Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 7 – The Season FINALE

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 7 – The Season FINALE

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I find it funny at times that everyone still sees me as a little girl. I’d be 14 on my next birthday and the things i know and observe will probably shock the adults around me. The influence of my mum and her best friends, Aunt Salewa and Aunt Aishat can’t be lost on me. From their marriages, to their careers, their individuality and their fashion sense, who i am now is a fusion of all three of them, with the most coming from my mum.



Ivie, my mum. I love her to bits, i can’t imagine my life without her and it makes me so sad when she re calls how she lost her mum at an early age. Cliche as it may sound, she’s the best thing that has happened to me. I love my dad as much, no one can take his place in my life.



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I remember the late nights, even though i was very young, she would sit in the living room and cry so much. And then the first time i stumbled on her diary, she had written about how she wished my dad would do right by her. I knew things were not right, i knew that when we were all together and she smiled at him, it wasn’t genuine, but we all carried on like everything was well.


With time, she started to changed, she traveled more, she radiated a lot of joy and it was never a dull moment especially when she was with her friends. The bond they share, they were more than friends, it was more a sisterhood, it was real, it was deep, it was spiritual. The kind of friendship i knew i want to build.



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I have always been a quiet girl, always watching from afar and the only people i had really been able to connect with were Khameel, Aunt Aishat’s first son, my friend Solape at school and Tiwalola, one of Aunt Salewa’s triplets. Spending a lot of time together in our early years, we had developed a friendship that was undeniably going to be a long term one.


I was closest to Khameel, we talked a lot and he had often shared with me how he wished his biological father was still alive, it had been an issue for him for some years which he never mentioned to his mum, because according to him, he never wanted to do or remind her of anything that would hurt her.


Since Uncle Timehin came into their lives, he had slowly come to terms with the fact that his dad was dead and gone and he had to move on. Besides UncT, as we all called him, was a super awesome man. I love the way he loved Aunt Aisha who at times could be very irrational.


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The best of the best was Aunt Salewa, i don’t know who i loved more, her or her husband, Uncle Hakeem. Their marriage had to be heaven on earth. What i loved the most about them was how real they were, they had their challenges like any other couple but sorted it out without any fuss. They loved each other deeply and they couldn’t hide it, they were friends, they were siblings, they were lovers all rolled in one. Theirs was the kind of marriage i wished and prayed for.



It was the evening of my parents’ Wedding Anniversary/Vow Renewal dinner, i was excited about it and i prayed that it would be the beginning of a new found love for the both of them. In the past few weeks, i had seen my mum soften up around my dad, they kissed and hugged more often and spent an insane amount of time together. I understood a lot better now the reasons for the tears those many years back.



My dad had taken me out to lunch earlier that week and told me a few of the things he did wrong and how he was ready to right them by starting all over again. He said telling me would always keep him in check as he wouldn’t want to disappoint me or be the one to make me have a negative perspective of men. He also wanted me to help him write his vows. I found that to be really funny, but we wrote those vows and i was so proud of him. The last thing i’d want is for them to get separated or get a divorce, but i also wanted them to be genuinely happy being together.



We sat at our specially reserved table –  Tope, Lade and Lola, the triplets, Khameel, my friend Solape from school and the triplets’ cousin from their Uncle Femi and Aunty Moji, Kola. All  of us, between the ages of 12 and 15 had become very good friends over the years. Kola was the last of their 3 boys and what everyone didn’t know was i had a huge crush on him.




I had gotten my mum’s great sense of style, and fashion was indeed my thing. I knew a long time ago i would build my career around fashion but first i had to get a degree.  Along with Tiwalade and Lola, we had plans to start our clothing line for Teens.



Tiwalade was the very fiesty one of the triplets, the life of the party, she always made things happen and most often got into trouble. Tope, the first of them and the only boy, was quite reserved, very much into sports and technology, just like his dad. Lola on the other hand only seemed to be quiet and reserved, but it became a different ball game when she let you in her space. She had to be the wittiest and most loving person ever. Just like her mum, shoes were her thing and at 12 years old, her shoe collection was enviable.




“……………Ivie, i make this vow to you today, in the presence of God, our 2 beautiful children, friends and family, i say these things in all sincerity and from the very depths of my heart. I will live my life intentionally to always make you happy, i would spend everyday of the rest of my life to erase the hurts of yesterday. You are a queen, my queen and i will treat you as nothing less than one”


My dad was finishing off his vows, just as we had written it together, he had actually memorized it, i didn’t see him holding any paper. I got teary as i heard him say those last words, i knew he meant every word of it. I was indeed happy for them.


My mum looked really gorgeous in her dress, she had let me and the girls pick out her entire outfit for her and we definitely nailed it. I looked across at Kola as i took a sip of my Orange juice and my heart skipped a beat when he caught my eyes and smiled at me, revealing his half dimple.





Looking at everyone from my seat, i was quite excited about what the future held for us. We all seemed to know what we had interest in, our social lives weren’t so bad too. What i was most anxious about were the relationships we would experience in the years to come. Just like my mum had made it a point of duty to get me to open up to her, i decided i was going to be that listening ear and the shoulder to lean on to all my friends. We were the new generation of girls that will become women, we had to be better.




It’s been three seasons guys, i think i finally want to put a stop to it here.

Which of the seasons was your best?

Would you like it to continue?

You can catch up on the entire story here. I miss my characters already, they are still floating around in my head, giving me more and more plots…lol!

I want to see your comments or click on any one of the emoticons, the feedback means a lot to me. If you have been following, what is the greatest lesson you took away from the series. Your favorite character(s). I want to hear it all. Thank you guys!!!

Special shout out to Peniel Enchill for giving me the permission to use her illustrations.

Peace, love and more shoes




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