Endangered In Heels – Episode 8 – A Celebration Of Life.

Endangered In Heels – Episode 8 – A Celebration Of Life.



“Hi Kola, Good Morning, I am sorry to call you so early, how was your night?” Sope said as soon as Kola answered his phone.



“It’s okay, I was just on my way out. Night was good and yours? How’s the bump progressing?” Kola replied.


“We dey o, can’t wait for it to drop abeg , I don tire” Said Sope, with a note of exasperation.


“Pele, unfortunately, I can’t say I know how you feel. So whatsup?” Kola said sympathetically.



“Yea, it’s about Timehin’s birthday. I was thinking of doing something special for her. Dinner at her favorite restaurant with a few friends, not like she has any. Colleagues, family and of course you” Sope said.



“Mmmmn, sounds like a plan. But you know your friend, don’t be disappointed if she goes off on the idea.” Kola said, trying to open the door of his car.



“Well, I’d have accomplished my mission because I want it to be a surprise” Sope replied.



Kola laughed, “So what’s the plan?, can we talk about it over lunch?”



“Yea sure, I’d be ditching my meal plan for today, yayyyy!!!” Sope answered in excitement.



“Riggghhhhhttttt, no one should blame me for the extra kilos o. So 2.00 pm? I’d pick you up.”



“Ok, 2pm is fine, I’d be at work through the day. Thanks Kola” Sope said.



“See you later, bye” Kola said and hung up.



Timehin was going to be 34 in less than a month and even though she was out of the country for work, I had been thinking of what to do to make it special for her. It was going to be her first birthday we’d be celebrating as a couple officially and that made it feel even more special for me. When Sope called with the idea of a surprise dinner, it fit into what I already had in my mind.

First, we had to be sure she would be back before then. Timi wasn’t big on birthdays and knowing her, she’d choose work over that if the need arose. I called her boss, Mrs Anele, we had met a couple of times, so I wasn’t a stranger to her. I needed her to make sure Timi would be in Nigeria. She couldn’t hide her excitement and promised to make it happen.



With plans underway, I started to hunt for the biggest and brightest rock for her. I have liked Timehin all my life, even before I moved to the U.K to study. I loved her confidence and everything that came with it. With her, I was free to be myself, she was like one of the guys. Spending time with her since I moved back made me realize she was all I wanted in a woman, but I had to respect the boundaries we had set.




I had told my brother in law how I felt about her and the situation with her and he had pushed me to go for it. The worst I could get was a No. Waking up everyday now, knowing she’d be my wife is the best feeling in the world and I couldn’t wait till it became legal. I had told my parents about it and she had told her mum too.




I have always known living outside Nigeria would never be a thing for me. I loved everything about Naija, especially the hustle of Lagos living. As I headed out of the airport into Aunt Rose’s car, I heaved a sigh of relief. There was indeed no place like home. The project was going smoothly, better than I expected, I had the best team and in less than 6 months we had been able to cover 3 countries. We had a few logistics problems with Uganda but it was now under control. I was contemplating staying there to see it through but Mrs Anele had insisted that I come around and take a break.




I would be 34 and looking back at my life, I have come a really long way. I couldn’t have asked for a better life and I couldn’t have felt better about all the choices I have made, especially not settling in marriage. I never knew I would feel the way I feel now since Kola asked me to marry him. I looked forward to forever with him and for the first time I was excited about my birthday and was even considering having a party.



My birthday was in two days,  I could plan something real quick. Nothing fancy, just food, drinks, music and my favorite people. I brought out my notepad and jotted down the people I needed to call to make it happen. I called Kola to let him know I had arrived.



“Hey babe” He said after the first ring.


“Hey to you too, where are you lover?” I asked.


“I just got out of a meeting, I am still at the office.” he replied.


“Okay, I’m close to Mrs Anele’s house, I’d stop by to see her briefly, can you pick me up from there or should I get my driver?” I asked as I packed up my bag.



“I’d send my driver to pick you up, I need to go over a few things. Let me know when to send him over.” He replied.



