Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 2, Episode 4- Moving On

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 2, Episode 4- Moving On

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Life really does go on, it’s been a few months since our vacation to Brazil and we are all moving on like nothing happened. Ivie was back in her home, almost due to have her baby. We had a surprise baby shower for her last weekend and it was really beautiful.


We went all out for  her with a tiffany blue theme, lots of glam, beautiful gifts and a generally lovely time with friends and family in Aisha’s house. She deserved all the love.


Eddy was doing all he could to make things better with her – shopping sprees, lunch dates and date nights and very recently, a brand new Mercedez Benz G-Wagon.


“I’m happy to see that things are going on well with you and Eddy, giirrrrllll that G-baby is the real baby” I said, having a light cocktail with Ivie on the night of the baby shower.





She smiled “It’s nice to have all these things Salewa, I love the life of luxury. But you see, ‘things’ don’t cover the matters of the heart. You know, I still struggle with forgiving Eddy fully. I mean there are days I can’t stand the sight of him, days I don’t believe one word he says, days I just want to be lost in his arms cos I love him so much. It has only been the grace of God and now I’m learning to take it one day at a time and pray for God to restore things or at least take the bitterness and anger away completely” She said as she tried to get up while using my shoulders as support.


I remembered that conversation with her and I can’t help but wonder how many other women carry such baggage in their hearts. It must be a lot to deal with yet we still had to carry on like all is well. Life!!!

Ivie was due to travel in a few days to have her baby. She would be travelling with Eddy so they could spend some time together. Hakeem and I had offered to take Osas in with us while they were away. It would be a full house for us as we were also going to have Ahmed, Aishat’s son and Hakeem’s niece, Tara. Hakeem had been given 2weeks off work, it had been almost 20 months of work non stop for him and his boss had asked him to take time off.

I was starting to think of what I could go into, Hakeem was still insistent on me starting up my own business in preparation for when our babies come. Hakeem, he was indeed God sent to me and I could not thank God enough for the wonderful gift of him. Sometimes I wondered what I did to deserve a good heart like his.

“Hey baby” It was Hakeem, we had a lunch date and I had been waiting for him at Bukka Hut.

I got up to give him a hug “Hey you”

“You look beautiful babe, I love this dress” He said, looking me over as he took out a seat for himsel


Thanks love, I got it in Brazil at a bargain store we stumbled upon ” He had left for work before me so he didn’t see me when I got dressed for work. Since we got back from Brazil, I had taken my fitness more serious and had lost a dress size and a few KGs and I must admit I did look and feel better.

“You and bargains. Speaking of bargains, Saks and Net a porter have mailed me nonstop on their sales o. Let’s look up some stuff we can snatch up later tonight” He said

That lit up my face instantly, I had been eyeing some shoes for a few months now but the price tags wouldn’t let me, this was the chance I had been waiting for. I did a small dance on my seat “New shoes, new shoes” I chanted.




Charlotte Olympia





He laughed, “I was thinking we should buy stuff for Dare and Teni too”

Hakeem had already named our children, the nursery in our house was so alive, so beautiful and all that was missing was the pitter patter of kids’ feet. His faith level scared me not because I didn’t believe I could get pregnant. But what if It wasn’t meant to be, how would he deal with the reality of such a disappointment.


I was going into my fears again and probably about to ruin the 1hour we had to spend together. I remembered the words of the counselor I had been seeing “Salewa, Rest assured in the promises of God that your children will surround your table”. She was an elder in our church whose gift was counseling and she did a good job at it. With years of experience and knowledge both in the things of the flesh and spirit, she believed solely in the word of God but was also very realistic and practical. I said a quick prayer in my mind asking God to hurry up with the creation of my children so I could birth them quickly.

“Don’t you think the clothes will be out of season before they can wear them?” I replied with an eyebrow raised

“Well they could wear them for throw back purposes” He said and laughed.

Our orders came and we ate, talked some more and went back to work.


I was out on a brisk walk early on Friday morning, I had woken up feeling a bit out of place so I decided to walk it out and then my phone rang.

“Salewa please come to the house this evening o or my pepper them career will be over” My mum said as soon as I answered my phone.

I rolled my eyes “Good morning mother, ki lo tun de o (Translate to: what is it this time)?” I replied

“Is it not this girl that poured red wine on my satin shoes I plan to wear to sister’s 60th tomorrow, if I talk or react now, you people will say I’m….” I cut her off.

“Mummy, I don’t need to come to the house, send your driver to bring the shoes to my office, I’d clean them there and send them back” I said increasing my pace.

“Oshey oko mi (Translate to: Thanks my love), I knew you’d sort me out. Can we have lunch on Sunday, you and Hakeem, I’ve missed you guys” She replied.

My mum, you can’t stay mad at her for long. “Okay mummy, I’d check with Hakeem and we’d come over after church. Pepper them nicely tomorrow o, slay mama” I laughed

“Emi ni yen o (Translate to: That’s me o)” She laughed and hung up.

I broke into a run for the last KILOMETER and then it came to me, LADY COBBLER. I saw it so clearly and that last KM back home must have been the fastest I ever ran in my whole life.

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  • Sophie
    June 22, 2017

    I love it….. Lady Cobbler…. unusual….unpredictable…..faith lifting……keep writing….it’s captivating ?

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