“Fashion Is Bradshaw” – The Style Infidel

“Fashion Is Bradshaw” – The Style Infidel

Tosin Ogundadegbe had me at hello when he described fashion as BRADSHAW, WESTWOOD, YAMAMOTO among other things at his GTB Fashion Week My Fashion Story Feature. Now, if you know me very well, you will know my love for shoes, life, love, fashion and everything in between developed with Carrie Bradshaw, the main character in the TV series Sex and the City played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Manolo Blahnik bags: Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw Would ...
Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

Stumbling upon someone who adores Carrie Bradshaw as much as I do, who is an excellent curator of fashion pieces and has no limits and restrictions as far as expressing his style goes, it was an instant click on the follow button that year on Instagram. In two active years of being his follower, there hasn’t been one bleh post moment from Tosin.

Meet the STYLE INFIDEL, Creative Stylist and Director at the Style Infidel Studios who is also an award winning Fashion Consultant and writer. His style portfolio is what fashion dreams are made of.

His editorial shoot for Schick Magazine featuring Pearl Thusi , lead cast in the movie Sono

Brand Styling for Lisk clothing

Tosin takes you from the 1900’s , crosses over into the 1950’s, infuses a bit of the 1990’s and then lands you right into the new millennium. It’s a bit of everything, carefully synchronized without overwhelming your sense of style. I call it fashion intelligence.

Vintage here, bold colors there, a dash of attitude, lines, patterns and structure, every editorial shoot and brand styling is a hit back to back. When you see a stylist that can turn a curtain holder into a fashion statement, then you know you are onto something. With the style infidel, nothing is off limits.

If you’re not into edgy, off the norm kind of fashion, I’m sorry, this post is not for you. But I assure you, there’s always a fresh twist and something new to learn from this multi talented fashion icon.

Host Duties with Bolanle Olukanni, styled by The Style Infidel Studios

Rita Dominic, Red Carpet Icon, Styled by the Style Infidel Studios

According to #mrtosinfromibadan, “High end or pocket friendly, Fashion allows you a space landing to be and even if it didn’t, I’d create my own space landing”. This is why as much as Tosin loves the Amariols, David Wej and Emmy kasbits of this world, he still finds that Tejuosho and Aswani markets hold some of the most valuable fashion pieces you’d ever own. (If you know, you know)

As I sign out, I’d leave you with these words of wisdom that we may have read and heard in different variations but always resonates so true.

Experience Tosin – INSTAGRAM: @thestyleinfidel, @thestyleinfidelstudios

“From personal experience, I have come to a resolve that it is very important that you are much aware of yourself, that you fall so much in love with the seemingly perfect things but also the openly imperfect traits about yourself. That is what really makes you a work of art, that you know your worth, what you stand for but most importantly where you stand in people’s lives, lest you cast your pearls before swines” – Tosin Ogundadegbe, 21st July, 2019


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