Want It Wednesday – Inspired By Love

Want It Wednesday – Inspired By Love

It’s the month of love and I bet a lot of us are planning towards the 14th of February… Foot wear designers don’t play when it comes to getting creative. I saw these shoes randomly and all i felt was love.

You honestly have no reason not to get up and get dressed. If you have no one to go out with, go out on your own and just have fun with your shoes… After all, shoe love is the best love.

A date with the significant other, lunch with your girls, a corporate event or dinner with your family, every female deserves a pair of lovely shoes this season.

Footwear designers know this and are always creatively churning out designs to leave us drooling.

From Saks to Barneys, Zara to New Look, I couldn’t resist all these footcandy inspired by love. You would definitely find a reason to want to play dress up. Enjoy

And then come the high street brands – Zara, River Island, New Look… Not quite as detailed as the luxury brands, the simplicity of their designs speaks volumes. Properly styled, they would make you look like a million bucks.

Errr… Can I get a reason why you won’t want to do something or go somewhere fun???

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Which are your favorites from the luxury and high street???

Peace, love and more love



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