In Her Closet – Episode 15 – It’s the DIY Lady!!!

In Her Closet – Episode 15 – It’s the DIY Lady!!!

It’s another episode of your favorite E-series and this weekend’s  (I’m sorry the post is late) episode features an amazing woman, Elizabeth Oke popularly known as the DIY LADY. 


A beauty blogger, nurse and life enthusiast, her story is one to keep you motivated and build your faith level.

Lizzy getting married


Her accident left her confined to a wheel chair but her legs are all that was confined, her sense of style and beautiful heart have continued to soar freely.

DIY lady


I couldn’t help but get her on here, out of curiosity to know if and how her footwear fashion had changed since the accident…

Liz before the accident…


Let’s get straight into the interview….


JAY: What to you is the difference between style and fashion?

LIZ: To me, style is eternal and fashion is fleeting. I honestly believe that style is a representation of who a person is, and fashion is a representation of what’s trending and popular. 

Style is eternal and fashion is fleeting

JAY: What’s your favorite fashion piece – shoes, bags, clothes, hair, jewelry, sunglasses?

LIZ: I would say clothes. I carry bags and love to accessorize with glasses etc, but my clothes almost always make a statement that doesn’t usually require much accessorizing. 

I love to accessorize but love clothes the most

JAY: What’s your favorite shoe style?

LIZ: Wedges for ever. With the wheelchair footplate, Wedges keep my feet balanced more, and so they’ve become my favorite kind of shoes to wear. I’ll pick a flat shoe any day, any time though. 

Wedges forever

Flats too will win

JAY: Has having to use a wheelchair influenced your shoe preference in anyway? I couldn’t help but think, If I was her, id rock 6″ heels and not worry about them hurting me…
LIZ: Ohh man, hahaha. You would think that sitting down would be the incentive to “rock high heels without feeling the pain”, BUT that couldn’t be far from the truth. 

With legs that have a mind of their own, and swelling from constantly being in a dependent sitting position, high heels are actually not a wheelchair user’s best friend. They cause you more pain than you can imagine and if one is not careful, your feet could bend in them since the heel bottom wouldn’t balance well on the wheelchair footplate.

Shoes were cute but never again.. Stay true to yourself…

I say all this to say that, YES… using the wheelchair has definitely influenced my shoe preference. If it’s not flats, I pick wedges… however I’ve been known to wear other kinds of shoes for a limited time frame only. 

She’d wear heels only for a time frame

JAY: (P.S – I hope you don’t find the above question offensive. Please discard if you do.)
LIZ: Definitely NO offense taken. I love answering questions like these. 🙂

Beautiful LIZZY

JAY: If you had the chance to visit 2 luxury footwear designers’ show room, which ones would you go to?
LIZ: Ohh This is difficult. I’m not a big fan of luxury (maybe because I can’t afford them yet.. hahaha), but if I was to pick two, I’d say Steve Madden and Christian Louboutin. But wait, is Steve Madden considered Luxury? lol. 

Another louboutin lover, Liz and her bridesmaids!!! Oh and let’s just say Steve Madden is High street???

JAY: Where’s your favorite place to shop for shoes?
LIZ: Everywhere. I try not to shop for shoes online though. Because some shoes are NOT comfortable and I love to try on shoes before buying. Comfort is key. 

Comfort is ALWAYS key

JAY: You are the DIY lady, have you done anything with any pair of shoes? or do you have any DIY tips to share? It could be on cleaning, revamping, anything at all on shoes!
LIZ: Oh man, throw me under the bus why don’t you. hahaha…. You know what, when it comes to shoes, I don’t do much DIY. Every time I tried to DIY shoes, it never ends well, so I just kind of gave up on it. 

I do have tips for ensuring that your shoes last long though, Do not stack shoes on top of each other. Give each shoe its own breathing space so that it retains it’s shape. 

JAY: Would you splurge on shoes, if yes, what’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of shoes?

LIZ: Splurging is healthy if done in moderation, so yes, I would splurge on shoes. The most I ever spent on a pair of shoes was my traditional wedding shoes. LOL.. Chai! It wasn’t even that expensive oo, but it was over $50 and that was already too much in my book. Can I shy away from stating the exact price spent? haha

Coming from a shoe lover who’s on a budget, $50 is quite some amount… So I’d consider it a splurge…lol!

JAY: Approximately how many shoes can we find in your closet??
LIZ: Well, there used to be A LOT! But with having to move from my parent’s house into my husband’s place, I had to let go of some shoes that were just “packing dust”. LOL… Now, I’d say you can find about 40 pairs of shoes… Not much right? 

More pairs to come in the new phase… Congrats again Liz

JAY: Share your most valuable style tip with us..
LIZ: My most valuable style tip is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. It’s Ok to follow the trends every once in a while, but do not lose focus of WHO you are while following the latest trends. Let your style reflect your personality and have fun putting pieces of items together.

Be true to yourself

I enjoyed reading every response. She’s such a sweetheart (literally). It’s not all about what the paparazzi gives us, we need to be true to ourselves yes even with our personal style.

Until the next episode,

Peace, love and more comfy shoes




  • Didi
    November 7, 2016

    Mwah ? ?

  • Toms
    November 7, 2016

    I enjoyed reading this Jay. You ask good questions too…

  • Lizzy TheDIYLady
    November 8, 2016

    Thank you so much for this feature, I am in awe and very grateful for how patient you showed to be throughout our interview process.

    You’ve got a fan for life in me.
    – Lizzy.

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