“He can be on his way now. That’d be an excuse to leave , I can’t wait to see you, I’ve really missed you” I said to him.



“I’ve missed you too Timi, sorry I am a bit distracted, I have a few issues that are stalling production and it’s getting me frustrated” He said.



“I’d be with you soon, just hang in there. I love you” I replied as I got out of the car at Mrs Anele’s house.



“I love you too baby” He said and hung up.



I went in to see Mrs Anele, she had lost a lot of weight but she looked beautiful. Her Chemotherapy sessions had ended but she was still on medication. It looked like the worst was over and I was so happy to see her. After the exchange of pleasantries, I went ahead to update her on the project. I also told her I was planning to have a little get together for my birthday at my place and would love to have her there. She promised to come.




I called Sope on my way to Kola’s place to let her know I was back. I also told her about the little party I had planned. She was surprised, anyone would be. I wasn’t big on birthdays and definitely not parties, but I was feeling a little extra and in a celebratory mood.



“I needed that massage, damn I didn’t realize how much I have missed you”, Kola said, pulling me close to him as he held my waist.





I inched in closer to give him a kiss “I’ve missed you too and can’t wait to show you how much, but first some food, I’m hungry.” I said



“I’d order take out, we can eat here, I’m trying to get this thing sorted as soon as possible” He said as he got his phone to make a call.



We placed our orders and while we waited for the delivery, I told him my birthday plans. He was quiet for a bit but later said he was thinking of something more intimate especially as it was my first birthday we’d celebrate as a couple.



We agreed I could still have my party during the day at the office with my colleagues and we’d have dinner at an undisclosed location later. I was super excited, everything was right, all the pieces of the puzzle had finally come together. Even the dreams had stopped. I started to put together the perfect outfit in my head for dinner with Kay. Skating and my diet was paying off nicely and I looked forward to the dress I was planning to wear.





For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good feeellllooowwww, and so says all of us. Hurray.!!!!


I smiled as everyone sang for me in the conference room, every member of staff down to the janitors were there. The room and other parts of the office had been decorated and I felt really special. A few people came out to say some things about me that got me emotional.



There was food and drinks, cake and small chops and while all that was going on, I was presented with gifts which was a first for me. Apart from my mum, Sope and Mrs Anele, I never got gifts from anyone else. I got permission to leave early and went to prepare for dinner with Kola. I stopped by at the salon to get my hair curled and my nails done.





Sope was waiting for me when I got to my house, after a cold shower, I got started on my make up. She helped to unwrap my gifts, there were 3 Perfumes, a Wall painting of an African woman in gold dust, a bath set, a Set of scented candles and a Book from Mr Akindele on marriage and raising a family, we laughed so hard at his pettiness. Since his derogatory comments the last time, I avoided him like a plague at the office and he was smart enough to stay out of my way too.



I got dressed and waited for Kola to pick me up, I wondered where dinner will be. With him, it was always a surprise. Sope left saying she had to meet up with a prospective client. It wasn’t long after when Kola came and we set out, he drove to a part of Lekki I wasn’t very familiar with, it was an Asian restaurant. He asked me to wait in the car while he went in to confirm our reservation.




A few minuteslater, I walked in to a restaurant full of my favorite people with shouts of “SURPRISE”. I could see my mum, my sisters Tsola and Maye, Kola’s parents, Mr peters, my church Pastor and his wife, Mrs Anele’s children, Dipo and Emeka –  Kola’s friends from our school days and Sope and her huge bump holding out a birthday cake and smiling so hard. They really got me with this one.




The lights had been dimmed and while I went around to give everyone a hug, Darey Art Alade came out of nowhere singing Aya Mi, I almost fell down from the excitement. In the middle of the beautiful rendition, Kola came to my side, took my hands and slipped a ring on my finger that almost blinded me, as he whispered in my ear “This is my seal of forever, I love you Timi. Happy birthday.”



