This or That – Episode 3 – My Woman Crush Everyday – Remi Fagbohun

This or That – Episode 3 – My Woman Crush Everyday – Remi Fagbohun

One would think i have a very personal relationship with Aunt Rems, well i do, but it’s virtual. It started out as a fascination for her love and taste in shoes being a shoe lover myself. Then came her blog which i got hooked on and the fortunate day i slid in her Instagram DM sharing a personal experience. The rest as they say is history.

Wisdom nuggets, love for family, a zest for life, positive vibes, great taste in shoes and fashion pieces generally, she’s the kind of big sister you would want to have. Remi Fagbohun is a Personal Shopper, a Celebrity Stylist and an all round fashionista. This is probably my 3rd post on her since i started the blog.

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Out of her extremely busy Schedule, she obliged me a feature for THIS or THAT and so i have her here again today as my WOMAN CRUSH EVERYDAY. The THIS or THAT series takes us into the preferences of Media Personalities when it comes to their shoes. Enjoy this one.



JAY: Shoes or Bags
Aunt Remi: Shoes
JAY: Luxury Designers or High Street Fashion?
Aunt Remi: I’d rather save up for luxury.
JAY: High Heels or Flats
Aunt Remi: Heels
JAY: Leather or Suede?
Aunt Remi: Leather 
JAY: Pumps or Sandals
Aunt Remi: Sandals
JAY: Open Toe Shoes or Closed Toe Shoes?
Aunt Remi: Open toe
JAY: Statement Shoes or Simple Designs?
Aunt Remi: Statement Shoes
JAY: Sneakers or Flip flops
Aunt Remi: SNEAKERS 
JAY: Super comfortable and boring or Torture and Drop Dead Gorgeous?
Aunt Remi: I’m getting old — COMFY!!! When I was younger,  that wasn’t the case I’d die for fashion. Now my comfort is everything!!! 
JAY: DIY (Do it Yourself) or Cleaning or Paid Services?
Aunt Remi: It depends. Cleaning is therapeutic so I love cleaning. But nowadays no time , so it ends up being PAID.
So there you have her, and did i mention she’s over 40 and Oh so Fabulous? You should watch her interview on Kemi Adetiba’s King woman Series.
Peace, Love and more shoes

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