Endangered In Heels – Episode 6 – My Vulnerable Side.

Endangered In Heels – Episode 6 – My Vulnerable Side.



“Mike, i have told you over and over again, i’m not interested in a relationship with you. What we had then did not last 3 months because it wasn’t working for me. I like you as a person, but we can’t be anything more than friends. Please Mike, don’t let us go into this again. I am starting to lose my patience having to repeat the same thing.” I said to Michael, looking him straight in the eyes.




Mike and i dated back at the polytechnic, and our whole relationship from the first day we spoke till the day i broke it off with him didn’t last 3 months. I just wasn’t in sync with him. He is intelligent, very very good looking, funny and all, but not my type. He was way too emotionally needy and i really couldn’t deal with that, not then, definitely not now.







We had bumped into each other again after over 8 years, a few months ago, at the airport lounge while we were both waiting for our flights to be announced. We talked and exchanged contacts, had lunch a few weeks after and since then Mike won’t let me be. What irked me the most was the nerve he had to talk about marriage and how he would like to settle down with me before the end of the year. I didn’t even want to be friends with him, we just didn’t vibe like that.



“Hello, Sope wasup?” I said, as i answered my phone while i whispered to Mike to excuse me.

“Are you alright?….*pause* Oh no, i didn’t forget, do you want me to pick you up or should i meet you there?” *pause*

“Ok, see you shortly.” I said and hung up



Sope had decided to keep the pregnancy. Her parents were quite disappointed especially as they had warned her off Tayo so many times, but eventually she had their full support. I had also promised to stand by her which i planned to do till the very end. That meant from hospital appointments to shopping, decorating the nursery and through the sick moments, we would go through the whole process together. I have always had this strong need to protect her, she was such a good person.



It was time for another hospital appointment and she had called to remind me. I was going to pick her up from her office. After her degree at the polytechnic in Leisure and Tourism Management, she had gone ahead to study Law at the University of Lagos and went on to get a Masters in Law from the Queen’s Mary University in London. She majored in Oil and Gas law and her career had seen her in different parts of the world till she decided to move back to Nigeria.



Image result for silhouette of a graduate



She established her own Travel and Tourism business, which had always been her first love, but still worked for an Oil and Gas Firm she used to work with in Angola as a consultant. Her business was at the early stage and she was putting in her all to make sure that it thrived through the challenges.



We had all gone out to one of the lounges in Lekki, the night after we had slept over at Kola’s place. It was one of the best nights of the year for me. Even Sope in all her confusion and heartbreak confessed to have had a lot of fun. Kola’s brother in law, Femi had been the life of the party, reeling out jokes and getting the best out of all of us. Tola was indeed lucky to have him in her life. We ate, drank and danced and had a ladies vs guys rap battle. It was a whole lot of fun.



When my feet started to hurt in the most comfortable Valentino Rock Stud pumps i owned, i knew it was time to go home. Kola dropped us off at Sope’s house while he spent the night at his parents house.







“So you’re not going to consider giving us a try Timehin?” Mike asked again.



“No i’m not, not now and not in the future, there can’t be an us Mike. You’d find someone that’d love you the way you deserve, i can’t give you what you want and i wish you all the best searching for the one you’d settle down with”. I paused then continued as i got up and picked up my bag.



“I have to meet up with my friend, we have an appointment and i don’t want to be late. Thanks a lot for lunch, i really enjoyed it, but i have to go now”. I flashed a smile and turned to leave. On second thoughts, i turned back and said, almost in a whisper.



“Please let the random text messages stop, they’re sweet and all but not for me. Take care.” I walked away quickly. I didn’t intend to be mean but i really wanted him to understand that there was no point pushing the matter any further.






“I have taken my time to go through your presentations again. I also invited some members of the board to vet them. This is a very important decision to be made and we need to make the right one. After careful deliberations and considerations, it has been decided that Miss Ayole will be representing the organization on this project.” Mrs Anele said at the meeting.



My heart skipped a beat, my palms became moist from sweat. All at the same time, i was happy, nervous, anxious, unsure and so many other emotions i couldn’t explain. I looked around the conference room. There was Mr Peters, sitting across me with a smile on his face. There was Mr Akindele, who i was almost sure would be chosen, he kept a straight face and only glanced at me briefly.There was the secretary and then the accountant, one of the members of the board, Mr Donald and Mrs Anele.



I managed a smile as i stood up saying something along the lines of thank you and how i would put in my best efforts. It was a very tense moment for me. Everyone stood up to congratulate me, while Mr Donald handed me an envelope which he stated contained my brief and some documents i was expected to sign.



All of a sudden, i was hungry, very hungry. I reached into my bag to get my phone, i was going to call Kola. I had promised to call him right after the meeting anyway, so we might as well grab something to eat. As i was about to make the call, Mr Akindele stopped beside me where i was standing on the hallway.






