In Her Closet – Episode 11 – Style By Yummie

In Her Closet – Episode 11 – Style By Yummie

First time I heard anything about Yummie was on “Wardrobe Diaries”, a TV show that features fashion forward people. Watching the interview, the first thing that struck me was her unconventional, eccentric style.


Yummie in Brooklyn

You know those people that only them can own their style? Yes, she’s one of those people.


Then I got to know she’s a stylist and off I was to Instagram to see more on her page. I was taken.


Two of my favorite people in the styling business… Remi Fagbohun and Yummie

The job of a good stylist is one I respect a lot. It’s one thing to be able to put pieces together. But putting pieces together to fit a personality and the occasion perfectly is another ball game entirely. And when your clients keep coming back, then you are a winner.


Personal shopper and stylist to Stephanie Linus

Yummie Ogbebor is Stylist to Rita Dominic, Stephanie Linus, Michelle Dede, Waje to mention a few and you can tell she knows her business a 100%. From music video sets to red carpet events to magazine covers and movie premieres, she’s been involved with many entertainment A-listers. She recently styled Jidenna in Ankara on his last visit to Nigeria for his Thisday Style Magazine Feature.


Rita Dominic at the Premiere of “76” her movie in Toronto ,Canada styled by Yummie.


Stephanie Linus at the 2016 AMVCAs Styled By Yummie


Michelle Dede Styled By Yummie



On set with Waje


Photoshoot with Ifeoma Williams Styled By Yummie

I didn’t relent on my E-mails to get her on here as I really wanted to know more about her personal take on shoes and she was so sweet despite her schedule. Let’s get straight to the interview.

E-Interview with Yummie

JAY: What’s your favorite personal style of shoes, one that is most dominant in your closet. 
YUMMIE: Hmm… dominant favorite shoes, that’s a tough one, as I am a shoe lover and have variety of styles, but, the common denominator is COMFORT. The older I get, the more important it is for me to be comfortable.


JAY: On a scale of 1-10,when styling your clients, where do shoes fall!! How important are they in creating a look. 
YUMMIE:  10. Shoes can make or break an outfit. So for me it’s just as important as the clothes and person wearing them too!


JAY: Luxury or high street shopper
YUMMIE: I believe in a mix of both Luxury and High street. It all boils down to your budget and confidence in rocking and owning your style.
JAY:  Who’s your favorite luxury footwear designer and high street brand?
YUMMIE: Unfortunately, I don’t have one…. I see what I love, feels comfortable and I purchase.


JAY: Any Embarrassing shoe moments you’d like to share?
YUMMIE: Omg! I just had one today, got these beautiful espadrilles from River Island in London a week back. Wore them in Brooklyn on a rainy day (not too smart on my part) they got soaked and became quite heavy, so I ran into a random shoe store bought another pair of water appropriate shoes. I dried my espadrilles for a couple of days, wore them apple picking in New Jersey, as I assumed they were fully dry by now… while out walking I noticed someone running up to me with the bottom of my right sole ??. It had fallen off.
JAY: What’s the most you’ve spent on shoes at a time?
YUMMIE: I got a Tabitha Simmons knee high boot for $800 for my 30th birthday. I have worn them a dozen times.
Image result for tabitha simmons thigh high boots

Tabitha Simmons Boots

JAY: You have a very unique style, different from the norm, what are the weirdest pair of shoes you’ve ever worn that had people looking at you funny. 
YUMMIE: Thanks( re: my style compliment.)  I can’t think of a time where people looked at my shoes oddly, if it happened I just didn’t notice or couldn’t be bothered ?

AKA as the Fearless Samurai, she owns her style and can’t be bothered what you think. I love her!!!

JAY: What has been your proudest moment as a stylist, the look you put together that had everyone in awe and who was it?
YUMMIE: It’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite style I’ve done so far, as I am proud of what I create, learn from my experience but I don’t regret anything! However, it was a great pleasure styling Jidenna in Ankara for ThisDay Magazine.

Jidenna For This Day Style Magazine Styled By Yummie


Jidenna Styled By Yummie

JAY: What is that shoe style you can count on to save any outfit if other styles go wrong?
YUMMIE: You can never go wrong with black strapped sandals. They just go with everything and anything☺.
Image result for Zanotti Black strappy sandals

Zanotti Black Strappy Sandals

Image result for Black strappy sandals

Misguided Black Strappy Sandals

So there we have it from the fearless stylist, Yummie. Own your style!

Peace, love and more unconventional shoes,





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  • Nanneh KG
    August 10, 2017

    Just stumbled on this post and I can say after meeting Yummie today, this represents everything. Her sense of style, her focus in business.
    Well captured!

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