In Her Closet – Episode 20 – PR Guru, Bukky Karibi Whyte

In Her Closet – Episode 20 – PR Guru, Bukky Karibi Whyte

I don’t know if it’s the Bulls head we both share as Taurean women or just sheer admiration for being driven by her passion, but my love for Bukky Karibi Whyte, founder of the Bobby Taylor Company has grown since 2013 when she was a judge on the Mo’s search TV program on Ebony Life TV.

From luxury and lifestyle to the corporate sector and then music and entertainment, she has been able to bridge the gap between her clients and their targeted audience with her expertise, making her the no 1 go to girl in the world of Public Relations.

I’m not really here to outline all her achievements even though I can’t help but mention she has Estée Lauder, MAC Cosmetics and SPAR as some of her many clients.

Getting into her shoe closet was a whole new revelation as to what fashion and then footwear fashion means to her… Enjoy!!!
JAY: What does style mean to you?

BUKKY: Style means creating and having a unique identity seen through your clothing or accessories.

The Metallics on her!!!

JAY: From a place of fashion and all the new trends that spring up everyday, how stylish will you say you are?

BUKKY: I say that i am super stylish. I love fashion! I am daring with my fashion and I wear what I am comfortable in. 

JAY: You’re a PR consultant which includes the lifestyle and luxury,corporate and entertainment sectors, how important is fashion and style in branding?

BUKKY: Extremely important. Perception is everything and so how you look and dress is exactly how you will be addressed.  

JAY: On a scale of 1 – 10, how do shoes rate when it comes to putting together your outfit?

BUKKY: Extremely important. You have to pair properly.

JAY: What are your favorite pair of shoes at the moment and why?

BUKKY: My favorite pair of shoes are my Gucci loafers. I just got them, they are super comfortable and perfect for travel. I love them.  

 JAY: Would you splurge or steal on a pair of shoes? Manolo blahnik Hangisi Pumps or a similar Kurt Geiger knock off?

BUKKY: It depends. I might splurge or steal depending on the shoe itself and if i really like them. I have amazing shoes i have splurged on and i have shoes that i got for steal! Its about the shoe!  

JAY: Who’s your favorite footwear designer?

BUKKY: Adidas. I am a sneakers girl. I have quite a few pairs. 

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JAY: Shoes, bags, jewelry, weaves, skin care – which of these would you pick if you had the option to pick only one?

BUKKY: Skin Care. You can have great shoes, bags, or jewelry but if your skin is terrible, it kind of ruins everything. Good skin also shows how well you are living. 

JAY: Has being a mum changed your shoe style preferences?

BUKKY: Certainly. I have two boys and a girl and it involves a lot of activities in-between running my business and so most times, comfort is key!  

JAY: Any embarrassing shoe moments?

BUKKY: Yes!!! Last November, my husband and I were in Abu Dhabi to watch the Grand Prix and my slippers ripped! Yikes! It was terrible because there was no where to buy another pair. So i sat in the same spot until it was time to go home. Ugh! 

JAY: Any shoe maintenance tips you’d like to share?

BUKKY: With our climate and how dusty things can get, keep your shoes in bags!

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I would never have thought sneakers would be her favorite footwear, this is the great thing about these interviews, bringing you Up, Close and Personal. Thank you ma’am ❤️❤️❤️

Peace, love and more Sneakers




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