Plus Size Style Guide: The Backward Shirt Trend!!!

Plus Size Style Guide: The Backward Shirt Trend!!!


There are so many unconventional ways to wear a shirt and the backward shirt trend is not a new one. I am sure I have come across it a couple of times but never paid any attention to it. You know one of those things you see and just conclude is not for you.





And so it happened that on Sunday morning, dressing up for church, I had a wardrobe malfunction and had to look for something different wear. My 7 year old picked out a few items and was very insistent on me wearing the shirt because he liked it. I liked the shirt too but big boob problems, it was one of those shirts that would require many pins to hold the buttons together, it was a perfect fit but for the boob area. I hesitated, we were running out of time.







I thought about one of my favorite Nigerian Stylists, Tosin of The Style Infidel Studios and wondered what he’d do and then the backward shirt idea came back to me. Turned out to be a fantastic idea.









Shout out to these BCBGeneration Sandals, they’ve been with me through thick and thin, like literally. I haven’t worn them in exactly a year and I’m sure they were happy to see the sun again.



And here’s what it looks like wearing the shirt the ‘normal’ way…





Not only did I solve a big boob problem, I did it in style and both mummy and son were happy. Because I was so excited about the outcome from Sunday, I tried it with another shirt.







I have since discovered there are many more ways to do this which I’d definitely be trying.



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Leaving the first few buttons open up top.









Related image

Leaving the buttons halfway done down.




This Dress Shirt idea with the slouchy neck remains an absolute favorite and I’d be trying this one out next.


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Slouching the Neck to one side on a Dress Shirt


Which of these would you be giving a try? Is it a trend you will be hopping on? Remember to always do what works best for you. Be spontaneous with it, try it with bib collar/ Peter Pan Collar shirts, no collar shirts and whatever shirt that can be turned backwards. There are no hard or fast rules to fashion, own your style.



I’d be waiting for you in the comment section as your feed back means a lot to me.


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  • Nchedo
    December 11, 2018

    Great post! Love it and will definitely try soon.

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