“My pretty Misan, oya come and sit on my lap, let me show you something.”  I walked slowly to Uncle Mike and did as I was told.




He was our next door neighbor and one of the nicest. He didn’t used to yell at us like his other brothers or send us away when they were playing video games. By us, I mean, the other kids in the compound and I.




I grew up in a pretty decent neighborhood, I would say middle class standard. My family wasn’t rich but we also did not lack, my father could afford to give us all the basics. I grew up with two older siblings, a brother and my immediate older sister.




We lived in a block of flats housing about ten other families and we all related freely. My dad was a civil servant and my mum a trader. We lived a regular life. My dad would usually get back home at 7.00 pm on the clock, he was never late or too early. My mum would return at 6.00 pm to get dinner ready for us and in time for my dad. It had been the routine since I was born and nothing changed even up until I got into UNI.





I had many play mates in the compound and some of us attended the same neighborhood school. We also had older neighbors who we called Uncle and Aunt as a sign of respect. Some were in Senior Secondary School while some had gotten into the university. My older brother was one of those in Secondary school when I was in Primary school. It was one big family and it made growing up so much fun. But in the midst of the fun, I got robbed of my childhood and innocence.




Uncle Mike was waiting to get admission into the university and I was due to write my Common Entrance Examination. He volunteered to tutor me so that I could get an excellent score and be admitted into one of the Federal Government Colleges of my choice. I was an intelligent child, book smart and very brilliant. But with my parents, there was no end to knowing, so it wasn’t difficult for Uncle Mike to convince them of my need for a tutor.




I was properly balanced on his thighs and while trying to explain the concept of Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Factor to me, he slipped his right hand in my panties and started to rub my vagina with his index finger.




“You know you’re so special Misan, really special, you’re very pretty and intelligent and also very mature. You’re different from the other kids. You shouldn’t even be playing with them, you should spend more time with me so I can show you things and teach you things for your level” As he said these things, his voice changed and got softer and I could feel something hard against my body from his trousers.



It was a norm, everyday after school, I would drop my bag in the house and go for math lessons at Uncle Mike’s place for two hours. He tutored me as he promised, but he taught me a lot more than math. I was nine years old and my body had started to blossom.




It started with him rubbing against my vagina and playing with my breasts, then it advanced to getting me naked and using his mouth and tongue to suck my nipples and lick my vagina. Initially it felt strange and I knew it was wrong, I would try to resist and even told him I will tell my mum, but he would ask me to relax and stop acting like a baby, he was so gentle and calm and soon it started to become pleasurable and I had become very comfortable with it.




He would tell me all those sweet words and buy me treats. He really made me feel special. Nobody raised an eyebrow, nobody questioned why we were so close. See, Uncle Mike was the leader of the Youth Church Choir where most of us attended, he was the most hands on person in the compound and the one every adult will call to for help. He was always available, never complained and wasn’t part of the ‘bad boys’ who smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol  and partied. Everyone loved him.





He made sure I joined the Children’s church choir and would teach me how to sing so I could take major roles when we had a ministration in the adult church. Behind closed doors he did much more. While touching and fondling me, he would ask me to close my eyes so I could feel everything he was doing to me, he said the only way he would be sure I was enjoying it was for me to moan. He taught me what a moan sounded like. Sometimes, I would get to moan, other times I would pretend. But the sound I made always got him excited and he would make me watch him as he rubbed his penis back and forth vigorously till some whitish thing came out.




The first time he did that, I almost screamed for help. I thought he was going to die. He kept jerking and it looked like his eyes were rolling inwards. The only time I had seen that was on TV when a man was about to die in the movie I watched. He laughed when he saw my expression and told me I had given him the most precious gift ever. Our ‘relationship’ grew to a whole new level.





At this time, I had now gained admission into Secondary School. I ended up going to a private school close to the house. My mum had insisted, even though I had gotten admission into three Federal Government Schools in Sagamu, Benin and Suleja. She said she wanted to be able to keep an eye on me and be sure I don’t get ‘spoiled’ in the midst of strangers. Uncle Mike and I laughed really hard when I told him. It was better for us, we would be able to continue with our relationship. I had become very fond of him and there was nothing that would tear us apart. He promised we’d get married as soon as I was old enough, but for now we had to keep it a secret.





Technically, I was still a virgin. He said, it had to be a special time and place for him to dis-virgin me. He introduced me to the world of pornography and we would watch videos together while we did some of the things we watched. I had no interest in having friends, not in school, not in the compound. When I wasn’t with him, I would be in my room reading some of the X Rated books he got for me. My academics did not suffer because he also ensured I was studying as hard.





