In Her Closet – Episode 3 “With Love From France, It’s The Quintessential Chef Jess”

In Her Closet – Episode 3 “With Love From France, It’s The Quintessential Chef Jess”

It’s our third episode already and if you missed the last two episodes of this interesting series, be sure to catch up. Today I have all the way from France, Paris based Nigerian Chef, Opeyemi Oyeneyin popularly known as Chef Jess. She is a private chef who focuses on Nigerian Cuisine. So if you happen to be in Paris and need a taste of home, don’t hesitate to contact her.


Chef Jess, Opeyemi Oyeneyin

I have known her (from afar), for many years and what always drew me to her was her impeccable style and an even more impeccable taste in shoes. Fast forward to recently, upon finding out she had become a chef, which is not one of those professions that showcases fashion much, I was curious to know if work had changed her fashion sense. Be the judge yourself, read the interview after the cut.


JAY: You have an undeniable love for fashion, I have also known you to have an impeccable taste in shoes, approximately how many shoes can you say you have in your closet?
CHEF JESS: I wouldn’t put myself out there, but l have an admirable number of shoes in my closet.
FullSizeRender (2)
JAY: As a professional chef, I know you have rules with dressing up in the kitchen, do you pay as much attention to your footwear when you’re cooking as you do outside of work?
CHEF JESS:  I try to keep it as simple and comfortable as possible, most times I stick with slippers and when I have to run errands or do some food shopping, sneakers.
FullSizeRender (6)
JAY: Luxury or high street shopper?
CHEF JESS: I’m more of a high street shopper but would occasionally shop luxury. My favorite High street stores are American Apparel, Mango, Zara, H and M.
JAY: What are your favorite pair of shoes at the moment?
CHEF JESS: That would be my Christian Louboutin Neotrente Cage Peep Toe Sandals, most comfortable shoes ever.
clb neotrente caged pumps

Christian Louboutin Neotrente Cage Pumps

FullSizeRender (1)

Chef Jess in her Neotrente Cage Sandals

JAY: Who’s your favorite footwear designer?
          CHEF JESS: Christian Louboutin
IMG_5051 (1)IMG_4298
JAY:  The highest pair of heels you’ve ever worn?
CHEF JESS: About 5inches 
Although a brief and straight to the point question and answer session, there is no doubt that her fashion sense is still very admirable. Another Louboutin Lover and a Zara follower too, what’s not to love about this chef?
I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode, join me next week with another interesting guest, this time with a twist and one of the most exciting so far. Till then…
Peace, love and more shoes


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