Image result for huge emerald cut diamond engagement rings



I wiped the tears from my eyes, it was all so surreal, I had gone from the girl who swore never to get married to a bride to be. And no I wasn’t settling, I was marrying the man of my dreams, my soul mate. I was sure I couldn’t have a life better than this. Everyone was seated and placing their food orders, my church pastor said a prayer and we ate and drank, talked and danced afterwards.




Kola excused himself to drop his parents off, my mum left with the pastor who had promised to take her home. I was left with Sope, Dipo and Emeka, my sisters, Maye and Tsola, Mr Peters and Mrs Aneles children. We were in the middle of Karaoke when Mr Peter asked to see me privately.



“I’m sorry to bring work here Timehin, but I’d be leaving for Uganda first thing tomorrow and may not get a chance to see you. I need to go through some documents with you and get your approval. They are outside in my car, let me get them” He said.



“That’s not a problem, I’d go with you so I can take a look at them there. I really appreciate that you’re doing this and thanks again for honoring me tonight.” I said in reply.



We made our way outside to the car park. Mr Peter had gone way beyond my expectations. Not like I didn’t think him competent, he was one of the best hands in the organizations, but I didn’t think he would be so cooperative with me. He took the project like it was his and had been on top of his game. We never argued for once and I was starting to feel really bad for not seeing this side to him before now.




I got into the passenger side of his car as he handed the documents over to me. I was going through them when he asked me if he could drive around the corner to get some fuel before the filling station closed. I said yes and he started the engine, he got the fuel and drove out the filling station. All of a sudden, I noticed his speed changed, he was driving really fast. I looked up to see what was going on.



“You’re driving really fast, what’s going on?” I asked



He looked at me and said, “You’d find out soon enough”



The way he said it sent chills down my spine, I broke out in goose pimples. I knew I was in danger, something bad was about to happen.




“Mr Peters, please stop this car right now, what is this all about, where are you taking me to?”  I wasn’t sure if I was pleading or ordering, I just wanted to get out of the car really fast. The streets were dark and quiet with no other road users and he seemed to be very familiar with the route. I looked at the time on the dashboard, it was 10.15 PM.




“Who the hell do you think you are Timehin Ayole, lording yourself over all of us. You have taken every role away from me since you got your sneaky self into this organization. Like it wasn’t bad enough that you got chosen to be the one to head this project, you turned me to an object of pity by asking me to be a part of your team, to take orders from you” He said with so much anger.



All i could see was fire in his eyes, he was raging, I was in trouble. He went on and on about how I had rubbished his ego for so many years. I was no longer listening, I put my hand under my seat as I tried to unlock my phone with my finger print and mentally made my way to my phone book to dial Kola’s number. I prayed I was doing the right thing.



At this time he had parked the car and turned to face me. “I’d deal with you, I’d make sure you hurt the same way I have hurt everyday walking into that building. This time, your hurt will be physical, he brought out a pocket knife.



I screamed as I tried to open the door. I got out and started to run, my shoes wouldn’t let me move fast enough. I took them off and kept going, it wasn’t long before he caught up with me and tried to strangle me.





I saw the lights of a car driving towards us, he released me as I waved my hands frantically, it was Kola. I was out of breath and shriveled as I ran to the front of the car. He stopped in the middle of the road, got out and got in front me. Mr Peters walked towards him.



“I see you have come to save your little princess” He said laughing.



“What the hell is going on here, what is this all about?” Kola asked him



“Shut up you fool” Mr Peters replied as he threw a punch at Kola. They got entangled in a scuffle throwing punches at each other.



I had started to make calls, my hands were shaking. I called my sister and Sope ,neither of them answered. Then I called the Pastor and tried to explain what was happening and where we were. I was in the middle of this conversation when I heard the gunshot. I froze. All I saw was Mr Peters running into his car and driving off into the night. Kola was right there on the floor in a pool of blood, I screamed.




What a sad twist of events. *Sigh* Would Kola survive the gunshot to his chest?

One more episode to the end of this mini series, what are your thoughts? What have you learned so far?

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