From The Cradle To The Grave – Episode 4 – Yes To The Future Despite All Odds

From The Cradle To The Grave – Episode 4 – Yes To The Future Despite All Odds





We all knew Rahmat’s decision to leave her husband wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. I couldn’t get over her announcement that afternoon at lunch with the girls. She didn’t talk much about her marriage but I safely assumed she was happy. To think she had been having an affair for 2 years and she had been able to keep it so discreet, that was another level for me. I wonder who this guy was.





I was in a no judgement zone but it just made me question a lot about life and people and choices and my conclusion again remains, do what’s best for you. Rahmat looked really beautiful in her full length dress. Abubakar left no stones unturned to make sure he did everything she’d want to have the best party ever. There were top government dignitaries and business moguls to share the day with her.















“I can’t wait for later tonight guys, that’s where the real throw down will be” Amanda said looking quite uncomfortable in her dress. It was clearly not her style but she looked gorgeous in it.






“Same here babe, same here. Me I just want to let lose and dance my heart out” Belema responded. “I can’t wait to get in my outfit, that’d be the highlight for me”.







We had planned a Moulin Rouge Inspired after party and had reached out to the Old girls from Secondary School in our set. We had it all planned out and with the help of my sister Anjola who was in Nigeria for a few months, we knew it would be a blast.




Belema at the moulin rouge party





We looked on as Abubakar dropped accolade after accolade, expressing how proud he was of Rahmat, their kids and how much she had accomplished in her Real Estate business over the years. He was obviously and genuinely proud of her indeed. My stomach twisted in a knot just thinking about how Rahmat was going to go through with her plan of a divorce. But her mind was made up, at least so it seemed.




Simi at the moulin rouge party





The party as expected was the best party ever, seeing all the old faces. There were the guys from King’s College, so many people we had lost touch with over the years. Everybody showed up and showed out, it was too much fun. From the DJ to vast options of Food and Drinks, the desserts, the games, the laughter. We sure didn’t want the night to come to an end.






Lots of contacts were exchanged and I could have sworn I noticed Amanda spent more than a few minutes with a certain somebody I could recognize as King’s College Social Prefect back then. But again I was probably just buzzed from all the alcohol I had been drinking.





Amanda at the moulin rouge party










I answered my phone after the 3rd ring. I had been in the bathroom taking a bath. It had been a long, eventful and most of all happy day for me.



“Happy birthday again beautiful” His deep voice sounded so soothing.





“I missed you all day Aasir” I replied, no one had ever had such an impact on me in my entire life,  Aasir was something special. My mind drifted to how it all began.





FLASHBACK (3 Years Ago)



I had gone to see a property Belema wanted me to buy, it had taken a lot of convincing to get me to go for this inspection,mostly because it was at a time where I was cash trapped. She was my investment banker and while she wasn’t getting me in stocks and bonds, we were buying out properties. Her recommendations were a hit back to back and even when we recorded a loss, she made up for it in the returns on investments in future transactions. She was a genius.





I had decided to let this one go, the price was very high and the terms of payment would have left me in a bad place. Belema was trying to convince me to get Alhaji involved but I was very reluctant, so we agreed I’d think about it over the weekend. Just as we were walking towards the gate, a Mercedez Benz C Class AMG drove in. Something about the car made me change my mind.





“Belema, let’s make a down payment. I’d take it”. She grabbed me in a big hug and we hurried back to meet the agent.




“Mrs Abubakar, I thought you had left”, he said. He was standing with the most distinct looking man I had ever seen in my life. Tall, dark skin, clean shaven, bald head with a side dimple that didn’t wait for him to smile before it showed up.






I had always heard of the butterflies in your stomach attached to feelings of love and that’s exactly what I felt that Friday morning as I looked at him standing there unassuming and talking on the phone.





“We’d take it, let’s go over your payment plans again and come to a conclusion”, Belema said excitedly not noticing what was going on with me.






Aasir had just finished his phone conversation and spoke to the agent, the baritone and the accent made my head spin and I could feel my knees go weak. I didn’t understand all these things happening to me, I just knew I had to get to a bathroom. I excused myself but by the time I came back outside, he was no longer there.





” I was just telling Belema about Mr Aasir Kimani. If you hadn’t made this last minute decision, he’d have picked up this property. I am not sure he left very happy” The agent said.






I felt a sudden sadness in my soul at the thought of not seeing this man again. How did he leave so soon?. I managed to find my voice.





“eya, I guess something else will come up for him. Out of curiosity, what does he do?” I asked hoping to get more information asides his name that had stuck to my brain.





“He s his hands in a lot of businesses here in Nigeria but he is based in Kenya where he is from. He just ventured into the Real estate business but is mostly grounded in the Marine industry here. So back to business, Belema and I have agreed to…….”





I zoned out as the agent rambled on and on. I made a mental note to google this man and find out all I could about him.









“Rahmat, you requested to see me, Ina fatan kome lafiya (I hope all is well)” Alhaji said as he moved papers around the large oak table in his massive study.





I had prepared my speech for the past one month, but facing the reality, everything I had rehearsed disappeared. But I wasn’t going to back out of this now. I was done with this marriage and I was ready to face the consequences of the outcome of my decision.





“Ba Matsala Alhaji. First I want to say thank you for my party, It was really beautiful. Ku sanya ni mai farin ciki mace ( You made me happy woman)” I said putting my thoughts together.




“You know I’d do anything to make you happy, Ka cancanci da shi (You deserve it)”. He replied with a smile. My heart raced.



“Alhaji, that’s exactly why I am here, my happiness. I am not happy in this marriage, I have not been all these years. You know the circumstances that led to our marriage. I feel caged in my spirit Alhaji, you have given me everything. The best education, beautiful children and even an opportunity to succeed in my business. I appreciate it all and I am truly grateful” I paused as I looked at him, his face bore no expressions. I continued.











“But in my heart I am not happy, I am not emotionally fulfilled, that thing that is the core of every woman is missing Abubakar. I have never been able to shake off this feeling of being a commodity that was used in exchange for a favor you did my father those many years ago. I want more”. My voice had started to shake and I could feel the tears slowly trickling down my face.





“I want a divorce Alhaji, I don’t want to be married again and I am ready to face the consequences of this decision. If you truly care about my happiness, you’d do this for me” His face had gone stone cold, I could almost see the fire in his eyes as he stared at me.




“Get out of my study” He said in the calmest but most dangerous voice ever. My resolve became even stronger.









Would Rahmat be able to face the heat of her request for a divorce?




What’s your take on her infidelity in the past 2 years and her decision to get away at this time?



Will her love affair with Aasir stand the test of the time?



Did Simi really see Amanda getting cozy with a guy at the after party or was she buzzed from alcohol as she said?




What does the future hold for Belema in terms of love or would she remain a single mother as she has decided?



Shout out once again to my girl @Peniel_enchill for the amazing cover illustration. Pure Genius.



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