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"Mike, i have told you over and over again, i'm not interested in a relationship with you. What we had then did not last 3 months because it wasn't working for me. I like you as a person, but we can't be anything more than friends. Please Mike, don't let us go into this again. I am starting to lose my patience having to repeat the same thing." I said to Michael, looking him straight in the eyes.
      Mike and i dated back at the polytechnic, and our whole relationship from the first day we spoke till the day i broke it off with him didn't last 3 months. I just wasn't in sync with him. He is intelligent, very very good looking, funny and all, but not my type. He was way too emotionally needy and i really couldn't deal with that, not then, definitely not now.      

I am very much into shoe designs and the details and quality that go into their production. Since i found my way into the art of sketching, i have pages of different sketched designs and how i'd want them to come out. Apart from how kind they are on the eyes, the quality of any footwear is very important. This is why i was drawn to De Chayil Shoes when i first stumbled upon the brand on Instagram.

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"Timehin, he left me, he walked away, just like that. 5 years of my life thrown back in my face Timehin. How do i face the future? I can't even explain how i feel, i'm numb and exhausted and tired. Timehin, i am pregnant." I listened in shock as Sope broke into tears, not shocked that Tayo left her, but that she was pregnant.
"Sope, i need you to calm down, i'd send my driver over to you in the next 30 mins. Freshen up and look decent, I've asked him to take you to Kola's place. I'd meet up with you guys as soon as i can, i have a meeting to attend and i don't know how long it'd last". I paused waiting for a reply.
"Sope, are you there?"
She replied in between heavy sobs and blowing her nose, "I'm here Timehin, where do i start from?" She asked, bursting into a fresh set of tears.
"Listen to me babe, we're going to talk through all of this. You're not in the right frame of mind and that is why i don't want you to be alone. Kola will organize some food and treats. Eat, sleep, swim, whatever makes you feel better, i'd be with you guys as soon as i can. Please just try and hang in there. I have to go now. Khameel would pick you up in 30 minutes."

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"First, you are going to get into a period of thanksgiving, be truly grateful from your heart and appreciative of God's mercies. The fact that you have these dreams is enough to be thankful. He has revealed to you any imminent dangers that maybe lurking around. With that, you have overcome. Seek His face for mercy again and be intentional with your prayers. I will write you a few prayer points to guide you. I trust God totally that after these 3 days of fasting and prayers, you will come out victorious of whatever it is the devil has been plotting against your life."
    After i related my dream to my mum, she had come over the following day. We prayed together and she suggested i speak to my pastor about it. That's the one thing i loved about my mum, she would never impose herself on you, in this case, force you to go to her pastor or some spiritual head except you asked. Anyway, i took her advice and made plans to see Pastor Ben after the bible study on Wednesday.  

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"This is the 3rd time i'm having this dream in a space of 2 weeks Aunt. Each time i wake up, it's always so real. I'm literally panting and can feel the sweat on my skin just like in the dream. The last thing i remember is being wide eyed with fear and then running into strong arms and a calming voice telling me i'd be fine." I recounted my dream to Mrs Anele.

Before you sigh and calculate how one year is 365 days, those days go by very fast and before you know it, your goal is well on it's way to being achieved. So yes, you can set your shoe closet goals and achieve them within a year.   In setting your goals, you need to identify your shoe preferences and then start with stocking up on the basics.  

"I'd have a strawberry Daiquiri please" I mouthed my order to the over zealous bar tender.
    It was one of those days when i needed to clear my head. I didn't feel like going for a 5km run, i didn't feel like attending any of the mid week services in church, heck i didn't even feel like praying. What i REALLY wanted to do was have sex, great no strings attached sex with the best orgasm in the history of orgasms. But my FWB (Friends With benefits), Kola was out of town. *sigh*  

From Emerald to Olive, Kelly, Lime and Chartreuse, there are many gorgeous shades of Green shoes that will make anyone go green with envy. Green is undoubtedly my favorite color in the world especially for fashion pieces. It's sales season in many retail stores - Luxury and High Street, and with new season collections being released, i want them all in green.