Easy DIY Tips To Keep Your White Sneakers Clean And Fresh Always

Easy DIY Tips To Keep Your White Sneakers Clean And Fresh Always

White sneakers are a shoe closet essential for fashion buffs and otherwise. They are a casual, comfortable and yet strikingly stylish option from the everyday shoe style.




The beauty of white sneakers remain in keeping them WHITE. Once your sneakers start to have stains on them, they lose their flavor. I have put together a few easy tips to help you keep them as white and fresh as the first day. I have also put together a few of my favorite white sneakers looks and links to where you can get them.





  1. Dip a clean rag (A small white towel will do) in vinegar to spot clean stubborn stains. Rub against the stain gently in a circular motion until it fades off.
  2. After every wear, use an old tooth brush with warm soapy water to scrub off any dirt on the soles and any hard to reach areas. Don’t leave dirt marks to dry off and linger on your white sneakers, it becomes more difficult to clean.
  3. Hand wash your white laces with warm soapy water instead of throwing them in
  4. the washing machine.
  5. Use white nail polish to cover up stains and scratches. Be sure to get an even and well layered coat.
  6. For Oil stains on your white sneakers, use mild hair shampoo mixed with water and use a rag or soft toothbrush (for hard to reach areas) to rub off the stain till it fades.
  7. It is easy to always reach out for bleach when it comes to white stains, but undiluted or a concentrated amount of bleach will leave your shoes looking yellow instead of a brighter white. So, one part of bleach to about 6 parts of water will do the trick instead.
  8. If your sneakers get damp in the process of cleaning, stuff them with paper towels to absorb excess moisture and avoid water marks.
  9. You don’t want to leave your shoes out in the sun for too long. Keep them away from UV exposure to avoid discoloration.


There are many ways to style your sneakers away from the conventional Jeans and T shirt GET UP. Below are some of my favorite looks from style icons.


Image result for michelle obama white sneakers

Michelle Obama


Image result for lola oj white sneakers

Bolanle Olukanni



Image result for gabrielle union white sneakers

Gabrielle Union



Image result for tracee ellis ross white sneakers

Tracee Ellis Ross



Monica Awe, Style Blogger



And linked below are sneakers you can get for N15,000 (NGN Naira) and less, click on the image for more details.












And More….











They are just right for the price.


What’s your sneaker style?

How would you style your white sneakers? Like Monica Awe, Gabrielle Union, Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross or Bolanle Olukanni?


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