Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 5 – Part 2 – Set Me On Fire

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 5 – Part 2 – Set Me On Fire

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I remember the first day we met, there was something about her, something I’ve never been able to explain. It gave me this feeling of peace, i didn’t feel the need to impress her. Striking a conversation with her was so easy.


It was at the counselling unit of the St Paul’s hospital, Vancouver, Canada. She was seeing a psychologist for post natal depression. We were in the waiting room and I had mistakenly spilled coffee on her sneakers and was expecting a hostile reaction. But she had looked up at me and smiled, mouthed it was okay and brought out tissue to clean up the mess.

We talked and laughed and talked some more. When she was called in, i knew i wanted to see her again. I asked for her number which she gave me without hesitation. I called her that night and the day after and everyday for the rest of that week. Each time we talked, it was a different feeling of excitement. Then i asked her out to lunch and that was the day i knew and concluded i was going to marry Aisha.


She told me about her childhood, how she was molested by her step brother and his friends, her relationship with her mum. She told me about her failed relationships, her most recent ordeal with her son’s father and how he had died from an over dose of hard drugs weeks before their wedding. After the whole revelation, i felt the sudden need to protect her.


We hung out a few more times after that until she started to withdraw. I understood it all and gave her time and space. I didn’t want to choke her, but i also didn’t stay away completely. I would send messages and flowers every once in a while.

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Eventually, she came back out of her shell and i asked her out to formally be my girlfriend. I wasn’t expecting a yes and so i was really surprised when she agreed. From then on it was one roller coaster ride. She had a lot of mood swings, she would shut me out for days, but through it all i remained patient with her. I understood it all, i knew that eventually she would get over it. All she needed was a consistent show of love and i was ready to give her that because i loved her indeed.


What i didn’t tell her then and still haven’t told her is that i had a problem. I used to be a sex addict. When we met at St Paul’s, i was also there to see a specialist, i went through a rigorous counselling program for almost 2 years and was just rounding up. I meant to tell her, but when she told me about her past, i felt like telling her i was suffering from sexual addiction would scare her away. I was not confident enough in the therapy, even though i had abstained from sex for 7 months.


The first time i had sex with Aishat was the day i proposed to her, it marked one year of my abstinence, and i had decided it would be only one woman for the rest of my life. I wanted to go all out, she was my first after the one year abstinence period and seeing her body drove me wild. But i was able to control myself and handled her really gently. She liked it, or so i thought, as she moaned constantly. And so i had kept it that way with her ever since – slow and steady and getting an orgasm just in time.


There were days i wanted to have really wild sex – take her in different positions, eat her up and all the works, but i was scared showing her that side will trigger childhood memories. And seeing how long and hard it took to get her out of it, i knew i didn’t want that. So i decided to use it as a measure to control myself and justify the 2 years of therapy. I had had enough wild sex in the past to last me a life time. As long as she was happy, then i was happy.


Until i met her vibrator.


I really wanted things to change about my sexual life with Timehin. After opening up to the girls the other day about my sexual frustrations, i knew it was time to speak up. So i took Ivie’s advice about taking some time off with him and she had helped to book us a ticket to Prague, Czech Republic for a 5 day trip during the week of Valentines. Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and it was all i needed to set the mood right.

I was still at a loss as to whether to come out clean and tell Timi exactly how i felt, because i needed him to get the point. I was also very scared to hurt his ego, but i couldn’t continue the rest of my life with a vibrator. Our first 2 days in Prague were amazing – sight seeing and trying new food with the help of Ivie’s Travel and Tourism tour guide. Sex remained the same those days and i made up mind that i will say something when we had dinner on Val’s day.


It was at the Golden Well’s rooftop restaurant, the view was amazing and the mood was just right. It was a perfect set up.


“You look beautiful Aisha, so beautiful” He said, looking at me like he wanted to eat me up.


I rolled my inner eyes. I wish he would eat me up and do a lot of nasty things to me. I was almost screaming.


“You don’t look too bad yourself lover boy” I smiled, as i finished my second glass wine.


I needed the alcohol to give me the courage to say what i needed to say.


“There’s something i need to tell you Aishat, something very important, something i hope will change both our lives forever” He said, suddenly looking very serious.


“You just made me very nervous, but let’s pretend i’m so cool right now and ready to take anything in”, i replied and laughed.


I wondered what he had to say that held the possibility of changing our lives forever. And when he opened up and told me about his sexual addiction and the 2 years of therapy and why he held back from me, i was in tears by the time he finished.


“I found your vibrator Aishat” He said and paused, then continued,

“you should have come to me, i quite understand that you didn’t though. No man wants to hear that his sex game is whack, but all these years, i thought you were satisfied with what i was offering” He paused again, then continued.

“I’m glad we’re here at this point, no more secrets. I’m sorry i wasn’t truthful from the start. I want you to be open with me Aishat, i would never judge you, don’t see me as that man. I love you and all i want is for you to be happy.”


He held out his hand to me and i got up to sit on his laps, i could feel his hard on.


“I feel so ashamed, i’m sorry about the vibrator, i’m really sorry. I’m quite upset that you didn’t mention the addiction to me given that i told you everything about myself within a week of meeting you” I said as i playfully hit him with my purse. 

“I also understand why you didn’t mention it, i probably would have freaked out as i was struggling with being stable at the time. I feel so free, this has bothered me for so long Timi, you don’t even want to know. So we have just been a sexually frustrated couple all these while, choi” I said as i took his face in my hands and kissed his lips.


I felt his hands slip into my dress, “And i’m about to end that frustration tonight” he replied in a tone i had never heard from him before.


A tone that literally set me on fire. From the roof top to our hotel room, we could barely get our hands off each other. Timehin did to me that night things i had only being able to ever imagine. It felt like he was on a tour of my body, discovering and enjoying and making really sure that my moans were legit. He was gentle then he was rough and then gentle again.

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All our shopping and sight seeing plans for the next 2 days were immediately cancelled and we only got out of bed to take a shower or eat, and even at those times, our hands never stopped roaming, looking to discover a new pleasure spot.

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The next time we saw the sun was on our way to the airport and yes our lives had definitely changed forever.



Major shout out to all the November babies that would be made tonight. Love Babies!!! If you’re not married, please stay safe or better still abstain and if you’re married, please no holds barred, Get Wild!!!

Thank you Peniel Enchill for always.

Peace, Love and More Sex????



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