In Her Closet – Episode 16 – Sultry Actress Adunni Ade

In Her Closet – Episode 16 – Sultry Actress Adunni Ade

In a bid to keep you entertained, each episode of In Her Closet comes with another fashionista, people we love to see on TV or read about. This week I have sultry Actress and Model, Adunni Ade.


The beautiful and sultry Adunni Ade

The beautiful actress and mother of 2 is Half Nigerian and Half German. While she spent a part of her growing years in New York, she got into runway modeling and was on Tyra Banks’ America Next Top Model.


Moving back to Nigeria, she went into acting and she’s most popular for her comedy skit – Date Gone Bad. She also starred in the recently released movie that hit the cinemas a few weeks ago It’s Her Day.

She’s another shoe lover and that is evident on her instagram posts. I wasted no time sliding into her DM and she was kind enough to do me the honors.

Enjoy the interview.


JAY: You have been a model in the USA and been on Americas Next Top Model, this would have greatly influenced your sense of style. What does style mean to you?
ADUNNIStyle means a lot to me! It speaks volumes. It’s my way of expressing myself.

Yes you a do a good job of expressing yourself.

JAY: Would you say there is still a gap to be filled in the fashion industry in Nigeria if you had to compare with fashion abroad?
ADUNNI: No fashion scene is perfect, there is always room for improvement.
fullsizerender-4 JAY: On a scale of 1-10, rate your love for shoes.
ADUNNI: 10000000000

And this sure rate a 10 on you. Beautiful Gladiator Sandals

JAY: Approximately how many shoes can we find in your closet?
ADUNNI: I  have over 120+ shoes

Shoe Lover Goals and some more. I Cant get enough of this Fur Ankle Strap sandals. Gorgeous!!!

JAY: Luxury shoes or high street brands, would you splurge or look for a lower priced option?
ADUNNI: Darling, if I like it, i’m getting it. It has to be of good quality! That is key!

Quality is Major Key… Better value for your money.

JAY: Who’s your favorite footwear designer?
ADUNNI: Steve Madden tops the list of my favorites.

Steve Madden is certainly a shoe lovers delight. Affordable, durable and major foot candy

JAY: What are your favorite pair of shoes at the moment and why?
ADUNNI: I don’t have any particular favorites but I love Stilettos, I love sling back sandals. I love any heels that make me feel sexy!

Sexy Indeed

JAY: Hair, Skincare, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Clothes, if you had money to buy just one item, which would it be?
ADUNNI: Shoes darling!

Shoes All Day Everyday

JAY: Have you had any embarrassing shoe moments? Please share with us.
ADUNNI:  None I can recall

Because you stay slaying…

JAY: What shoe size are you and for how long have you worn this size?
ADUNNI: lol … Do you plan on sending me a pair or 2? If yes then I’ll let you know

I have too many shoes, said no woman ever. A pair won’t hurt…Size please…lol

JAY: Please share your most useful style tip as regards shoe styling.

ADUNNI: Shoes make the outfit in my opinion. Every selection should be carefully thought out so it doesn’t ruin the complete look


How’s this for that perfect outcome… Well done mama

And there you have it, Adunni Ade serving us major shoe envy. Until the next episode.

Peace, love and even more shoes,







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    Those Gladiator sandals tho…STUNNING!!!

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