In Her Closet – Episode 10 – She Loves The Finer Things In Life

In Her Closet – Episode 10 – She Loves The Finer Things In Life

Yewande Thorpe is a beauty blogger and consultant and I remember being so addicted to her blog for all my skin care and make up needs, thanks to her for what I know now. I started following her on Instagram and thought ‘Oh Wow, she has a great sense of style too’. What I liked the most about her style is how she dresses her body type and always comes out looking fabulous.


Beauty Blogger And Consultant, She Loves The Finer Things

Drawing up my list of people I had to get on the series, I didn’t have to think too hard or look too far, I slid in her mailbox and even though it took a while, she was more than happy to grant the interview which made me even happier (Thank you mama).


Her current shoe obsession had me in bouts of laughter just because she wouldn’t stop about it, but who wouldn’t be obsessed with all that love on your feet???


Spikes and Studs…

Let’s get straight into the interview.

E- Interview with beauty blogger and consultant – Yewande Thorpe

JAY: What does style mean to you?
YEWANDE: Style to me is a means of expressing myself without actually saying any words. My style is often a reflection of my mood at any given time.

Worn with love

JAY: What would you say has been your biggest moment in shoe fashion? ( those pair of shoes that were designed to save the fashion world).
YEWANDE: When I got my first pair of Louboutins…However, they were so deathly uncomfortable, I only wore them once and never again. I have steered clear of Mr Christian since that…Man was born with only two knees and legs please..

Hahahahahaha…. Mr Loubs, we love your pumps but legs, knees and waist and a lifetime ahead of us…. But the So Kates are still a master piece

JAY: Your most comfortable shoes at the moment
YEWANDE: The Valentino Rockstud Pumps!!! I continued to drop not so subtle hints until my husband bought them for me for my birthday 🙂 They are so sexy and stylish yet so comfortable…Love them! 

Valentino Rock Stud Pumps Are A Winning Pair Forever!!!

JAY: Your favorite pair of shoes at the moment and why ?
YEWANDE: Rockstuds!! Can you tell I’m obsessed?  They are so comfortable!
JAY: Your pet peeve when it comes to how people wear/style shoes.
YEWANDE: I dislike it when feet are hanging out of a pair of ill-fitting shoes. Toes hanging out of peep-toe shoes or heels hanging out the back of sling backs…absolute NO-NO
Image result for ill fitted shoes

Next time, just go bare feet

Image result for ill fitted sling back shoes

Not Allowed

JAY: Say you found these really gorgeous shoes from Manolo Blahnik and found something similar but equally gorgeous from a less expensive brand, like a copy or inspired design, would you splurge or save?
YEWANDE: If I can’t afford the original style from the designer, I would rather buy something from the more affordable brand that doesn’t look anything like the Manolos. Replicas/Inspired pieces are a very dicey subject…haha

Actually a very dicey subject for me too and would inspire my next post…

JAY: Favorite luxury footwear designer
YEWANDE: Valentino…(ok i need to stop now :))  The next designer on my radar is Sophia Webster…her designs are so beautiful
Image result for valentino shoes AW 2016

Who wouldn’t be obsessed???


ERRR….. Am I the only one who thinks Sophia Webster designs should be in a shoe museum? BEAUTIFUL


Sophia Webster Adeline Crystal Sandal from her 2016 Spring Collection…..

JAY: Favorite high street store to shop…
YEWANDE: H & M has my heart forever and ever!  
Image result for h and m
JAY: Food, hair, make up, skin care or shoes???
YEWANDE: Is it greedy to want it all? If so, I will pick skincare… 

Guess that’s why beauty is your thing…*insert kisses*

I loved it. Always an interesting time with every guest. Yewande again was awesome. Need tips, tricks, where to, how to, why and whatever questions on skin care, make up and other beauty related topics, visit her blog.
Until the next post which is inspired by this interview, it’s
Peace, Love and More Valentinos,

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