If The Shoe Fits – The Season Finale (Pt 2)

If The Shoe Fits – The Season Finale (Pt 2)

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One Year After

Omolola Fajimi

As I sat in the doctor’s office and looked through the report, my heart raced. I stared at it for as long as I could, trying to process the information in it. I thanked the doctor and asked for all the necessary information before I left for my house.

As soon as I got home, I took a cold shower, called in sick at work and slept for the next 3 hours, I felt a lot better when I woke up and fixed myself a chicken salad. I settled on the couch to watch an episode from the 2nd season of POWER.

I wanted to do everything but think about the fact that I was 9 weeks pregnant for a married man who I did not feel anything for beyond the companionship we shared and the power I felt knowing I had so much control over him. All of that seemed useless and meaningless to me right now. This was a complete mess.

It was difficult trying to block it all out, knowing I had to come to a decision. Was I going to keep this baby or let it go and cut off all ties with Chris? I started to feel a headache again and a sudden urge to throw up. This was going to be harder than I imagined. I decided to send him a text.

“Chris, I am pregnant, 9 weeks pregnant”

In about an hour, Chris was at my door. I opened up to let him in. He sat at the dining area while I stood by the door. He looked calmer than I expected, not like I had ever seen Chris panic, but with me, he had been vulnerable with his emotions more than a few times. He got up and walked up to me where I stood.

“How’re you feeling babe?” He asked and held me around waist with both hands as he planted a kiss on my lips.

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“What’s going to happen with this pregnancy Chris?” I asked and pushed him away lightly. I was a bit irritated and wasn’t in the mood for any emotional stuff. I loved that I could control Chris’s emotions and have him do what I willed, but this was different. I never for once imagined it would get this deep.

“Lola, I’m just here to let you know I will go with and stand by whatever your decision is. I know you are a woman of your own and no matter what I say, you’re going to do exactly what you’re going to do” He answered, letting me go and went back to take his seat.

The bastard had managed to put me in a tight corner. I was so close to tears, but not for Chris, I was not going to give him that power over me. “I’d let you know when I come to a decision then, I want to take a nap, I’d call you when I wake up” I said and opened the door for him to leave. He didn’t say a word, he just picked up his car keys and walked out.

Right after he left, I broke down in tears. How did I get myself in this mess? How, how, how? I had no idea what to do. I thought about how disappointed my parents would be if they found out. I thought about calling Nneka, but there was the fear of being judged by her. I needed to talk to someone desperately, I dialed her number.

Nneka answered on the 3rd ring and I managed to tell her my dilemma as clearly as I could. She was quiet for a few seconds, probably trying to put her thoughts together. My mind raced, I had a high level of respect for Nneka and I feared I may lose her as a friend after this.

“You’d be fine Lola, I am sorry this is how everything is but this is not the time to want to undo what has been done. It’s a tough decision to make and these are questions I would like you to answer truthfully.

Are you ready to be a single mother? Do you want to become Chris’s second wife? Can you manage raising a child and pursuing your career as fervently as you have been doing? What type of mother do you see yourself as? Would you mind having a nanny raise your child or are you willing to give up your career at least for a while?

Listen sweetheart, I know this is very overwhelming and you’re probably bothered about what people will say, but this is about you, it is your life and that’s what matters the most now. No one will feel your joy or pain for you. You have to do is what will give you peace in the end. Whatever you decide, I am with you all the way girl. And for the record, I want a baby from you, but no pressures” She said and I could imagine her smiling.

“I love you Kaka, thank you for sticking with my messy ass through the years, I’d do right by myself and let you know what I decide” I answered. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I felt a lot better after talking to her and went to bed.

“I want you to look into the screen ma’am, can you see the fetus?, it’s developing really quickly and I am sure by the next scan, you’d be able to see all your baby’s features clearly. It’s too early to tell the sex now, but we would be more certain in a few weeks time. Everything is in place, just fine.” The doctor said and paused as she moved the scanner around my stomach where I lay on the examination bed in the room. She moved the scanner around some more and asked, “You said this is your first?” I nodded in the affirmative.

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“It will be an easy one, the full term will be complete before you know it” She started to clean up the gel she had put on my stomach. “I’d get the report and put it in your file, would you like to have the image from the ultrasound?” She asked.

“Yes please” I answered. “Thank you” I said pulling down my blouse and getting up from the bed.

“You’re welcome Miss Fajimi. You’d be expected to come in for your next examination in the next 2 weeks. Please remember to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and if you’re on an exercise routine, you can continue with that but light exercises only, long walks and aerobics, no plyo metrics please. Take your medication regularly and if you have any questions or feel some type of way at any point, I’m just a phone call away.” She said as she wrote in my file and put the print out from the scan in it. She handed me an envelope containing the scan image and my copy of the scan report and asked me to wait at the reception for a nurse to attend to me.

