At Sole Divas, it is all about the love of fashion- We have carefully curated fashion pieces ranging from Clothes to Shoes, Bags, Accessories and so much more. We’re all about aesthetics, style on a budget and giving life to your closets. We are a one stop online and Brick store dedicated to meeting all your style needs.

To keep women cut across all budget levels in style all year round by keeping you up to date with fashion information and entertainment. And also getting you the best bargains from both high end and high street brands.

To have a strong influence on every woman’s closet in Africa and beyond.

Not only are we dedicated to keeping you in style, we are obliged to teach you how to get good value for your money. We would keep you in the know of every single happening in the world of fashion from Vintage to future season features.

From our exciting and insightful blog posts and our easy to order sales portal, it’s time to sit back relax and excite your soles.

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I am an irredeemable shoe lover and fashion enthusiast. I studied Psychology at the University of Lagos, but my passion for shoes and all things related, started the journey for the brand – Sole Divas. I am the Editor of the blog and a fashion curator with curious eyes for everything aesthetically appealing.

Jay Ogbe

Editor and Brand Manager