DIY – Create Some More Room In Those Tight Shoes

DIY – Create Some More Room In Those Tight Shoes

I recently copped these Dorothy Perkins Laser Cut Pumps in a nude color and i had been super excited about wearing them. Fast forward to Church the following Sunday, i had not taken more than a few steps and they started to bite, i mean bite really hard. Half way into the service, they were off so i could wiggle my toes. Tight shoes can be a mess.

A few years ago, that would have been the last time i’d wear them, but because i have been forced to give out many shoes i love, i knew i had to find a solution. Those shoes were a size 8, there’s no way i would not be able to wear them. So i put some hacks i had learned to use, which i should have done prior to that.

In 5 easy ways, here’s how to get more room in those snug shoes you’re not ready to let go of. It could be they came a half size small or you’re dealing with pregnancy feet.

The best thing to do most times is to wear them around the house with a thick pair of socks the day you get them. Yup, make your living room your run way and strut in those babies for more than a few minutes. Do that a few times everyday till you actually get to wear them out.

But for more effective stretching methods, try any of these or a combination.

STRETCH THEM IN A FREEZER: Yep you read that right, it’s just basic science.

  • All you need to do is fill a ziploc bag with water, the quantity that will fit into the area you want to expand.

Place the filled bag into your shoes and put your shoes in the freezer (You may put each pair in another ziploc bag, but i put mine in directly).

As the water in the ziploc freezes and expands, it expands the shoes.

  • If it’s still snug after the first try, you can repeat the process, putting a little more water in the bag each time.

USE A SHOE STRETCHER: This is one tool every shoe lover should own. They are the easiest way to stretch your shoes and you want to get a 2 way shoe stretcher that will work for the toe area and the width of the shoes.

  • What you do is place it inside your shoes and turn the knob at the end to open up the stretcher to the width you desire. Be careful not to open up too wide the first time.
  • Leave it in for about an hour and then wear them till you’re comfortable enough to walk in them.

For Nigerians, you can actually use the wooden spoon, the type you use to make garri. But you will need to get one whose length and width would work for your shoe shape.


USE RUBBING ALCOHOL: This one is ideal for footwear that requires a minor stretch. I haven’t tried this one out yet but i have read that it works.

Wet a cotton ball/pad with rubbing alcohol and press it into the inner part of the shoe area you want to expand, allow it soak a little and then wear your shoes immediately. The rubbing alcohol acts as the stretcher just like a stretching spray would work.

  • For a shoe that is too tight all over, put on a pair of socks. The tighter your shoes, the thicker the socks! Soak the socks thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Then, put your shoes on and walk around, stretching any particularly tight area with your foot, until the alcohol has evaporated & the socks are dry.
  • Be careful with fancy leather shoes as it could dry it out. Shoe repair experts swear it won’t ruin colored shoes on satin and suede, but i’d personally test out a small non visible area before going all out.
  • You can just get a Shoe Stretch Spray and follow the instructions.

USE A BLOW DRYER: If you want a quick fix , all you need is a heavy pair of socks (the tighter the shoe, the heavier the socks!) and a hot hair blow dryer.

  • Put on your socks and then your shoes.
  • With your blow dryer on the hottest setting, blast it towards the tight areas of your shoes but not too close.
  • Move your feet & wiggle your toes to stretch out the tightest areas, while blow drying.(You can blow directly into the shoes or blow while you wear them on.
  • Walk around in the shoes, until the shoes cool down.
  • Try on your shoes without the socks, if they’re still too tight, repeat steps 1-4!

This would work for all natural materials – Suede, Leather.. But you will want to be careful with Patent.

GET TO THE NEAREST COBBLER: Can’t be patient enough to execute the first four methods above, get to the nearest professional cobbler. When i lived in Warri, Delta State, i had this fantastic cobbler who did most of my shoe work for me and with maximum N3,000 per pair depending on the services rendered.

Which of these tips would you be trying out? I have used the Shoe stretcher and the freezer methods and they worked. I make a conscious effort to also break in my new shoes for the first few days after i buy them by wearing them with a pair socks for about 45 minutes everyday for a few days.

Don’t suffer from pinching shoes or having to give out those shoes. Get some room in your shoes

Peace, Love and More DIY



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