tried year after year to have children until 15 years passed. She went into depression and sank deeper in it as time went by. Her relationship with her parents remain strained and apart from me, the only other person she acknowledged as family was her sister Abigail. Abigail was a rock to us and made it easy for me to love Helen even more.

I had no plan to leave her alone, but her unhappiness broke my heart and when she attempted suicide for the second time since we got married, I knew it was time to get help for her and for the survival of our marriage. Fortunately, she didn’t refuse therapy and her sessions at ROOM 88 brought a total transformation.

Seeing her growing baby bump at the reception party, in the dress I got for her on my last trip to New York, she looked so beautiful and I couldn’t help the joy that I felt as I reached out and held her hand knowing it was the beginning of our happily ever after.



Friendship with Misan was one of the biggest blessings of my life. She was the sister I never had. We got along so well and did everything together from travelling to shopping to partying and studying. She was full of wisdom, had a great sense of humor and even after we graduated and I got married, our friendship remained seamless.

I always wondered why someone so sweet and beautiful with such a great soul would not want to get married, but I learned to respect her decision even as I still tried to hook her up with my husband’s friends.

I didn’t think twice about it before making her godmother to my son Kevin. None of my other friends measured up. As crazy and free spirited as she was, she had high moral standards which I greatly admired and so it was a no-brainer taking that decision.

I can’t explain how I felt seeing her in bed, naked with my son. If they had their clothes on, I would have believed if they told me there was nothing going on. But the position I met them still sends shivers down my spine when I remember it.

It took a while to process my feelings and when I eventually did, I knew I never wanted to see her again. I agreed to meet with her after Yemi persisted, but nothing was going to change my mind. As she cried and apologized that day in Yemi’s office, all I saw was a monster I could not relate with my bestie Misan.

It must have been about a year after the incident when I received the E mail from her. She had tried at different times within that period to reach out to me but I totally ignored her. I don’t know if it was the amount of time that had passed or the tone of the Email, but I felt a tug in my heart reading her message.

I knew it would be difficult for us to get back to how we used to be and I knew I still didn’t want her anywhere around my son, not because I felt she would prey on him again, but because I didn’t want to put Kevin in an awkward situation. I had taken him to therapy and it had been a long journey, one I wasn’t about to mess up. I was aware she had been in therapy too and I was confident in the fact that she had overcome the menace that had consumed her.

I was happy when I received the Invitation to her wedding with Yemi, hand delivered by him and a plea for me to attend. I was at their reception party, and as my eyes caught hers while they had their couples dance, I saw the tear drop and I raised my glass in a toast to her wishing her the beginning of her happily ever after.

Wedding Guest Tonia



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  • Nchedo
    April 11, 2020

    I love happy endings!!!
    These characters have been through it all so they deserve a shot at happiness or at least the pursuit of it.😂

  • Lola
    April 12, 2020

    Beautiful story
    Sometimes a story tells us that all that glitter isnt gold
    Therapy should be readily available to all and no one should be afraid to go to therapy. Looking forward to the next series. Do not keep us waiting😁😁😁

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