His perspective with Creative Director of Senators Footwear Adeyeye Awope.

His perspective with Creative Director of Senators Footwear Adeyeye Awope.

This is officially the first His Perspective post and it features the owner of Made in Nigeria footwear brand “Senators Footwear”, Adeyeye Awope. 

Yeye in his brand slippers

I’d be reviewing a pair of slippers I got from the brand for the hubs and our boys, a few months ago.

I held out on this post for a few months to have enough time to see how much wear and tear the slippers could withstand. 

Here’s my verdict:

Quality– I like that the slippers were neatly made and for their price tag, the material is durable and from very frequent wear especially by the hubs, we haven’t had to go to the cobblers for a fix. There was a lift in leather off the sole on my sons pair but that is probably one out of many. 

Comfort and fit: All I had to do was provide the universal U.K. Size for the 3 of them and was specific about making Le Hubs pair a wide fit and they fit just right. My younger son’s pair were a bit loose initially because I had picked a size up but now they fit perfectly. 

Affordability: The brand promises to bring you affordable luxury. At the time I placed my orders, I got the boys’ pairs at N7,000 each and Le hubs pair for N12,000. 

Delivery was prompt and packaging was well thought out. Overall I’d rate the brand 7.5.

Over the months, I have seen new designs and there’s something for the female folks too. 

Our interview cannot be missed, enjoy below. 

E Interview with Yeye Awope

JAY: What is style to you??

YEYE: For me Style is a way of life. It is what differentiates you from the next person. I also believe in comfort and luxury. I believe in keeping it simple, classy and trendy.

JAY: What inspired your going into producing footwear?

: I love shoes. What is that line that goes, by their feet you shall know them…lol. I think wearing nice footwear is a good way to identify yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to get good footwear and when you do find it, you might have to break the bank. This is what actually inspired me. I felt like people shouldn’t have to spend so much to wear good shoes or wear fake shoes just to feel among. The brand vision is very simple “Affordable Luxury”

JAY: Being a fashion lover, you must have your eyes on female fashion too! What is that one shoe style you think every woman should own?

YEYE: I’m a big fan of flat sandals for women. It’s not good on the eyes when you see a woman on high heels and its like they forced her to wear them.

JAY: What’s your pet peeve when it comes to women and their shoes? 

YEYE: Oversized shoes, Uncomfortable heels for women

JAY: Would you rather shop luxury brands or you’re fine with high street brands? 
YEYE: I do both

JAY: Do you plan to branch into other female footwear designs asides the line of flat slippers you design now?

YEYE: It’s all about what the customers want. The initial plan was footwear for men. And demands came in “I want this one for me and my wife” “I will also like to get this for my son” The funny thing is they did not even ask if we made female shoes or kids shoes. Our customers definitely define our next line of action. So let’s see how that goes.

JAY: One style advice for women.

YEYE: Simple is classy

JAY: Who’s your celebrity female style crush with regards to her taste in shoes?

YEYE: Gbemi. I like what she is doing with her Gbemisoke Shoe brand.

OAP Gbemi Olateru

Gbemosoke shoes

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So there you have it up, close and personal with Yeye Awope. You can view more styles and place your orders via their Instagram page

I’ve been ogling so many other Mens slides and sandals and here are a few of some of my favorites, they cost a pretty penny and you will have to break the bank to get some of them but it’s absolutely free to take a look.

Which of these would you rock as a guy or get for your man?

Peace, love and slides



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