I called Chris as soon as I was done. We had talked the day after he came to my house. He called to check up on me and told me his wife had moved out of the house plus everything that led to it. At the end of that call, I had made up my mind to have an abortion.

It was bad enough I was the reason a woman was unhappy, but having a baby for her husband would make it all worst. I wasn’t ready to be a party to that, it was not at any point in the picture of my life I had in my head. It was all such a huge mess.

But looking into that screen earlier, seeing the baby move, and the heart beat did something to me I had never felt in my entire life. What kind of human being will I be to get rid of this pregnancy, to kill an innocent child?

Chris answered the phone and told me he wasn’t feeling too well. He asked if I could come by his house or if I would wait till he was strong enough to come over to mine. I needed to get it over with quickly, I decided to go over and make it as brief as I could.

When I got to his place, he opened the door and led me into the kitchen where he was trying to fix himself some food. He looked like he had lost some weight and he obviously hadn’t had a good shave in some days. It wasn’t the same Chris I was used to, this Chris was obviously disturbed. But I wasn’t going to make that my business, I was going to make my decision known and move on with my life.

“I have decided to keep the baby Chris, I was going to take it out. That would be the right thing to do, for your marriage especially, but I can’t go ahead with it. I would stay out of your life, I…..” He cut me off just as I was talking.

“Marry me Lola, please marry me, I love you. I have fallen in love with you and this is just a sign Lola, that we are meant to be together. Please, let’s make this right for our child, please Lola” I looked at him as he spoke, like a sick, deranged man.

“Chris, I cannot marry you, you need to sort things out with your wife, I am not going to be the woman that wrecked another woman’s marriage. It’s bad enough this crazy affair we’ve had for so long, but asking me to marry you is appalling and making me sick to my stomach” I said and we argued back and forth till I heard the sound of some movement.

He walked out and I followed him and that was when I saw her, his wife, she had been there all along, she must have heard everything. I picked up my bag and left immediately. I drove to my house and called Nneka, narrating everything to her. She tried to calm me down and promised to call me later on in the day after I must have rested well.

For the rest of the day, all I felt was a deep sense of guilt. I couldn’t get the image of Tonye’s face away from my mind. The look of pain and hurt in her eyes haunted me, I was a mess and I knew I was in trouble, it was the beginning of my mental and emotional torture. Never having to meet her for the 5 years Chris and I dated didn’t make me think much about the effect of what I was doing. This was a whole new level, one that I couldn’t handle.

I didn’t know how I was going to survive this. Was I going to abort the pregnancy, disappear from their lives and give them a chance at their marriage? Or preserve the life of this innocent child and remain a permanent fixture in their lives or worst case the woman who put asunder what God had joined together.

I tried to sleep when it was night but I ended up turning and tossing endlessly from one end of the bed to another. Chris must have called me over 25 times and sent countless messages till I blocked his numbers and deleted all the messages without reading them. It was after I talked to Nneka at about 2 am I found some peace and was able to sleep.

Two months after that, I was on my way to the airport leaving for Canada. I had rented out my apartment and resigned my job. If I was going to have any form of mental stability, the only sane thing to do was to leave the country, I couldn’t stand being in the same space with Chris or the life I was used to. He tried endlessly to get me to talk to him, but I blocked off all means of communication and made myself inaccessible, while I worked on sorting out my relocation.

I had gone back to the hospital after that day in Chris’s house, and after my conversation with Nneka those early hours of the morning, to do what was right by my conscience. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make, but I had to do it.

And now 8 months later, it felt so surreal, but I, Omolola, now a mother. I looked down at my baby as she sucked on my breast. She was now 3 months old and so beautiful, I felt a tug in my heart as I was overwhelmed by the feeling of love for this little bundle in my arms.

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I couldn’t imagine life without her for a second and I had zero regrets about my decision. I only wish I had done it under the right circumstances but I was committed to giving her the best life she could ever have to the best of my abilities. She was drifting off to sleep now and as I carried her gently to put her in her bed, I said a prayer asking for forgiveness and for my sins and the sins of her father not to come upon my beautiful princess.


Life can really throw one in so many directions. I don’t know how I feel about Lola, I’m trying so hard not to judge her. She didn’t expect all of this, the chart of her plan for her life has been altered. Can we say she had it coming?

2nd part of the Season Finale here and up next will be Adesuwa, her daughter Esther and Kunle’s pending request to have her as his wife. Wait for it, but before then, I want your thoughts on this one. Now that Chris has lost out on his wife and his girlfriend, do you think he’d stand a chance with Adesuwa, would that even be an option?

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    Chris should not be with anyone or anything except a pool of his tears and nose snot. Rooting for everyone’s happy ending EXCEPT Chris! 😂

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