“Congrats again Timehin, awesome job”. He said, with a funny expression of irritation.


“Thank you, we all did an awesome job.” I replied.


“Of course, yours was most awesome, i see that spreading your legs took you further.” He said with venom.


“Excuse me?”, i replied, my heart beating rapidly.


He laughed, “you think we don’t know about your sexapades with Mr Donald?. I’d advise you quit this your two faced life and do what your mates are doing. Get married and start a family”. He said, as he walked away.



I was rooted to that spot and could feel the whole of my body shaking from within. Did this man just accuse me of prostituting myself? I’m not sure how i regained my composure, i found my way into the bathroom, touched up my make up and made the call to Kola. Fortunately for me, he was available for lunch and came to pick me up.



As soon as i got into his car, i burst into tears, i couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried without any inhibitions, it had been a long time i cried like that. The past few weeks have been overwhelming, i had feared i’d break down and this was all i needed. Mr Akindele’s words kept playing back in my head, it made me feel low. For the first time in a long time, someone’s words cut me deep like a knife. If it had come from Mr Peters, maybe i wouldn’t have felt this bad.



Kola drove around for a few minutes till he found a quiet spot to park. He let me cry while he played some music and stroked my hair.



Finally, i found my voice “I’m sorry. I’m just so overwhelmed Kola. I feel like, what’s the purpose of all this. I work really hard, so so hard. I have to go the extra mile just to prove myself, because i am a woman and single, to get any form of validation. Even with Mrs Anele, as close as we have become, it is never easy. She doesn’t cut me any slack. Is it really worth it? Are women created only to become a Mrs and pop babies, is that all there is to us?”



“Slow down aunty, slow down, what happened?” Kola asked.



“Yes i got the deal, but that’s besides the point. After the meeting, do you know that Mr Akindele had the effrontery to accuse me of prostituting myself? He went as far as saying i should quit, get married and have kids like my mates.” I looked up, trying to clean my eyes.




“Timi, maybe he’s right, maybe you should quit and go and settle down” Kola replied looking me straight in the eyes.



I froze for a second, then i remembered it was Kola, i rolled my eyes at him as he burst into laughter.




“It’s a sad reality that most women are faced with. It is what it is though. You know yourself, you know your worth and the people that believe in you have done the right thing by keeping you in the helm of affairs. I’m surprised you’re letting this Akindele person get to you. He’s not worth it, he’s just a sore loser.


Pepper him more by going on to succeed on that project, let’s see how many people he will accuse you of sleeping with before he gets tired. Congrats babe, me i’m super proud of you and I see all the tutorials back then were not in vain”. He said as he laughed.


I smiled in return, “Be living on past glory o. Abeg, i’m really hungry and i feel like some sea food with plenty pepper”


“I know just the right place for that”, he said as he pulled out of the spot where he parked.


“You’ve been in naija for how long now and you know everywhere they light fire to cook. Na wa” 


“Life of a foodie, i live for food” He said  laughing.



I opened the envelope to go through the contents. There were Terms and Conditions of Service, Medical Requirements, an Overview of the project and what i was required to do. It was a very challenging task but i was up to it and i felt very confident in myself once again.



Of the 54 African countries under the United Nations, i’d be working with 5 of them in this first phase on the implementation of women empowerment and eradicating child abuse in their rural areas. I had a time frame of 12 months to ensure that a system was put in place in mapped out regions in these countries.



I also had the chance to select 5 members of staff to work with me on the project. The package came with Housing, Feeding, Travel, Clothing allowances asides the salary which was double what i currently earned. Not to talk of the exposure and the opportunity to meet influential people. It was a big one and i looked forward to it excitedly.



As i read it out to Kola, i could see the look of pride on his face. I liked that i could be vulnerable with him. I could be me without the fear of being judged. Sometimes i considered letting my guards down and letting him in to a defined relationship ,even though he wasn’t asking. But my greatest fear was a failed relationship, and that would ruin everything else.



“This is worth celebrating, dinner would be on me for the rest of this month, your taste buds are about to be blown away.” He winked at me.


I smiled, as i looked at him flirtatiously “My taste buds would be blown away by more than just food boo”, I said batting my eyelashes suggestively. I heard him groan gently.




A softer side to Timehin was exposed in this episode, at the end of the day we are all human. I would have expected Mr Peters to be the one reacting that way to Timehin seeing as there is no love lost between them.


Do you think Timehin would not give Mike a chance because he’s not really her type or she subconsciously has Kola in her mind somewhere?


4 more episodes to the end of this series with a few exciting twists and turns  and i promise they’d be the most interesting.


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Peace, Love and more love




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