It’s Monday and We’re Crushing On These Mens’ Shoes.

It’s Monday and We’re Crushing On These Mens’ Shoes.

I know I’ve never really paid attention to men’s shoes since I started this blog and that is mostly because I don’t know so much about the rules that govern styling them. I see the ones I like, I admire and I move on. My hubby is a sneaker head, 4 out of every 5 of his shoes are a pair of sneakers so i’m more inclined to them.

Lace up Sneakers

But today, I won’t be talking female fashion, I’d be sharing some of the most popular male shoe styles. This should help if you’re looking to get your significant other, dad, boss or brother footwear.

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Slides, Sandals and Slippers: are mostly casual and can be worn with shorts, slacks and native attire.

Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur Moses Ebite in Gucci Princeton slippers




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Espadrille Slip Ons, Boat Shoes, Sneakers and Driving Shoes (Drivers): These are also mostly casual and are generally not worn with formal outfits like a suit.

High Top Sneakers

Slip On Sneakers


Espadrille Slip Ons

Driving Shoes – Drivers

Driving Shoes

Driving Shoes

Brogues, Monkstraps and Oxford Shoes: are formal shoes for black tie events



Oxford Brogues

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Boat Shoes, Loafers, Slipper Shoes and Derby Shoes: are Semi Formal and can be worn with suits or corporate outfits but to a less formal setting.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes


Tweed slipper shoes

Slipper shoes

Tassel loafers



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This is the basic knowledge i have of men’s shoes without having to search google. Nigerian men are quite the fashion forward crew and in the past few years male fashion has evolved from just Tees and Jeans or suits to so many edgy looks that even the female folk need to keep their game tight. Mixing colors, textures, designs and prints, the men seem to have taken over the fashion scene. Here a few of my favorite

Uberstyle Fashion Editor Efe always serving sauce and oh his Man Bags From NYFW to LDFW

Efe Tommy

Former Big Brother Housemate and TV Presenter Ebuka keeps it simple but ALWAYS stylish. Lovge the tassel loafers on him

My man Noble whether in Slippers, Sneakers or Brogues makes a statement. He just simply owns it.

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Noble Igwe

You can’t tell Denola Grey nothing and if you don’t know your fashion rules, just step aside.

Fashionista Denola Grey

My Friend and brother, Harry – Since Uni, he’s never been afraid to mix his prints and colors. He’s one bold dresser and it gets better.

Always the confident dresser. Never afraid to set his rules and own it.

They make male fashion look so good but if you can’t own it, then don’t try it. Just stick to the basics and leave them to do their thing. I should feature more male shoes, it was actually interesting doing this and with putting together outfits for Hakeem in Diary of a shoe lover, i will need to get more knowledgeable. I look forward to having these guys on future episodes of From His Perspective. Which are your favorite male shoes and which ones did i miss out?

Peace, Love and More Shoes



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