He taught me how to be fashionable and well composed,  how to keep a clean shave in my pubic area and armpit and the type of under wear that befitted a queen like me. I could no longer imagine a life without him. He controlled everything I did and how I lived my life. By the time I was in Junior Secondary School, it was too difficult to relate with my mates. I felt like we had nothing in common and I was way ahead of them. I knew a few girls who were already having sex, but with boys still in Secondary school. Their relationships weren’t as advanced as mine. I was a big girl.







Uncle Mike was twenty three and now in his Second year in the University, he had finally gained admission into the University of Lagos to study Architecture after waiting for three years. It was a dream come true for him. He didn’t have as much time as he used to but when he did, he made me feel like I was in heaven. On the night of my 13th birthday, he said it was time to make me a woman since I was becoming a teenager. There was a one week retreat in church and there would be a night vigil on the Friday which also happened to be my birthday. He had it all planned out, as soon as we had both finished our ministrations, while the prayers and sermon were going on, we would sneak away and go back to his house.




It was indeed the most special night of my life, there was a play list of soft music by R.Kelly playing in the background, he had bought my favorite chocolates and wrapped a special gift for me. We got naked and did it all, everything he had taught me from a Blow job, to a hand job. He pleasured me and I returned the favor and we both moaned. He put me on the bed and making sure I was really wet, he gave one sharp thrust into me. He had warned me it would hurt and that there’d be blood but he didn’t tell me it would be so comforting and even more pleasurable than everything we had done put together. He gave short thrusts quickly and then slowly. It didn’t seem like I could get enough, I felt like I was losing my mind. Soon after, he jerked a few times, let out a loud groan and quickly pulled out of me splashing his sperm all over my body.




We lay there limp for a while just listening to the music that played. He gave me my gift and went in to clean up. I opened it, it was a perfume, Gucci Rush a bracelet that was the ‘hers’ of his ‘his’ version and a cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger slippers. I hugged him when he came out and we kissed for the longest time. I cleaned up and got dressed. We had to rush back to church before the vigil ended. I was in love and that was all that mattered.





Life was good after that, I was at my happiest and still doing excellently well in school. I was preparing to get into Senior Secondary School and I was very well behaved at home. No one would ever have guessed how far I had gone sexually. Mike, as I now fondly called him, had moved to the school hostel and didn’t come home as often. We began to spend less time together but the few times we did were heaven on earth moments for me.




One weekend, he had come home from school because I had seen him drive into their front porch. He normally would have called to say he was around and plan for us to meet but I was yet to get a call so I decided to surprise him. I wore one of the dresses he always said he liked to see me in. I was excited to see him. I knocked about three times before his younger sister came to the door. We exchanged pleasantries, and she asked me to sit and wait for him. He came out with a girl, she must have been about my older sister’s age mate. She was really pretty and he had his arms around her waist, while she grinned from ear to ear. I felt my heart sink right down to my stomach.





It was the first time I would come to terms with this part of my past, the past that shaped me and has turned me into this monster I have now become. As I recounted the story to the group, I broke down in heart tearing sobs. Not once in my thirty eight years had I been able to bring myself to the reality of this truth. As much as I felt a certain sense of freedom talking about it, the pain that hit me in my chest was almost unbearable. I was left to cry to my hearts fill and then I continued from where I stopped.





When Mike saw me, he said hello casually and asked if I had any problems with school work, he said he was busy at the moment and would see me later. He didn’t introduce me to his friend, he dismissed me, just like that. Later that day, he came by my house and said we needed to talk. We took a walk, the longest walk of my entire life.



“Misan, I know you won’t be expecting to hear this, but the girl you saw me with earlier is my girlfriend, we met in school and i think we’re in love. The thing is this, you’re still very young and it’d be unfair of me to not allow you enjoy life. Very soon, I’d be done with school and would need to settle down. You still have a long way to go and a very bright future ahead of you. You’d always be my special girl but I need to move on” He stopped to look at me.




I suddenly felt cold and started shaking visibly, I couldn’t quite understand what I was hearing, I couldn’t make any sense of it all.




“I don’t really understand what you mean by all these Mike, are you saying there would no longer be us? Did I do anything wrong?” I was crying uncontrollably. He pulled me into a hug.



“Listen Misan, you’d be fine. You’d only miss me for a while, by the time all these fine boys from your school start coming after you, you’d forget about me. Just remember everything I’ve taught you about being composed and decent. And if you must have sex, please use a condom.” He said and gave me a wink.




