My New Year “Shoesolution”

My New Year “Shoesolution”

We all have those things we set to do (or not do) at the start of the new year, tagged our New Year Resolutions. I used to be big on that, but not anymore, as i have come to realize that every day is a new opportunity to make changes.

Start on January 1

But for the sake of my fellow shoe lovers (Can i get an AYYYEEEEE), i would like to share a few of my new year shoe resolutions tagged my Shoesolutions. Here we go

1. To Clean Out My Shoe Closet Regularly: Call it a closet purge, it is really important to clean out your closet. You know, let there be space for relevant items to breathe. I de-clutter a lot, I don’t like to hold on to things i haven’t used in maximum one year. I’m a firm believer of create space and make room for more. But with my shoes, NO, I find it hard to let go.

In the past 2 years, i haven’t had much cause to go out and my shoes have revolved around everyday wear. I was happy seeing my shoe rack full, then it was the Christmas holiday and i realized, i didn’t have any shoes. A lot didn’t fit and some had chipped. Imagine the horror. So i packed them all up in a bag and gave them out, except for a few pairs my heart wouldn’t release YET….lol!

Anyway, i did feel better after the exercise. I knew what i really had and most importantly, what i needed and guess what? I got gifted 7 new pairs in the space of one week. Trust me if you haven’t used them in a full year, you most likely never would.


2. To Buy More Unconventional Shoes: After the clean out, i was alarmed to see that i had only neutral colors left, mostly black. Even the ones i had given out were in shades of black and brown and almost all the same safe styles.

So this year, no more conventional shoes. In place of black, i’d do prints (Think stripes and all animal prints). In the place of nudes and brown, i’d do solid popping colors.


solid colors

In the place of regular heels, i’d do cone heels and curve heels. A little detail to a simple ankle strap, like a bow or a tassel or metallic heels in place of same material.

I see my rack popping by the end of the year. With a pair of statement shoes, you don’t need to go all out with your clothes.

3. Comfort, Comfort And Comfort: Oh, in the past i’d buy shoes just because they were pretty, i would cramp my feet in them, wobble on 5″ pencil heels looking for the nearest thing to lean against.

Looking back now, i cringe because seeing people in that shoetuation has become my pet peeve. If i can’t hop or dance or do a full run way walk, nah, you’re not for me.

I mean, what’s the point paying to have you and i can’t use you. Be Gone uncomfortable shoes, your pictures will do just fine. My most comfortable shoes come in platforms and block heels, i will just look out for unconventional styles.

4. To Clean And Maintain Regularly: I’m almost ashamed to say, i don’t care for my shoes as often i should. This i pledge to do religiously from now on. I’d be putting up posts on how to care for all kinds of shoe upper materials from satin, velvet, leather to patent and suede. This is very important. You won’t go without washing your clothes after every wear, right? It’s only fair to give as much priority to your shoes and give them a little more attention.

So what are your shoe resolutions for this year? Share in the comment section.

Peace, Love and shoesolutions




*Featured Image Photo Credit (Shoe Tease), other images – google images*

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