Designer Focus – Avante Garde Footwear Designs That Are Jan Taminiau

Designer Focus – Avante Garde Footwear Designs That Are Jan Taminiau

When Beyonce dropped the 4 album back in 2011, she wore these outlandish shoes that mere mortals will only ever imagine for the album cover and campaign shoot. I stumbled upon the picture again recently and decided to find out more about the shoes. Turns out to be the creation of a dutch designer – JAN TAMINIAU.

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Taminiau is known for his love for traditional production techniques, antique materials, the search for the right shape and the penchant for aesthetics. His work has a refined, conceptual undertone yet never loses sight of the elegant, feminine and wearable form.


I read in an article where he was quoted saying,

“I create for the woman of my dreams, for her I produce my own fabrics, for her I discover new forms, techniques and research new materials. All to give women back the art of showing themselves, and thereby proving that romance, attraction, elegance and style still have an important role to play in today’s fashion.”


See some more of his designs here

JanTaminiau-by-RenevandenBerg1 JanTaminiau-by-RenevandenBerg2_1 RenevdBerg_Taminiau2



RenevdBerg_Taminiau3RenevdBerg_Taminiau7RenevdBerg_Taminiau4 RenevdBerg_Taminiau8



I can rock a few pairs here however avante garde they are. It’s no surprise Lady Gaga is big on this one.


Would you invest in any of these? I think i will, just because #collections

Peace, love and go gaga





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