In Her Closet- Episode 2 “Introducing One Of Ben TV UK’s Finest Presenters- Tomi Badejoko

In Her Closet- Episode 2 “Introducing One Of Ben TV UK’s Finest Presenters- Tomi Badejoko

The series “In Her Closet” started here last week after many months of putting together E-interviews with many fashion forward personalities amidst their busy schedules. It’s been quite some work, getting direct e-mail addresses, awaiting responses anxiously and getting to the real question and answer section but i love every minute of it.

Today’s guest is an exciting one. Based in the UK, she’s a TV presenter at BEN TV, a journalist, a fashion and beauty editor with CHubs Magazine, UK, a talk show host at Free voice radio and an all round media personality. It’s the beautiful mother of 2, Tomi Badejoko.


Tomi badejoko

Her session was an interesting one and straight from the heart, you would know for sure she knows her fashion a 100%. I had no doubt about it even before the interview. Read through the interview after the cut.


Dazzling in T Bar Pointed courts.

The Interview

JAY: What is style to you?
TOMI: Style to me, is an expression of yourself, without speaking.

Look at those Tbar sandals on her. She sure expresses her self well.

JAY: Has Transitioning into motherhood changed your style preference in anyway?

TOMI: Hmmm…. not really, because my style has always been chic/classy even before the babies.
I think I have always been dressing like a lady, except when I was trying to loose my post-baby weight! (lol).
Back then, Peplums and Skater dresses  were my go to’s,  to hide my mummy tummy?, that only lasted for a few months though.

Fab Momma of two in Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals


She wasted no time in snatching that body back.

JAY: I know you have a thing for shoes, you’re an ardent fashion lover, what’s your favorite style/design of shoes. The one in the stores that you always have to impulsively buy?
TOMI: Pointies all the wayyyy. I love them because they can be paired with most outfits and are so easy to wear. They shouldn’t be more than 100cm though ?. Or else , you will have to call the ambulance.

Tomi’s Jimmy Choo Avril Pumps


Jimmy Choo, Avril Pumps

JAY: Luxury or high street shoes?
TOMI: Both, but I love luxury shoes more, because of the quality and durability.

JAY: Your most embarrassing shoe moments ??

TOMI: Hmmmnn…..I have this 120cm courts I love so much. I wore it to a party last year. Just an hour into dancing, my feet were hurting so bad,  that I had to remove it and danced bare feet. That was the day I knew I would never buy any shoe that is more than 100cm. It has to be a 100cm or nothing.

120cm courts must definitely hurt, ladies take note, if you love your comfort, stick to 100cm heels. Court shoes naturally tend to pinch your toes, add crazy heel heights??? Good Luck Ma’am

JAY: Approximately how many shoes can we find in your closet?
TOMI: I’m not going to say that, because this is a shoe addict right here! I’m not the only culprit, am I?Women love shoes!Let’s just say, I have more than a few.
JAY: Favorite luxury footwear designer
TOMI:  This is really hard, because I love them for different purposes. If I have to choose , it will be Christian Louboutin,  because you can pair the “Pigalle” with absolutely everything! Casual, workwear, dressy, name it…. You can’t go wrong. It’s a classic!

You cant go wrong with Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps, and at 100CM, they are the perfect height.

JAY: Favorite high street store(s) to shop shoes?
TOMI: Zara

First two interviews and zara lovers? They are doing something right.

JAY: Your favorite shoes at the moment and why?
TOMI: It’s a Pink Sophia Webster Pointies. I love it because, it’s so beautiful and colourful. ( I’m a fan of colourful shoes)  and of course, it’s screams summer.

Sophia webster lola gem stone pumps…..Definitely screams summer in this pink shade.

JAY: The tallest heels you’ve ever worn ( height in inches)

TOMI:It’s a black Ferragamo 150cm courts. The only reason why I can survive in these shoes is because it has a hidden platform, which makes it very comfy.

Salvatore Ferragamo 150CM covered platform pumps. Scared of heights, don’t get too friendly…lol!!!

Hope you found this as interesting and enlightening as i did. You can follow Tomi on instagram and twitter. Comment below with your questions, observations or opinions. Until next week when i bring you another interesting guest.

Peace, love and more shoes,
(Photo Credit: Tomi Badejoko, Google Images)

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