If The Shoe Fits – The End

If The Shoe Fits – The End

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The best thing about my life will be the years I spent growing up with my grandmother, she has to be the most exceptional person in the world. With her, I didn’t miss not having a standard family. In my earlier years, when I was in Primary school, I silently admired the kids who were brought to school by their dads and picked up by their mothers and wished I had the same privileges.

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Over time, with all the stories I heard and first hand experiences with neighbors, I realized that not all those kids were happy and a lot of the standard families were in fact dysfunctional. I had everything I wanted as far as love and care and discipline were concerned from my grandmother and my mom. My mom, Adesuwa, would easily have passed as my older sister, she was almost a child herself needing love and care.

I used to be very curious about my birth circumstances and would be angry at Adesuwa sometimes. When I asked her about my dad, she told me he had died in a car accident and she had to move on with her life. I guess she wanted to save me the pain from knowing my father did not want anything to do us.

I am going to be 16 years old next month and I can’t be more proud of who I am and who I am going to become. I don’t know if it is inborn or if growing up with my grandma has anything to do with it, but for my age, I know I am a lot more mature and have a deeper insight into life than a lot of my age mates and even some people who are older than I am.

Nana as I fondly call my grandma instilled so many things in me, from discipline, to the importance of hard work and smart work, to building my self esteem by loving myself no matter what the situation is or what anyone says or thinks of me, and the need to show love to others and not hold on to hate, bitterness and unforgiveness.

I have lived by these principles all my life and when Nana & my mum took me out for lunch “to talk“, and revealed the truth about my dad and how Adesuwa got pregnant, even though it was a bitter pill to swallow, I was calm enough to accept it and deal with it.

I can’t put into words how I felt, but I was anxious to meet him. I wanted to meet this man who he and his family thought my mom wasn’t good enough to have a child for them. I wanted for him to see how much he had missed out on. I tried to imagine what the meeting would be like, I had created so many scenarios in my head trying to think of all the possible outcomes, but nothing prepared me for what was coming.

I spent the whole night searching for the perfect outfit. I wanted to make sure I looked perfect, I wanted him to know I was well taken care of, even with him absent from our lives. I was getting out of the fourth outfit I had tried on when I heard the knock on my room door, it was my Nana. I opened the door for her as she came in and sat on the bed.

“My Princess, you haven’t gone to bed yet?” She asked.

I sat beside her and put my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around me. “I’m scared Nana, I don’t know if I am ready to meet him” I said as I wrapped my arms around her too.

“I understand how you feel Princess, but it’s important that the two of you meet. I’m sorry that we hid the truth from you for so long. No woman wants an abnormal upbringing for her child, but life happens to the best of us and in different ways too” She pulled away from me and held me by arms as she turned me to face her.

“One thing I want you to always remember is this, your birth circumstance, your tribe, your skin color or whatever else does not define you. Those are all societal standards and you my child are way beyond what society says or thinks. I love you with every blood vessel in me and you’re one of the best things that God blessed me with. Your mum loves you as much and would do anything to make you happy. What happened to her then wasn’t her fault, she was taken advantage of, neither is it your fault and I don’t want you to ever feel guilty about it. I love you and Adesuwa from the depths of my heart till death do us part. And this Nana right here is not ready to go anywhere.…”

“…So my child, tomorrow, I want you to be yourself. Listen to what he has to say. We’ve been rejected by him and his mum in the past, so we don’t know what to expect. And it should never matter to you my angel if he rejects us again. It will be his loss forever. I love you darling, very much.” She pulled me up from the bed into a tight hug as I sobbed silently into her bosom.

I felt body warmth behind me, it was Adesuwa, she had been listening from the door and we weren’t even aware. We all cried as we hugged and my Nana made a joke that made us laugh.

Adesuwa suggested we all dressed in the same color theme, but different age appropriate styles. According to her, we’d appear put together and in control. Always the fashionista, my mum. Not like I was surprised, I was already following in her footsteps and she obviously got it from Nana.

It was the Sunday after the Friday we all had lunch with my dad, and Kunle had come to take me out with permission from my Mum and Nana. I was officially introduced to Kunle about 3 months ago, but I had heard about him long before then. I took to him immediately and wanted nothing more than for my mum to marry him. He seemed a very kind person and anyone could tell he was really in love with her.

Nana and I were due to return to Warri in a few days and Kunle had asked to spend some time with me alone before we left Lagos. We had settled for one of my favorite Pizza & Sharwarma spots close to my mum’s house and I was digging happily into my pepperoni pizza when I heard him speak.

“The main reason I asked to see you Esther is to ask how you feel about me getting married to your mum. I know how much you mean to her and how she’d do everything to make you happy and I truly respect that. I love Adesuwa very much and I know that my life will not be complete without her. He paused, searching my face for answers and then continued,

I promise, I’d not come between you guys and I will be everything a good father, uncle, brother, whatever you choose to see me as, can be to you. I strongly feel the need to seek your approval. If she decides to marry me, you are going to be a big part of our lives forever and I would want to know you’d be happy being a part of it.”

For some reason, everything Kunle said got me in my feelings. I had suppressed so many emotions since the meeting on Friday with Chris. I couldn’t even bring myself to call him dad. With everything that happened in that meeting, he wasn’t worthy to be called dad.

