#WCW- Trendy Curvy Chics

#WCW- Trendy Curvy Chics

Shout out to all the thick ladies out there. If you rock your size 16 and over bodies with pride, kudos to you. And if you’re not comfortable in your body but wish to get your styling right, this post is for you…

Love your body

Curvy is beautiful

The first thing you’re going to need to acquire is Self confidence. If you look in the mirror and hate all the flabs and folds that make your outfits look a mess, then you need to take the decision to make a change. It all starts in your mind, quit wallowing in self pity and start making small changes everyday. And while you’re on the journey, love , love , love and love yourself some more. Phew!!!
I can relate to the struggle of not getting beautiful clothes in your size but that is never a reason not to look good.

There’s always something for everyone, you only need to find what works for you even with shoes.

I’m crushing on Plus size Los Angeles fashion blogger – Kristine of Trendy Curvy Chic. She knows her body and makes it a point of duty to dress that body right. You should go to her blog if you need tips. I am just getting a hang of what suits me myself and i must confess her blog did a lot in opening me up to style tricks that i didn’t know about. Here’s a few of the many things I learned.

  • Confidence is key.

  • Get the right underwear from bras to spanx in the right sizes. Spanx are meant to hide cellulites and smoothen you out in your tight fitted clothes. They are not to hold in bulges, so they shouldn’t be too tight making you feel breathless.

Wearing spanks helps to hide cellulites and smoothen bulges. Buy your exact size and be comfortable in them.

Buy the right size bras that lift up your breasts without causing spillage.

  • Less is more,  dress in earth tones – brown, grey, black, white, olive colors should form the basis of your outfits.

  • Go for monochromatic looks and switch things up with different shades to break them apart.

  • Bright colors should be toned down with a neutral color.

  • Buy your right size
  • Enjoy your body as it is even if you’re on the journey to losing weight.

I feel like I have my fashion game on now, there’s so much to learn from her.

What got me the most is her shoe game… She knows just the right shoe styles that fit her frame and that’s what I’d be sharing with you today, the right pair of shoes for the trendy curvy chic.

Not all shoe styles are suitable for the curvy chics mostly because we tend to have short and thick looking legs. These are shoe styles that would work perfectly for you and you should stick to them. Switch things up by buying them in different colors, textures, heel heights e.t.c but make them a part of your wardrobe staples.

Classic Pumps: They create the illusion of length and will make your legs look longer and leaner. They are versatile and so can be worn with EVERY outfit. Buy them in different heel types, textures and colors.

Classic Pumps

Ankle Strap PVC Pumps

Mary Jane Pumps

Sling Back Assymetric Pumps

Kristine… I Love her

2. Barely there sandals : These can include T bar straps and Tie up straps. They are simple and barely there as the name implies, showing off a lot of your feet and creating the illusion of length.Buy them with details to get them popping.

T Bar Embellished Sandals

Platform Barely There Sandals

Simple and absolutely chic

Embellished Ankle Strap Sandals

T Bar Sandals, very minimal and works well with the dress

Double Ankle Strap Sandals

3.Mules: These shoe style is currently my favorite. You can never have to many as they come in a wide variety.

4. Sturdy Heels: Think block heels, cone heels and Platform soles. They support your weight and are generally more comfortable. 

5. Slingback Shoes: They leave the upper foot open and that helps to lengthen and lean too.

There’s quite a wide variety to choose from, so you won’t be missing out on much. Work with heels that are comfortable and play around with details to make them pop.

However, shy away from shoes that will cut your legs in half making you look thicker.

There are tricks to wearing these. So if you’re just starting out, avoid them. Follow me on instagram as i’d drop style tips for these shoe styles from time to time. You should also follow Kristine.

I hope this has helped and you will start to make smarter choices…

Peace, love and love your curves



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