Must Have Work Shoes Under £30 From Some Of The Best Brands Around.

Must Have Work Shoes Under £30 From Some Of The Best Brands Around.

I’m the biggest advocate for non-boring, non-conformist work shoes. I also believe that shoes should generally be sturdy and of good quality but not necessarily overly expensive.

Irony? Coming from me who spends hours ogling luxury shoes, but when it comes down to budgeting, i go all out to get good bargains.

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Anyway, from the Office, Paper doll, Little mistress, Miss KG, Carvela Kurt Geigernand Nine West brands, are some of the prettiest, very durable and affordable work shoes.

They cost between £9 – £30 which going by the current exchange rate amount to about N6,000 – N20,000. Many of them are on sales which means fastest fingers first for the very popular sizes.

This happened recently

Take a look.

And more…

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And Even more…

All in neutral/earth tones, decent heel heights and easy to maintain fabrics, these are pairs to covert.

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Peace, love and affordable shoes



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