Plus Size Style Guide – Sun(Daze) Are For Mini Photo Shoots!!!

Plus Size Style Guide – Sun(Daze) Are For Mini Photo Shoots!!!

This is an exciting one for me as I have decided to fully embrace my passion. I like to play dress up and I absolutely love to take pictures. But putting myself out there has not crossed my mind so much until I started my fashion retail business. Sundays are the only days I really get to play dress up when I’m going to church, and shout out to my Seven year old who takes the best pictures of his momma.




With a lot of motivation and inspiration from my favorite style bloggers, I will now be doing a Plus Size Style Guide Series, sharing details of my looks to Church on Sundays, School runs and errands on week days, Dates with the hubby, Time out with the girls and any situation that has me in front of a camera.







For a long time, I couldn’t find my style. I always knew what I wanted to look like in my head but it never quite came out right on ground being a UK Size 16 (and getting up to a size 20 at some point), so I’d end up looking basic which I wanted so badly to break away from.




The idea of this style guide posts will be to share tips and tricks I have learned over time to connect my personality  with my physique and my individual sense of style. I will also be sharing the basic fashion pieces to own, Where I shop, How I now shop and How I fashionably live on a budget.




Whatever your Body Shape, Size, Personality or Bank Account Balance – EVERYONE DESERVES TO LOOK GOOD. Here are 3 looks from 3 Sundays within the last 2 months. When putting together an outfit for church, comfort is probably the first thing I consider. No overly fitted clothes that’d require a waist trainer or any of those painful under wear.




I gained quite a lot of weight this past holiday and my waist line, bust and arms are not happy about it. In the past, this would have had me hiding in kaftans, but not anymore. While I work for the body I want, I have learned to love and embrace all the extra flesh that I’m presently carrying.




LOOK 1 – Comfortably Chic





This Vintage Print Shirt Dress is a UK 16. I couldn’t get the buttons around my bust to fit, so I brought out my basic White T Shirt and added an Elastic Waist Belt to create some definition. Belts are one of my favorite fashion pieces and you’d find that I tend to use them a lot.



I went for a pair of my favorite ASOS Nude Barely there Sandals with Gold ankle cuffs to go with my Gold Bangle earrings and Gold Necklace. 


Image result for asos nude barely there sandals with gold cuff





For a more chic look, you can wear a Bardot top underneath your dress to create a cold shoulder effect.





Look 2 – A Pop Of Color


There are days you want to make a color statement and this was one of those days for me. Statement Blouses are one thing I look out for, it could be the Color coordination of the Prints, the Style or the Cut, but the details ALWAYS counts. Statement blouses will take your look from 0 – 100. This Balloon Sleeved Chiffon Shirt had just the effect I wanted.





I styled this one with a pair of tailored Tie Waist Crop Trousers. These pants are life savers and I will get them in every color available if I could. A well tailored pair of trousers in Black, Blue and any other earth tone color are a must have for any plus size wardrobe especially those of us dealing with mummy tummys.





Because I wanted a pop of color, I opted for my New Look Red Sandals and a Nude and Red Scarf to tie up my kinky Afro.


Image result for new look red bow sandals






Vintage prints, polka dot prints and plaid patterns are all in line with this look.





Look 3 – Edgy


I was feeling bloated and wanted to hide in anything baggy without looking like someone’s grandmother and I wanted to create a statement at the same time. So I chose this Kimono Shirt Blouse with Prints at the back, buttoned it all the way up to my neck and paired it with my Pleated A Line Skirt. 







With my pair of Lace Up Suede Pumps and Grey Tinted Hair, I took the look several notches higher.



A pair of statement sunglasses or a statement necklace worn over your shirt can also tune up this look.





Since I discovered that fashion has no set rules, I have had nothing but fun with it. No matter how I feel or how my body looks, I find something that’d work for me and I can help you do the same too by taking a look into your closet and putting together all those pieces you have given up on.


You can shop all my looks from Sole Divas Retail Store

You can also book your style sessions with me for your everyday look or that special event coming up on your calendar. On the next style guide post I’d be sharing some basic Accessories/Fashion items that are a must have.



Which of these 3 Looks is your favorite?


As a plus size, what style tips have helped you accentuate your body?


Can you guess my favorite fashion accessory? It’s certainly a No Brainer.


Your comments mean a lot, so i’d love to hear from you. Shout out again to my 7 year old who works my Iphone camera, I wouldn’t be able to do this without him. We’re working on better picture quality too.


Peace, Love And More Shoes




  • Sola
    September 25, 2018

    Look 2 is my all time favorite. Still gearing up to visit sole divas in portharcourt

  • Chinwe
    September 25, 2018

    Look 2 is da bomb… Simply amazing. Love it

  • Riri
    September 25, 2018

    I would say look 2 , but I took another look and I’m feeling 3 alot. Because that top and skirt are a bit more difficult to style together. I can just imagine trying to putting the look together before taking a shower without the hair, shoes, makeup etc. You’d almost think it’s impossible to pull off. For the effort and courage, I pick look 3 😍

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