Chris had rejected me right to my face. He called my Nana a gold digger and accused my mum of wanting to break his home, he even offered to pay us off. I don’t know where the courage came from, but I stood up to him when I could no longer watch him insult us.


“I am happy I finally met you Chris and I am so embarrassed to actually be your child. God knows I want nothing to do with a man who is as mean as you are and has no conscience. My mum and Nana want absolutely nothing from you and your family and neither do I. I doubt you would ever have been able to give me the kind of life they have given me. It is so sad it had to be you whose blood is running through my veins, but I am happy I am nothing like you. To think I was eager to meet you but all I feel now is disgust and disappointment. Have a nice life.” I turned and walked out of the restaurant, Adesuwa and Nana following right behind me.


None of us had said anything about it since that day, we had all somehow managed to act like that meeting never happened. It seemed to me as if we all had a silent understanding that we were moving on to a new beginning and I was very okay with that.


As Kunle waited for me to say something, I thought of an easy way to break the silence, then I said “You’d need to open an account that will cater to my weekly Sharwarma cravings. Yes, Sir kay, I’d love to be a part of you and Adesuwa’s lives forever and I need a sister ASAP”



I stared at the bottle of Remy Martin XO Cognac on the table, it was going to be a very long night. I only bring out my Remy on special occasions and this was a special occasion, the beginning of the end of my life.

Chris Table

Everything seems to have happened so fast, I don’t even know how I got here. I was served with divorce papers from Tonye on Friday right after I left the meeting with Adesuwa and her daughter, our daughter. Such a feisty young girl, she reminded me so much of my younger sister, there was no doubt the girl was my child.

But what could I have done? How would I have been able to explain to Tonye about a child older than our marriage. A secret my mother had made me keep all these years, when I hadn’t even gotten out of the mess I created with Lola.

My head ached as I thought about Lola, she had left the country without a trace. I don’t know if I’d ever see her again, I know she had the baby. I really wanted to be with her, we had a good thing going. Now, the divorce papers from Tonye. I wish I knew better and did better, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Tonye will actually leave me to the point of asking for a divorce.


I held my head so tightly, I thought my brain was going to burst. The only thing going for me right now is my job and of what use is the job and all that money with no one to call my own. I have lost Tonye for good and that will be my biggest regret for life, she was good to me and I messed that up. What position does that even put me with our kids?

I was at a complete loss of what to do or who to turn to for help. Lola was gone for good. Knowing what I know now about Tonye and how angry she must be, I’m so sure I’ve lost out on her too. The worst pain I feel at the moment is listening to that girl speak to me the way she did.

I have never felt so belittled and intimidated in my entire life, and I deserve everything she said and more. Her words stung so hard and cut so deep and kept recurring “God knows I want nothing to do with a man who is as mean as you are and has no conscience“.

I emptied the content of my glass in one long gulp and took another straight from the bottle. I knew for a fact that I was screwed.



I couldn’t believe it was all coming together, everything was falling in place. Kunle and I were getting married and in the moment when I made that decision and said yes when he asked me to marry him again, I knew it was the best decision of my life. I have never felt so happy and relieved at the same time.

Illustration Credit @penielenchill

I didn’t realize how much fear and anxiety and shame I had held on to for so many years. But after telling Esther the truth about Chris, followed by their failed meeting and Esther standing up to him, I felt like a burden had been lifted off my chest. I couldn’t have been more proud of my daughter, barely 16 but going on 30.

All the shame I felt about my past was suddenly gone and I no longer felt fear when I told Kunle everything and he professed his love for me even more. It was a new beginning and I was ready to embrace it. I had agreed to move to Dubai with him. Esther had gained admission for a diploma that will grant her direct entry at the University of Lagos and she and my mum would be moving into my house in Lagos.

Word had since gone round about Chris and the break up of his marriage. The story was everywhere about his mistress who had abandoned him and run away with their child. The tabloids had gone in hard on him, he deserved everything that was coming to him and I was very happy my child and I were not a part of his mess. If the shoe fits, he had better wear it well.

Gossiping about Chris
Office Gossip about Chris

As I looked at myself in the mirror of the fitting room in the bridal store, I couldn’t help but smile, I was going to make a very pretty bride.

Peniel Enchil
Illustration Credit : Peniel Enchill



What do you think will happen to Chris? Will he ever be able to start all over again? Do you think any of the women will return to him in the near future? Hopefully he’d have learned his lesson and life will be kind to him again.

And so I have come to the end of this blog series. Quite an interesting one and I hope you enjoyed every bit of it and most importantly, learned something from the story. If this is your first time, you can catch up on all the previous episodes by clicking the links at the begining.

One of the goals of my blog series is to bring you real life experiences through story telling and add some fashion while at it. You know there’s no real life without some element of fashion 😜

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  • Wusi
    September 22, 2020

    Very interesting read. I could literally picture it all like i was watching a movie. Chris has learnt his lesson the hardest way lol. Looking forward to more from you. Well done!

  • Toyin
    September 24, 2020

    I love the ending of this series, Chris finally got what was coming to him. I hope he find a way to reconcile with the women so that he can at least build a relationship with his children, but needs to some counselling too o; to help him own his mistakes in order to move forward in a healthy manner

    Looking forward to the next series and published books

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