Room 88 – Episode 8 – We Will Fix This

Room 88 – Episode 8 – We Will Fix This

I know it’s been such a long time since the last post and you have most likely lost touch with the story line. I’m sorry, I truly am, but life keeps happening and as much as I want to keep up, I’m struggling. Anyway, quick recap.

Room 88 captures the lives of four individuals Misan, Helen, Femi and Felix. In the previous episodes, we have an insight into their present lives and a flashback to their growing up years to identify possible reasons why they are the way they are now. Let us catch up real quick with the links below.

Misan And Femi

Felix And Helen

Along the line, they all happen to meet Yemi Ogundare, a certified Psychotherapist who is going to help them find healing and a way to move on into a better and more fulfilling rest of their lives. In the last episode, we read about his own life and how he was able to overcome his childhood trauma which led him to start up Room 88 for Counselling and Therapy.






Now that we’re caught up and up to date, let’s get straight to their healing journey.


It was a one on one session with Yemi. Getting home to an empty house and the letter from Tundun, my world came crashing. All attempts to see her had been unproductive. I was a complete mess, I was tired of being angry and then channeling my anger at all the wrong things. My wife deserved none of what I had put her through. I wanted to love her as much as she loved me and even more.

“Yemi, I want my family back, I want to be free from all these hate and frustration. This is too much for me, way too much for me to bear.” I was sobbing.

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“Everything will be okay, but you need to put in the work required. You need to face the past, forgive everyone involved and then move on. Then you need to forgive yourself. It’s not going to be an easy journey but it’d be worth it Femi, it will. You also deserve to be happy, life has not dealt you a lot of nice cards but you have the power to change the narrative and the time is now” Yemi replied as he took down notes in his notepad.

Just as he had predicted, it wasn’t easy. I had to go and visit my Aunt Tolani. It had been over 20 years since the last time I saw her. I could barely recognize her when I did. Time had shriveled her up, she looked spent, and the once vivacious woman I used to know had become a shadow of her self. As I got up from the sofa where I sat waiting for her in her living room to greet her, she burst into tears and went down on her knees.

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“Dariji mi (Forgive me), ah Femi jo dariji mi ( Femi Please forgive me). I wish I knew better, I would have done better. I have not known peace since you left, I have not known peace since your sister died.” She cried uncontrollably.

All the anger I had held all these years melted at the sight of her, I realized I didn’t need any form of revenge. Time, my parents, my sister and life had dealt with her already. She was a pitiable sight, I felt really sorry for her. She had lost her husband and 2 children in a ghastly car accident a few years after I moved out of her house. She was the only survivor but she wished she had died with them.

“Aunty, there’s nothing to forgive. I hold nothing against you, not anymore. Yes, I was angry but all that is in the past now. I am really sorry for your losses, I truly am and I know there’s nothing I can say that will take the pain away. But I pray that God will comfort you in one way or the other.” I pulled her up into a hug and sat her down next to me.

We talked for a few more hours, she told me how her sisters had abandoned her and how there was no one to look after her. All the money she had gotten from my parents’ properties that they sold had been squandered and life was meaningless to her. I promised to visit her again soon and to work out a plan that will sustain her.

It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. All these years, carrying so much anger around and God was fighting for me behind the scenes. I knew I needed to help her, there was no way I could leave her in that condition. I spoke to Yemi about our meeting and we agreed that I’d place her on a monthly allowance and regular medical check ups. She was now too old to run a business. But to keep her mind busy, I asked her to come up with something she could do. Yemi advised that I do all I can do for her but to do it from a distance. There was no point getting sucked in to all her drama.

Now it was time to get my wife and children back. Together with Uncle Segun and Yemi, we visited Tundun’s parents. Uncle Segun did most of the talking. None of them knew what my story really was, not even Tundun. After that meeting, I knew things were going to get better and I was more than willing to make my marriage work.

We were back in Seychelles, that was where we had our honeymoon. It had taken a lot to get her to go on this trip with me, but I needed the time away and alone with her. Right after we unpacked our bags and settled in the Dhevatara Beach Hotel where I had booked a room, we went out to dinner. There was no time to waste, I had to bare my soul to her, reveal the pain I had held on to that had turned me into a monster.

I talked and cried at intervals as I opened up to her about my fears, my anger, my confusion, my loneliness and all the negative emotions I had bottled up for so long. She cried along with me and we were there for hours, silent with our tears and thoughts.

I want you back Tundun, I know I don’t deserve you but I need you. I love you very much but I have been so scared to feel it because I didn’t want to suffer another loss. I promise to be a better man for you, for our babies, I promise you babe, I do. Please give me this last chance to make things right, come back home and I will make things right.

Neither of us could eat, we went back into the room, made passionate love and lay spent in each others arms till the next morning. After 3 days of talking, eating, shopping and making plans for the future, it was time to go back home and start afresh. I felt like a new man, I felt free and I knew I was just about to start living. It was the beginning of the rest of my life and I was going to live it the best way I could with all the people that I loved.


And so Femi finds redemption. Felix will be up in the next episode and I promise to give it to you back to back. Ok I have said no more promises, but the plan is to round up these series within the next few days.

Share your thoughts with me on this one, you know your feedback means a lot to me.

It’s your girl Jay

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