Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 3 – Fitness Goals

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 3 – Fitness Goals

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Dear Diary, 

“This my kangaroo pouch is really starting to annoy me, i have to take this my fitfam life seriously. My gym subscription is just there wasting away, hiss! I need to get this body snatched for Bro Femi’s wedding anniversary. Who knows, maybe that’s where someone will meet bae, the little things that turn people off, it might just be this protruding belly that will kill my market. This week was good and no i didn’t buy any shoes, thank you! But i did rock my Dior pumps to the Guinness meeting we had on Wednesday, i felt like a boss. Hakeem outdid himself with this one, God bless his sweetheart. Aisha and Ivie are spending the weekend here, girl time is always a good time”

rocking my dior

My mum had goshed about my newly acquired dior shoes and even called Hakeem to tease him. After church service, i stopped by briefly at his house to say thank you again. I met one of his many flings, she was there trying to give me an attitude and as usual i had a good laugh. All the girls in Hakeem’s life were always threatened by me. With the ones he got serious with, i maintained my boundaries. I won’t want to feel the same way too. But for the ones that were just there for the body count, i sometimes made their lives miserable.

I went back home and took the rest of the day off to get some rest in preparation for the week ahead. The week went by pretty fast, lots of meetings and like i had guessed, Mr Deinde was making it a point of duty that i worked for my pay raise and the commission for the deal we landed. I can’t even complain, i love my job. And knowing that i can work hard and keep climbing up the ladder, gives me this adrenaline rush.

“Aunty, you didn’t even hear me come in” said Aisha, as she threw herself on the sofa beside me.

“Hey mama, wait wait stand up, you’re looking hot o this babe. See your waist all snatched and tinz, or you dey wear waist trainer?” i replied, as i dragged her up and made her do a turn. She was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt but she looked hotter than a size 12 wearing a body-con dress.


“Thanks to my fitness coach, that April babe and the group have really helped my life. I’ve told you to sign up. Even if you can’t make out time to work out, get serious with the meal plan and free yourself from eating crap. As you can see, you are what you eat”. She said slowly turning around for me to see her transformed body.

Abeg let me hear word, but i need help o, see my stomach Aisha, so embarrassing, if i don’t wear my waist trainer, my entire outfit becomes a mess. ” I said, grabbing my love handles. I was proud of Aisha though, not only had she dropped from a dress size 20 to a size 14, she was looking all defined and toned. Not skinny, a little thick but in all the right places. I should try this fitmrsfat, abi what’s that her instagram handle.

“So what’s the plan for the weekend now, are we just going to sit here and talk about our bodies. Where’s Ivie, i thought she would be here already sef?” Aisha said, digging into her jeans pocket to get her phone.

“She’d be here soon, i guess, you know she can pack for Africa. I just want to spend the weekend indoors o, gist, eat, sleep and watch tv. We can go swimming at my brother’s house later this evening. I’d call Sister Moji to see if it’s ok.” I said, checking DSTV box office for movies.

“Ok, their anniversary is coming up, how far?” Aisha asked

“It’s in 2 weeks. We should start putting our outfits together, me i must look hot that day. In fact, let me sign up with this your coach and see the magic she can perform in 2weeks”, i said as i picked up my phone to send an email to April.

“She doesn’t perform magic boo, follow her instructions and you will see results. So don’t waste your money if you are not ready. You need to prepare yourself mentally.” Aisha replied.

“I am ready o, do i know if my husband to be would find me at my brother’s party?” Aisha chuckled in reply.

“I think Ivie is here” I said, pulling back the curtain to see who drove in. She was the one. I watched her park and get down from her car. She was always dressed up, and coming to mine to chill wasn’t different.


Even to bed, Ivie had to make a statement. While all my money went on shoes, Ivie’s money went on her clothes, shoes, bags and weaves. She was a designer freak and seeing as she could afford it, she indulged herself. Being an only child, her father, an Ex minister in Edo State, spoiled her silly. Her boyfriend was also a top shot in SHELL and she wasn’t doing too badly herself, she worked in oil and gas and got paid well.

Ivie was the smallest of us all, with her size 10 body, and her abs were ultimate goals. She was very conscious of her body, worked out at least 4 times a week and ate healthy 90% of the timeand had been that way since our days in the university and i admired her discipline.

We caught up on our plans for the weekend and decided to go for a run that evening since my Sis-in-law had said we should leave our swimming till the following day. I had just exchanged a couple of Emails with April and transferred the subscription fee. While i waited for my meal plan and other instructions, i might as well start working out. I had all the fitfam gadgets you could think of, but i never used them. All that would change now.


After dinner, a chicken stir fry with loads of veggies made by Aisha, which i thoroughly enjoyed by the way, we went up to my room and i brought out my outfit options for the party for the girls to help me choose. The color code was black, white and gold.


My parents had taken the weekend off. I loved their relationship, the friendship was real and i always pray for God to bless me with a man that would adore me like my dad adores my mum. I had also learned that i had to love and respect myself enough for a man to love me the same way.

We couldn’t decide which of the 3 outfits i should go with, i wasn’t feeling the shoes for the first look. The second seemed perfect but my stomach won’t let me great, even though Ivie said it wasn’t obvious. The third one didn’t feel quite right, so we had decided to leave it off till later. I may just buy a new pair of shoes for the vintage dress or starve myself for the second outfit.

look 1

look 2

look 3

Ivie said she had her outfit ready but we had to wait till that day to see it and i trusted her to kick ass. Aisha on the other hand, not so much a fashion buff said she’d put something together during the week and let us know.

We were all excited about the party. They had been married for 10years with 2kids. They had a shaky first few years and we all thought they wouldn’t last together but they managed to get through their issues and now they are almost inseparable. My sister in law Moji is one of the most amazing women i know.

I was happy for them and ready to turn up. We were expected to come with our dates but seeing as i’m single, i’d be going alone. Aisha wasn’t seriously dating but had said she’d come with one of her toasters, she wasn’t sure which one. Ivie was coming with Eddy, her boyfriend of 3 years.

I had also invited Hakeem, so if i didn’t meet anyone, i won’t exactly be alone. Hakeem had laughed when i told him that. It was going to be a private party for 50guests and i was allowed only 3 invites.

We talked some more about fashion, work, social media gossip, money, our relationships or lack of it in my own case and fell asleep somewhere in between.

Language Index

Bae – A slang used to describe a lover

Abeg – Nigerian slang meaning please

Shell –  A global group of energy and petrochemical companies


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