It’s Thursday, So Let’s D.I.Y – How To Clean Your Satin Shoes

It’s Thursday, So Let’s D.I.Y – How To Clean Your Satin Shoes

It’s Thursday, we should be throwing it back but instead let’s DIY. Taking care of your shoes is important. They will only look good on your feet when they maintain the original state they were bought.

Satin, Suede and Velvet are usually the most delicate materials to maintain, especially on this side of the world where we have to deal with a lot of dust. I will touch on all shoe upper materials in subsequent posts but today i’d start with Satin.

Satin is one of those fabrics that have a high shine, smooth, glossy and usually of silk. It’s high lustre feel makes it lush and rich and it’s one fabric that i really like especially for shoes.

The same things that attract me to satin is the same thing that makes me want to stay away. Simply put, a stained or damaged looking pair of satin shoes are the worst.

In these quick and easy steps, tried and trusted, here’s how to clean and generally maintain your stained satin shoes from red wine to mud stains and simple dirt marks. This has worked many times for me with mud stains. Ensure to carry out a spot test (clean a small portion first).

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Cleaning Satin Heels

Prepare Your Shoes

It is important you prep your shoes. This simply means using a dry piece of cloth to rub on the entire area of the shoe to remove any dirt on it. *Follow the smooth line of the fabric and not in the opposite direction*

Badgley Mischka Satin PumpsBlot Out The Stain

1. Using an oil based soap (hand wash, hair shampoo will work just fine), squeeze a drop or 2 in water to make a mild foamy solution.

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2. Dip a soft towel in the water and squeeze out any excess water, rub the damp towel gently on the stain till it fades.

3. Mop off any excess water on the shoe surface with a soft dry towel.

4. If the towel doesn’t dry it well enough, use a hand dryer, set to the lowest temperature.

*You DO NOT want excess water on your shoes as this will leave water marks which aren’t pretty*

For Tougher Stains, Use Vodka

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Don’t just get high on your vodka, use it to clean too.

If you’re dealing with wine stains or blood or something more concentrated, try vodka.

1. Wet a piece of dry cloth with vodka and wipe gently on the stain rubbing along the direction of the fabric till the stain fades away.

Vodka is less likely to leave water marks but would do a good job to remove the stain. Of course, always test with a small area first. And because satin is delicate, you really want to be gentle.

Protecting And Maintaining Your Satin Shoes

You should do this as often as you can, especially with shoes that you don’t wear so often.

1.Store your shoes in a dust bag. This is the best tip i can give you, it cuts across all your shoes. This helps to reduce the amount of dust that settles on them while they still get enough air to breathe ( Yes, shoes breathe).

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2. After cleaning the surface with a piece of dry cloth, hair spray can be used as a protective cover. Take a can of hairspray and hold about 6 inches away from the surface of the shoes, then spray in short bursts.

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*DO NOT spray too close or soak it to avoid water/oil marks*

3, Take it one portion at a time, spray and leave it to settle then rub gently with a soft dry cloth till you cover the entire area. This helps maintain the shine of the shoes.
You can do this a few hours before you want to wear your shoes. You need to be patient when cleaning your shoes, so find a time when you won’t have to be in a hurry, not when bae is waiting for you in the car.

I hope this helps and i hope to get feedback on this when you try it.

Peace, Love and More Shoes



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