Introducing The New E-Series “In Her Closet”

Introducing The New E-Series “In Her Closet”

Yayyyy, so i’m glad to introduce you guys to this exciting series starting Today, “In Her Closet”. It’s been something i have wanted to do for sometime but couldn’t get to it at the time. i’m really excited it is finally here and it’s been fun getting the interviews on. Looking forward to the actual TV interviews but let’s enjoy this for now.


So, In Her Closet is basically an E-interview with  very fashionable women from all walks and careers (Stylists, Designers, Chefs, TV personalities, Coporate world) who know their fashion a 100% and their views on shoes, style and other things shoe related. There’s also a twist as some of the guests are men, yea men. That’s something to look forward to, right?

The series will come to you every Friday and of course, the first one goes off today.

Start the weekend off right and stay tuned to the blog.


Love, Kisses and More Shoes,



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