Designer Shoes, Price Tags And The Shoe Lover… Create Your Champagne Closet On a Beer Budget.

Designer Shoes, Price Tags And The Shoe Lover… Create Your Champagne Closet On a Beer Budget.

I am an unrepentant shoe lover, I love the designs, the materials used in making them, the style they create, the confidence they give, the creativity that goes into making each pair fit, just everything about shoes. It is an art and I find myself going through every footwear designers’ collections and taking in the sight of all those beautiful pairs of shoes and building this larger than life closet in my head, then comes the price tags.

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Honestly how many of us can afford these luxury items? Even at the best bargains or sales season, they still drill a hole in your pocket. The average Nigerian job pays about N80,000 – N200,000 a month. I’m sure no one wants to spend alL their earnings on a pair of shoes however tempting it maybe.


One of my favorite things to do is look for high street brands that can substitute for the designer brands. That way, it’s easier to create a champagne closet on a beer budget. You may not get the actual Swarovski crystals or crocodile leather but you get equally durable faux materials and embellishments, neatly made, gorgeous designs and most importantly, pocket friendly.


For the benefit of those that have asked, I’d be doing a weekly splurge versus steal post here on the blog and occasionally on instagram, twitter and facebook, so make sure you’re following.

For the purpose of this introductory post, I’d highlight some of my favorite go to stores for affordable shoes.

  1. New Look: They stock shoes from as low as 5pounds (sales season) to about 40pounds. Their shoes are neat and almost always durable. You can hardly go wrong with them. Their sizes go up to an EUR 43 which makes them all the more amazing and they are true to size.

NewLook2. Zara: With outlet stores in Europe and America, they are like next to luxury. Their shoes are more expensive retailing from about 20pounds (sales season) to about 100pounds. They are not always big feet friendly, so the designs you like the most may not run above an EUR 40/41.


  1. Kurt Geiger: A UK based store, they carry their own brand, Carvela Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Lipsy, Nine West and some other brands. Their shoes are gorgeous, very strong but not always true to size, so if you’re not used to them, they can be a bit tricky. Shoes retail between 20pounds (sales season) and 300pounds for new designs.



Other brands I’d be featuring are River Island, Shoedazzle, Aldo, Justfab, H n M amongst others. It’s quite easy to create a champagne closet if properly guided so you are not penny wise pound foolish.

Still itching for those very designer brands?, I’d keep you up to date on where and how to get them at the very best bargains so you can splurge once, twice or even thrice a year to reward yourself for all the hardwork.


Till then..

Peace, Love And More Shoes



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