“But, it’s you I want Mike, I don’t want to be with anybody else. Please Mike, tell me this is a joke”. I pleaded still crying.




“I’ve told you to stop acting like a baby Misan, stop it. Listen I have to go, see you around.” He said with irritation in his voice, he turned around and walked away leaving me with my swollen red eyes and runny nose.



For the next two weeks I was in a daze, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t tell my story to anyone. No one will ever believe me. No one will believe that for four years, I was eating right out of the palm of the most righteous Uncle Mike. I felt foolish and stupid and angry all at the same time. I was thirteen going on fourteen but felt like I was forty.




I put all my energy in school work, withdrew even more from friends and stopped going to church. I didn’t want anything that would remind me of him. I threw away everything he ever gave me. With time, I started to get over him. I was now very much into myself and became obsessed with fashion. So my life became centered around my studies and my love for fashion.




No one at home noticed anything, because no one asked me anything. I saw Mike around a few times but avoided making eye contact with him at any point. Just as I was about to write my final Secondary School Exams, my dad completed his building project and we moved to a new and more upscale neighborhood. Life was better and the future looked hopeful.




I got into UNI and continued with excelling and exhibiting my love for fashion through my dressing. There were many advances from guys in school and even men, but I had absolutely no interest. I was never going to put myself in the position of being controlled by anyone. I opened myself up more to making friends and I was blessed with the absolute best girls. Tonia being the one I loved the most.




Tonia and I met at the school library one night and got talking. She was in the Social Sciences Department studying Political Science. We shared a love for fashion, food and travel and that was how it all started. Of all the friendships I established, hers was the most fulfilling. We would travel together, shop together and try out every new spot in town. She shared all her highs and lows with me but I didn’t have much to share. Right after graduation she got married to her boyfriend of six years and soon after they had a baby.




She tried on several occasions to hook me up with one guy or another but I was not interested. Soon, all my friends got married and I didn’t mind at all, I took it upon myself to plan their weddings and see to the success of it. My parents had stopped asking me about marriage and everyone pretty much left me to myself and my single life. I never shared my past with anyone. I went on a few dates and some of the guys were actually good guys, but I wasn’t ready to give my heart to anyone.



Right after UNI, I went to the UK to get a Masters degree before returning again to Nigeria. I got a very good and high paying job and set up my clothing retail store alongside. What no one knew about me however was that I was preying on young boys, teenagers from about sixteen years old. There was an excitement I got from chatting them up, getting them to love me and get comfortable with me and then getting all dirty with them. I taught them how to pleasure me and I gave them maximum pleasure in return. I got a rush from them being obsessed with me and always wanting more of me. I loved the feeling of being in control.




I had formed about six of such relationships with these teenage boys over the years before I met my nemesis. It started out to be innocent. I was his god mother, Tonia trusted Kevin with me, I trusted him with me, until the day she had to go out of town with her husband. We had agreed he’d spend their time at my house, he was fifteen years old but his mind, body and build spoke otherwise.




He was innocently playing video games in my living room that evening, wearing his boxers and a singlet. I shamelessly stared at him, my mind filled with wild, ungodly thoughts. I soon found myself kneeling in front of him and touching him all over. It didn’t take too much to get him aroused. At first he was shocked, I could see the fear and confusion in his eyes. But I told him to relax and stop acting like a baby. I made him touch me while I touched him, I did all manner of unspeakable things to him through the night and gave him multiple orgasms. He slept off in my arms, both of us naked and this was the position we were in when Tonia came in.









If you were Tonia, what would you do? Seeing your best friend pants down with your son. I’d definitely be committing murder…Lord help me! But that is besides the point. How much of the past should we give our present lives credit for. Misan was damaged as a young girl but does that excuse this act? All round she grew up to be a caring, kind, smart, hardworking and genuine young woman. Should be totally condemned? Now a cycle has started for the young boys involved. *sigh* Life can be so complicated and child abuse of every kind needs to stop.



Whose past shall we be going into next, I’d leave you all to decide. Remember to drop your comments and tell me what you think or at least click on a smiley. Your feedback means the world to me.




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    July 22, 2019

    Wow! This was a beautiful read. I raced through the pages in a craze. Very interesting.
    Tonia will definitely kill, her precious son is gone. No explanation of past hurt can ameliorate the anger or damage caused. Friendship destroyed, innocence destroyed. Sexuql abuse leaves a trail of destruction only few ever truly survive from.. That is if they ever do sef

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