Throw Back Thursday- Just yesterday it was the 90’s

Throw Back Thursday- Just yesterday it was the 90’s

I was listening to the 90’s TLC’s Waterfall a few days ago and remembered my friend Tosin, i remember we used to call her Ruka (From Rukayat, her muslim name) back then. Ruka and her siblings were the coolest kids on our street. She had older siblings in secondary school and the university and if i wasn’t in school or in my house, then i was at theirs.


Ruka and her sister Yemi, who we were all age mates, had access to every fashionable piece you could think of and they became my real time fashion icons. My love for shoes most likely started from the womb, because even at age 6/7, i remember hopelessly taking in the structure of their clogs and jelly sandals and running home to ask my mum to buy me a pair.


I particularly loved going to their house when their older sisters were around because their heels were always higher and a lot sexier and their dance steps even hotter. The early 90’s were my formative years and the shoes that rocked those first 10 years of my life are shoes i can’t forget in a hurry.


These Candies were everything and more…

CLOGS: These were hands down my favorite shoe style of the 90’s. I wanted them at all cost, although i didn’t get them at the time i wanted, when i finally did, they had a special spot in my wardrobe.


I practically adored them and would wear them EVERYWHERE just so i was identified as a Cool Kid.


The Clogs never really left and have evolved over the years in more detailed and sophisticated designs.

Image result for 2017 clogs

As seen during fashion week for Spring 2017


Gucci Amstel Clogs

JELLY SANDALS: If you didn’t own a pair of these or at least know someone that owned a pair, then you must have spent your 90’s in the cave.


They were a rave and oh yes i loved them, for some reason my mum didn’t have a problem buying me these. I even had 2 pairs in pink and blue.

square-1468510695-jellies (1)

But because of Yemi and Ruka, i wanted grey, black, white and every color possible. The perks of having cool older sisters. They went away for some time and in the past 3 years have made a come back.

Image result for new look jelly sandals

I retailed these new look pairs in a variety of colors and they were sold out as soon as they came.

Image result for new look jelly sandals

I got a pair of these last christmas and they’ve been a basic go to.





Melissa x Forever 21

MESH CHINESE SLIPPERS: I don’t exactly remember what they were called then, but EVERYBODY had a pair of this mesh flat slip ons. They came in every color and once they stopped being in vogue, it seemed to be like good bye forever.


Dr MARTENS SANDALS: I came across these when i got into secondary school, just towards the end of the 90’s. I remember as JSS 1 students, we had these ugly tan brown manly shoes we had to wear compulsorily (The now fashionable brogues we want so badly).

Image result for tan brogues women

Ours weren’t these fancy, but you get the drift!

While we dragged our feet around in our brown shoes, some cool seniors wore their Dr Martens sandals with their fancy water flasks in hand and cross body shoulder school bags. How i wanted to be a senior so bad.


Doc Martens

PLATFORM FLIP FLOPS: The rocket dog brand were very popular. I didn’t get to own a pair of these, but Ruka’s sisters had them and in different colors too. They are back in the Spring 2017 by the same rocket dog brand and this time with some fierceness.


90’s Rocket Dog


As seen for the Spring 2017 collection with pearl details

Other shoes that rocked the 90’s and spilled into the 2000’s

The Chunky Heel Loafers: 


And in recent times by Gucci and Marni

Image result for gucci chunky heel loAFERS

Gucci Loafers


Marni Loafers

I’m sure there were a lot more from those years, which were your favorite trend? Which ones would you rock now? And which ones did you hate?

Peace, Love And 90’s Footwear



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