MomCrushMonday With Lisa Folawiyo and Her ‘Man Repelling Fashion’ Trend.

MomCrushMonday With Lisa Folawiyo and Her ‘Man Repelling Fashion’ Trend.

This should fall under a Shoespiration post, but it covers a whole lot more than that with my feature for today. From the time i got an Instagram account, Lisa Folawiyo was among the first 3 people that i followed, for their taste and love in/for shoes and general zest for fashion.


For some reason, i never got around to doing a proper post on her and i have followed her account for over 3 years, ogling her sense of style which i always find interesting.

A recent post on her page, over the weekend, gave me the exact direction i had been unconsciously searching for to do this post. Lisa Folawiyo is a collector of luxury fashion pieces, her collection is very far from basic and just like Tosin Adegbite, i consider her a style connoisseur, hers a little more unconventional and the part i love the most, unapologetic.


If you didn’t know, Lisa is a fashion designer, her brands Jewel By Lisa and LISA FOLAWIYO, have over the years gone international.

Her pieces have been seen on Local and International A list celebrities, with her runway collections in New York, Lagos and Milan, modeled by top models in Africa and Europe.


She trained as a lawyer, practiced for a year and went into putting her creativity to use which has turned out fantastic for her. With her clothing line in stock in Selfridges and a feature with Vogue Italia and Vogue Japan, this mom of 2 children is definitely my #momcrush for today.

Hollywood Actress, Thandie Newton in Lisa Folayiwo

Nollywood A Lister Rita Dominic in Lisa Folawiyo

She has her style and she owns it a 100%. Back to the Instagram post that propelled this feature, she talked about her Chanel Sandals being Man Repelling.

Instagram Post

For those who don’t know, Man Repelling Fashion generally means wearing outfits in a supposedly offensive way that will result in repelling men. Most times, such outfits are perceived to be not sexy, masculine and generally unattractive.

Man Repelling or simply audacious?

Lisa has quite a number of such pieces in her luxury collection from clothes to shoes, but like i said earlier, she owns her style a 100%, every look is very well represented and for me she ALWAYS nails it.

Whether she’s layering up to save her life from winter or being eccentric in her girly girl way, she’s overall a burst of sunshine with her selfies.



Here are a few Man Repelling shoes, some i can wear without thinking twice, others, i am not bold enough to wear.

Which of these would you rock?

What do you think about Man Repelling Fashion?

Do you think some men really get repelled when they see women dressed like this?

Use the comment section below,

Peace, Love and More Shoes



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