If The Shoes Fit – Episode 7 – A New Dawn

If The Shoes Fit – Episode 7 – A New Dawn

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Esther’s birth was as easy as a child bearing process can be for a 16 year old. I don’t know how I would have gone through those 9 months without my mum. She never for one moment made me feel like a failure. With each passing day, our love for each other and the baby to come grew.


I never stopped studying and thankfully, it happened at the time when I had just completed my Senior Secondary School Certificate examinations, preparing to go to the university. In the course of the pregnancy, my results came out and I had passed all the subjects with distinctions. My mother was ecstatic.

In those years, after my dad passed, things became really difficult for us financially. His family had taken everything he had, as he died intestate. My mum had always been in the business of designing and making clothes, but what she made from it was not enough to sustain the kind of life our dad had started us out with.

She never gave up, we felt the change, but she broke her back to give us all the basics. My oldest brother had graduated from University at the time and had gotten a job, so he was able to assist her in taking care of the home. She moved us from Benin City we were lived to Warri, her home town in Delta State.

To augment the income from her tailoring job, she got a house keeping job at the Arinzes. This was where the whole saga began. On some days, when she had a lot of cleaning to do, I’d go with her to their house to help out and this was where I met Chris. Chris schooled in the UK and he was already in the University.

It was the Christmas holiday, and he was in the country to spend some time with his family. His parents had planned a Christmas party and prior to the day, there was a lot of work to do around the house. I went with my mum to the house everyday that week to assist her and soon Chris and I became friendly.

Chris and Adesuwa

He was friendly and he seemed nice. He’d ask me questions about what I’d like to become and allow me listen to music on his ipod. He also gave me some books he had, after I told him I loved to read. We got along really well.

He invited me to the Christmas party but I didn’t even consider it, especially as my mum was off work that day, and we had our special Christmas Day family ritual. Two days after that, she resumed and there was a lot of cleaning up to do from the party, so I went to work with her.

I saw Chris again that day and when I had completed the task assigned to me, I sat for a while to gist with him. That was when he invited me to his room to see the video games he had been telling me about. My mum had always warned me about going into rooms with boys or staying alone with them without the company of other people.

In this case, I didn’t think of anything going wrong. Chris wasn’t even interested in me like that and I didn’t have eyes for him like that too. Besides, it was a family house and my mum was there. It was actually the last thing on my mind. He had music playing in the background and took the only chair in the room as he set up the game for us to play. I sat on the bed and after the first game, he came and sat beside me trying to show me the buttons on the key pad to use, so I could win the next round.

I was so into the game and excited about it, I didn’t notice when he got up and locked the door. He came to sit with me and soon started touching me all over, saying things like he likes me and would want me to be his girl friend, promising to take care of me and even get his parents to sponsor my education abroad.

As he said these things, he was feeling me up and pushing me to bed, I fought him off as hard as I could and even tried to shout for help. He over powered me and because I had a dress on, it was so easy for him to get into me and in less than 3 mins, it was all over.

My pride, my virginity, gone, just like that. I was so numb I couldn’t cry, I just wanted to go home. I adjusted my clothes, picked up my purse and left immediately. My mum was still working when I got outside, I asked her if there was anything else I could do to help her but she said no, so I told her I had a headache and I would like to go home.

As soon as I got to the house, I fetched 2 buckets of water and took a bath, I washed and scrubbed over and over again till I broke down and cried my eyes out. There was no way I’d ever let my mum know this. The Arinze’s had been really kind to us and I didn’t want her to lose her job. Besides, she will blame me and be disappointed for putting myself in that position. I encouraged myself to move on and forget all that happened, of course I never went to the house again and it was only a few weeks after, my mum casually mentioned Chris had gone back to the UK. The bastard!

It wasn’t too long after this when we discovered I was pregnant and I was forced to tell my mum what had happened. If she was disappointed, angry or scared, she didn’t show it. I remember the day we went together to see Chris’s mum to tell her what had happened, It was that day I knew I was going to be successful.

Her countenance changed immediately she heard our story and she went all defensive about how her son would never do such a thing and how my mum just wanted to use me to get into their family wealth. She called me all sorts of names and said I was typical Warri girl, whatever that meant. She went ahead to offer us money to do whatever we wanted, since that’s what we were after.

My mum thanked her for granting us audience, rejected the money offered and said she just wanted her to know, and if ever they wanted to see the child, they could always reach out. Chris’s mum got security to throw us out.

Right after Esther’s birth, I wrote another JAMB examination, aced it and it and gained admission into the University of Lagos. That was when I moved to Lagos and life continued for me as a young teenage girl. I was very mature, very reserved and determined never to hurt or disappoint my mother.

I stayed focused on getting a degree and never let anything distract me. I made a few friends here and there, even got into a relationship in my 3rd year but it fizzled out soon. I never told anyone about Esther and nothing about my body gave away the fact that I had a baby, not even my breasts which were still as firm and perky, considering the fact that I breast fed Esther exclusively for 6 months.

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Esther would be 16 years old in a few months and now that I have a clear head, it feels like everything is working out according to plan. Her 16th birthday would be the perfect time to let her know the truth about her birth and who her father is.

In all of the 16 years of her growing up, we’ve had a very good relationship. My mum is the one she knows as mother but she knows i’m the one who gave birth to her. I spend as many holidays as I can with her and make sure I talk to her on the phone every single day.

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Esther believes her dad is dead, a lie I regret telling her and that my mum didn’t approve of. She’s going to be 16 and I know I owe her the truth. I left for Lagos with the first flight on Monday and resumed straight at the office. I was refreshed and ready to take up the task ahead of me.


Now we see exactly what happened between Chris and Adesuwa. Now it is time for her to face Chris and present his child to him, the next few episodes are going to be really interesting.

Happy new month lovers, I don’t how many people got as overwhelmed as I did in June, but I am thankful it’s all over. I’m walking on egg shells around July… Lol!. God remains my strength and anchor and for all the love He has blessed me with, I am sending you all love and light and positive vibes.

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    Wow, a beautiful write up. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more.

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